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Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Letter of a True Son of Zaporozhe to the Galician Nationalists

Sergei Gavrilyachenko.  Cossack Duty. 1999

Cossack Duty

Sergei Gavrilyachenko



I’m Ukrainian, descended from Zaporozhe Cossacks and from ancient Rus. My grandpas beat the Nazis, risking their lives. I say… since when are Galician descendants of Polish and Austrian slaves, who were never amongst us until 1939, who’d lived for half a millennium under other states until Stalin forcibly joined them to us, “model” Ukrainians? Galicians speak a Polish-Austrian pidgin that differs from real Ukrainian as much as galoshes differ from ladies’ pumps, but they decided that they’re the real Ukrainians! They even claim to defend the Ukrainian language and nation. It’s like claiming that since American Negroes speak English, and the English living in England speak English, they’re one nation. However, a common historical and cultural past has to exist to have a unified nation. WE DON’T HAVE A COMMON HISTORICAL PAST WITH THEM. They stunk up our country with their diaspora-Galician nationalism, which they called “Ukrainian”.

They’re all shits… RUKH, KUN, NUNS, OUN, UPA, and that mongrel Tyagnibok’s Svoboda… these cockroaches that crawl all over the Ukraine are EXCLUSIVELY FROM GALICIA. Suddenly, in their opinion, they decided that all of us in Novorossiya and Malorossiya are racially inferior Ukrainians. They’re not even of us, yet, they presume to teach us that Ukrainian nationality and their shitty “consciousness” are synonymous. By the way, THEIR SHITTY “CONSCIOUSNESS” IS NOTHING BUT A GALICIAN HISTORICAL INFERIORITY COMPLEX. Their history has nothing but slavery and betrayal.

Now, they’re trying to steal our history, claiming that they’re an “old Cossack clan”. Ha! They were NEVER Cossacks… Cossacks impaled any Uniates that they caught for betraying the faith of their ancestors. On the other hand, Cossacks showed mercy to Polacks! Taras Shevchenko isn’t a part of their history, because he was never in Austrian Galicia. In any case, almost all Shevchenko’s prose is in Russian. They stick their dirty snouts into the history of a country where their ancestors never lived. Their portrayal of their role in the history of Bogdan Khmelnitsky is wrong. They weren’t part of the history of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, because the Galicians always sided with the Polish occupier in the war of liberation of our people against the Poles. In the real history, they sided with Polish King Sigismund and the Austrian Emperor Ferdinand. What did these Galician mutants ever really do to benefit the Ukraine? NOTHING! Galicia… the motherland of traitors and human sludge.

Letter to the Editor from Taras


The above sentiments aren’t uncommon in Novorossiya and Malorossiya. Why do you think that they always voted for the KPU and the Party of Regions in preference to the “nationalist” factions? There’ll be no “reunion” of the Ukraine. The people won’t have it. Like it or not, the above is indicative of the attitude of most patriots in the Ukraine. This artificial construct is on borrowed time…


26 April 2014

TsIA Novorossiya


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