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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Russia Revives May Day Tradition on Red Square… A Sign of a New Red Revival

00h KPRF May Day 2012 Moscow


More than two million people will take part in May Day labour union demonstrations throughout Russia. A festive march will occur on Red Square in central Moscow for the first time since 1991. Mikhail Shmakov, head of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions, told a news conference at ITAR-TASS, “Russia is reviving a tradition to celebrate May Day at the Kremlin walls. We’ll hold demonstrations in 1,100 cities and district centres. More than two million people will take part and I hope that they’ll hear our voices. Regional branches of trade unions will add their demands along with common slogans with their requirements. Despite the more than 100-year history of May Day, the fight for an eight-hour labour day remains topical”.

After the 1917 Revolution, the day of workers’ solidarity was an official holiday, with massive and festive celebrations. Traditional festivities began with speeches of top party functionaries, then, there was a parade, ending with performances by athletes and a workers’ march. For a long time, May Day was a symbol of revolution and class struggle. Now, almost all countries mark it as a peaceful holiday of labour. In Russia, International Day of Solidarity of Workers became the Holiday of Spring and Labour in 1992. In 1990, the second-to-last year that of Red Square rallies, May Day grew into high-spirited political action. Demonstrations in Moscow assembled around 100,000 people in the past. Around 50,000 people participated in a rally on Red Square in 1991, after which the tradition lapsed for 13 years. Then, Shmakov said the rally “involved Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachyov, Chairman of the USSR Supreme Soviet Anatoly Lukyanov, Chairman of the RSFSR Supreme Soviet Boris Yeltsin [first Russian president], and Chairman of the Moscow Gorsoviet Gavriil Popov, with the theme, ‘Solidarity and Human Rights for Labour’”.


Here’s another revival of past Soviet practises by V V Putin. Can’t American leftists see that he’s a new NEPman, NOT a neoliberal swine like Willy Romney? There’s none so blind as those who WILL not to see.


29 April 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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29 April 2014. “White Student Union” Leader is Konvert from Indiana Who Wants to be a Priest (!)… His Priest (Gillquist’s Son) Refuses to Condemn Group and Its Leader

00 Romney Racist T-shirt

Matthew Heimbach embodies THIS… the Church condemns such racism… without exception, without diminution.


Got this from one of the Cabinet:

Matthew Heimbach was chrismated on Lazarus Saturday by Gilquist’s son.  On Bright Monday, he took part in a counter-demonstration at University of Indiana’s “Slut walk” [women protesting the shaming and blaming of sexual assault victims as responsible for their attackers’ aberrant and violent crimes].  During the course of this, a young man who identified himself as gay confronted him… then, MH and associates beat up the young man, using a large wooden three-bar cross as a weapon in their attack.  Subsequently their “traditionalist youth” group on FB posted pictures of the beating… boasting that they striking a blow against the anti-whites. He’s now promoting himself as a voice of Orthodoxy. It’s repugnant. While I don’t want this subhuman to get more attention, we have to hold him to public account for his extraordinarily public actions. This reply from his priest is simply inadequate. I think I’m safe in guessing that this issue is one of the many on which you and I agree?


00 Uncle Sam Kicked Out. 01.09.13

The Church condemns the racism implicit in American Exceptionalism… this 19th century Canadian cartoon illustrates what we should do with it


The Church does NOT condone violence against gays. Full stop. The Church does NOT condone racism, especially, not of the Bull Connor anti-Negro variety. Full stop. The Church does NOT endorse the platform of White Supremacy. Full stop. In particular, Russian Orthodoxy is anti-racist to the bone. Don’t listen to American dezinformatsiya! There’s no “one drop” rule in Russia! No way! No how! The only “one drop” view that we have is, “One drop of Russian blood makes you Russian! If you shed your blood for Russia, you’re Russian!” General Shoigu (half-Tuvan) and Mayor Sobyanin (half-Mantsi) are proof of that. Don’t forget Viktor Tsoi (Korean) and Aleksandr Pushkin (part-African)! Don’t forget how all of Russia loved Paul Robeson.

There isn’t widespread violence against gays in Russia (there’s widespread resistance to normalising homosexual relations, a different thing entirely). There’s a law banning the suborning of minors, but it’s rarely enforced, and I’ve never heard of it used on a large-scale. To hit a person with a cross is just sinful and beyond the pale. That really merits a long-term epitimia from the Mysteries. This jabronie embodies all the worst konvertsy stereotypes. There’s a world of difference between opposing homosexual marriage and gay parades (a known public stance of leading Church elements) and approving attacks on homosexuals and declaring them outside the Church (which isn’t a public stance of leading Church elements… although some fringe groups do so, sadly enough). Fr Vsevolod Chaplin (no bleeding heart, he) speaks of having heard homosexuals’ confessions… a sign that homosexuals are NOT barred from the Mysteries.

The Church is NOT going to endorse homosexuality any time soon. On the other hand, it doesn’t endorse violence against homosexuals either. As for racism, that’s a no-brainer… it rejects, “Put the White back in the White House”. Russian attitudes on race aren’t those of the USA… most racial animus that does exist is towards Caucasians and Central Asians only, and that’s more due to the fact that such people try to live like peasants in the city (slaughtering animals in the street, etc.). The Church condemns racism… Russian tradition condemns racism… V V Putin and G A Zyuganov both condemn racism. As for me, I’m a Eurasianist… ‘nuff said! We Russians are a mixed breed… and proudly so!

Matthew Heimbach is a disgrace to Christ and His Church. We should stand up any bishop who’d ordain such a monster against a wall and shoot them! American “conservatism” and the Truth of Christ rarely coincide. The sooner that some elements amongst us learn that, the better. Keep it focused and don’t hate… then, Satan wins. Oppose, yes… hate, no… don’t fall into the same shit-pit that these monsters live in. Christ is risen… indeed… so, keep it sweet. The Good Lord LOVES happy warriors! Stay with what the Church really teaches… listen to real leaders like HH and Fr Vsevolod, not self-appointed convert gurus (Dreher, Reardon, Matthewes-Green et al), that’ll keep ya on the straight n’ narrow. Now, that’s Christian…


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A Typically Unhinged Galician Rant…

01 madman


В мире существует слишком много дерьма, но самое большое дерьмо в мире является Россия. Россияне… вонючое дерьмо. Посмотрите на русских, они вульгарны, грубы, некультуры, но самое главное все они рабы Путина. Россия хочет уничтожить Украину… демократическое государство в Европе, в которой живут умные, красивые и свободолюбивые люди…

There’s too much shit in the world, but the biggest shit in the world is Russia. The Russians… smelly shit. Look at Russians; they’re vulgar, rude, uncultured, but most importantly, they’re Putin’s slaves. Russia wants to destroy the Ukraine… a democratic state in Europe, where smart, beautiful, and freedom-loving people live.


One of the Cabinet sent me this, from one of the more disordered Uniate websites. There’s no need for anger. Firstly, most Galicians aren’t terrorists. Don’t get angry with an entire people for a small cadre of loud shits. In any case, it’s not seemly for anyone to kick a whole society because of its rude bumpkins (every society has such, don’t they?). However, Galicia isn’t a country; it’s only a region, and somewhat of a backwater at that. Galicians have no fine art… they have no Repin or Shishkin. They have no formal literature… they have no Pushkin or Solzhenitsyn. They have no art music… they have no Tchaikovsky or Rachmaninov. They have no podvigs of military glory… they have no Suvorov or Zhukov.

Galicia’s a relatively undeveloped region, one that’s been a historical back-of-beyond for quite some time. No major rail lines go there… it isn’t a major transport junction of any sort. It’s the Ozarks of Europe (pretty, but no work and desperately poor… its why so many from there emigrated to the USA and Canada). In short, people like the poster above are actually quite conscious of their personal inferiority (but that doesn’t mean that all Galicians are like that)… otherwise, they wouldn’t post such drivel. However, that’s why the solution to the present crisis in the “Ukraine” won’t be bloodless. Such sorts will want to make a “historical statement”… and innocents will die. There’s a word for that… EVIL. Mark down well who cheers such on… and avoid them. Mistrust all who want to rewrite history… they not only burn books and kill ideas… they kill people, too. Ponder that…


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29 April 2014. JP and Izzy Brittain… A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words

01 Paffhausen with Isidore Brittain


Got this from the Cabinet:

JP is refusing to say why he celebrated with Isidore… in fact, a lot of folks on Monomoron are denying that he ever did celebrate with Isidore.

As you can see, JP and Izzy DID serve together, at a HOOMie conventicle in Oregon. As usual, the Monomuckos brats are chock fulla shit. Of course, they’re going to call me all sorts of vile names, stamp their feet, throw wild tantrums, pose as perfect little shits, and trot the usual dusty old skeletons out of the closet. Go ahead… sigh…

Remember this… JP was a head-over-heels disciple of Gleb Podmoshensky and kept close relations with him even after the ROCOR Holy Synod shitcanned GP for “serving under suspension” (he went to Russia under GP’s auspices in the early ’90s, as part of GP’s loony toons Russky Palomnik boondoggle). Lebedeff said that was a figleaf… it was really for rumours of unnatural doings that were about that the ROCOR Holy Synod didn’t want to muck about with (“It was a relief”). Hmm… Brittain IS facing kiddie porn charges, isn’t he? GP faced charges of nasty doings with kids… JP had close ties to both (as did Benjamin Peterson, as the above image testifies). Do connect the dots.

Shitbirds of a feather flock together, I say… don’t forget, quite often, closeted homosexuals are the loudest in denouncing homosexuality. After all, just look at the company that certain loud sorts kept. Just sayin’… I’d recommend that the Centre keep a healthy distance between themselves and this one (and, especially, from one of the dramatis personae)…


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