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Monday, 28 April 2014

Minoborony Source sez Junta Forces near Slavyansk Poised “To Wipe Out the City and its Residents”… the USA Cackles in Glee



RIA-Novosti obtained satellite photos clearly showing that the Kiev junta is building up military weapons and equipment on the Russian border, as well as near Slavyansk, where clashes between patriot opolchenie and junta forces continue. A Minoborony source, commenting on these photos, said that they clearly illustrated that the junta is amassing forces against Slavyansk “in order to wipe out the city and its residents”. Minoborony intel states that the junta scraped up some 15,000 troops (mostly hastily called-up reservists with no refresher training), around 160 tanks, 230 AICVs/APCs, as well as 150 artillery systems (howitzers, heavy grenade launchers, mortars, and RSZOs). Our source noted, “Such a concentration of troops in one district is disproportionate to the potential of the opolchenie, as the latter are only armed with light weapons”. The junta tried to mount a major operation against patriot elements in the eastern Ukraine, with fierce fighting around Slavyansk, with casualties reported on both sides. The junta forces want to besiege the city, but their operation, launched on Friday, has failed so far.


This is somewhat the same intel as earlier reported (with a slightly larger number of infantry), with the junta able to scrape up only one division-equivalent for action in the eastern Ukraine. There are sufficient tanks for four battalions and enough APCs to mount six motor rifle battalions. The artillery park is a standard divisional package (mortars and grenade launchers directly attached to the infantry, four howitzer battalions, and a RSZO battalion). There are some 3,000 more troops than in a standard Russian-style division, which may indicate light truck-borne infantry.

Remember, most reservists ignored the earlier mobilisation orders of the junta, except for Uniate areas in the far west. This means that Galician hillbillies make up a disproportionate amount of the troops available to the junta. People in the east hate Galicians… Uniates doubly so. All bets will be off once people hear the hated semi-Polish Galician accent (it’s as distinctive as an American Appalachian accent… it’s considered comical and low by people in the east).

I fear that a bloodletting is in the offing… and that long-dormant regional hates will resurface with new vigour. Don’t forget… the Cossacks HATED the Poles, the Unia, and Uniates (a Cossack would forgive a Pole, but a Uniate? NEVER!). Throw in the fact that the Uniates glorify Nazi collaborators, well, it’s a spreading pool of petrol just waiting for a match. Nuland keeps playing with matches, doesn’t she? Where’s Smoky the Bear when we need him? Nuland will find out that a Bear WILL respond to it all, but she won’t like what the Bear will do, will she?


26 April 2014



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