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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

30 April 2014. If True, This is Disgusting… Maymon Spits On Our Heritage

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To spit on a parish’s customs… now, that’s BENEATH the salt


One of the Cabinet wrote:

Someone on the OCA Metropolitan Council said that Mark Maymon told a parish not to greet him with bread and salt, as that’s not his custom. The people no longer matter.

Mark Maymon is a disobedient and opinionated parvenu who doesn’t belong as a ruling bishop. Do remember how he spat on the late Philip Saliba’s orders. He’s a nasty legacy of JP… he should never have become ruling bishop of a diocese heavy in old ethnic parishes. Let’s keep it simple… Maymon should realise that he’s the bishop of people who consider themselves Russian Orthodox or he should resign, if he doesn’t like our customs. Why did he settle amongst a group that’s primarily Russian in identity if he doesn’t like Russian culture and customs? This is truly too much. There is NO such thing as “American Orthodoxy”… a discarnate will o’ the wisp that doesn’t even go bump in the night. If he wants that, well, he should leave the Diocese of Eastern PA, as that’s full of old-time old-school Rusin parishes with real coalmine and steelmill roots. Some of the konvertsy are too much. They should realise that our customs aren’t up for negotiation. To them, we’re just ignorant little Slavs who’re to be condescended to by superior Anglo-Saxons, I guess. I have to walk away from this one… if he said such gnarly rubbish, Maymon deserves a Cossack horsewhipping…


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