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Sunday, 4 May 2014

4 May 2014. Monomakhos Toddlers Deny the Truth… But What Else is New?

00 Toddler Tantrum. 29.11.12


I got this from one of the Cabinet:

Morons on Monomahkos still swear up and down that JP was never a follower of Gleb and that he really was in a monastery when he lived in Russia… guess Seraphim’s bedmate Gleb and the truth is too scary for them.

I remember in the 90s getting mail from Podmoshensky about Russky Palomnik. Most Russian Orthodox people did, as most of us were on the Orthodox Word mailing list. The reason the Monomoron toddlers don’t mention that is that very few of them were around back then (all too many of them are HOOMie cultists, actually). James Paffhausen went to Russia as part of Podmoshensky’s effort… everyone at the time knew it. He was NEVER an official MP employee. All sorts of odd things happened in the Nasty Nineties because of the Sov collapse… Podmoshensky’s little effort was one of them. Everyone knows that Paffhausen financed a good part of GP’s efforts… its common knowledge (his father was VERY well-off… that’s why JP got a fat inheritance recently).

In any case, none of the Monomoron “experts” know shit from shinola about the Church. Do note how they bloviate about “toll houses”… if they had any brains, they’d know that the ROCOR Holy Synod banned all discussion of them back in the 80s. Do note that doesn’t deter them. Consider the source… they’re disobedient brats without any grounding in the REAL Church or any knowledge of the Orthosphere. After all, didn’t JP appear at the American Enterprise Institute and the Institute on Religion and Democracy? Those two are Russophobic Far Right venues… that oppose Holy Rus and the Orthodox patriot elements in the Ukraine (in fact, the latter is a gibbering pro-Uniate outlet with the rightwing kook George Weigel on the board).

JP DID work for Podmoshensky’s scabrous little rag… just as Gerasim Eliel, David Brum, and Freddie M-G had links to him too. Remember… didn’t JP have links to Izzy Brittain, too? Do remember the picture of Paffso beaming at Brittain at the Oregon HOOMie conventicle. What a buncha maroons… pass the jug… mankind hasn’t got any less crank in the last 24…


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Preparations for Victory Day in the Crimea Send Conniptions through Uke Media… First Regiment of Donetsk People’s Republic Army in Preparation

00 Russian Air Force fighters. 04.05.14


Preparations for the Victory Day parade in the Crimea scared Kiev. Ukrainians spotted Russian fighter aircraft and bombers in the sky above the peninsula. The aircraft were practising aerobatic manoeuvres and special effects for their performance in Sevastopol during the Victory Day parade. Crimeans themselves weren’t in the least worried by the squadrons of Russian planes, whilst their drills created a flap in the Ukraine. One saw heaps of comments in social networks to the effect that it was high time to look for bomb shelters to hide from Russian planes. Ukrainians are unaccustomed to such events because their own aircraft practically don’t fly, so, when about 50 planes rise in the sky at the same time, it seems outstanding to Ukrainians and produces an impression of looming invasion in them.

Viktor Murakhovsky, editor-in-chief of Arsenal Otechestva (The Fatherland’s Arsenal) magazine, pointed up, “The undisguised hysterics of the Ukrainian media about the aircraft in the sky should seem absurd and at least elicit a smile (or even Homeric laughter), but in reality, horror-stories about Russia are instruments of information warfare in Kiev’s hands. These are routine events in today’s information war. Firstly, they do this to distract attention, to draw it away from what’s happening in the Ukraine, especially in the southeast. Secondly, once again, to complain to their Western sponsors about Russia preparing an invasion. In the course of recent events in the Ukraine, we can see many remarks on the subject of the presence of Russian troops and their preparation to invade the Ukraine. The Russian aircraft were lugged in there to top it off”.

The West announced 25 May to be the anchor date. If the situation in the southeast doesn’t come back to normal by that time, one can hardly expect the West and the IMF to give the Ukraine money. This is why the Ukrainians spare no effort in justifying their actions. They are sending punitive expeditions and telling horror stories… all for the same purpose. Kiev enthusiastically cooks up hair-raising stories about huge and wicked Russia. At first, Russian military equipment staged on Russian bases on Russian territory bullied the Ukrainians. The new hair-raiser is the aircraft drill for the Victory Day. It’s next-to-impossible to invent anything even scarier, but with talents possessed by the Ukrainian authorities and media, they can very well succeed.


On Sunday, Nikolai Solntsev, commissar of the Eastern Front movement, told RIA-Novosti that the Donetsk People’s Republic government announced that its forming the first regiment of the People’s Army that would unite all the opolchenie, and a thousand men have already enlisted as volunteers, saying, “We’ve decided to form a regiment, the Donetsk Regiment on the orders of the Chairman of Government of the People’s Republic. When we raise the regiment, we’ll decide its objectives. Besides this, the Donetsk People’s Republic is starting to issue gun licences. 800 men from the Eastern Front movement enlisted in the regiment, many more will do so later, as many of our people are now involved in operations”. However, Solntsev didn’t specify how the regiment would coördinate with the Donbass People’s Opolchenie, noting, “Everything is still in planning, when we form [the regiment], everything would be under a single command structure. As far as I understand, the Donbass People’s Opolchenie would form the cadre of the regiment. Then, we’re eyeing further expansion… first, we’ll establish a regiment, then, a division, then, we’ll liberate the republic’s territory and the entire Southeastern Ukraine”.

4 May 2014

Voice of Russia World Service




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4 May 2014. Christian Science Monitor Gets It ALL WRONG on HH

00 donetsk 01. 04.05.14

Here‘s the REAL DEAL… a priest of the canonical Church blesses a opolchenie fighter in Donetsk. The REAL Church stands behind the opolchenie and the patriotic resistance… just as it did in 1242, 1380, 1612, 1709, 1812, and 1941. These zapadnik “experts”don’t know what they’re talking about…


All the zapadniki are jumping on HH’s remarks of yesterday and jumping to wildass conclusions. Here’s a typical example… read it! It’s what the idiots are saying and you should know what they’re saying. Click here (but keep the jug at hand, its chock full of ignorant shit).

Read it? Good! These idiots actually believe that there’s disagreement between HH and V V Putin! Where are they getting their information from? SVS (that wouldn’t surprise me)? Kochetkov? The bunch in Paris? Give me a break! Let’s be clear… HH has changed NONE of his views on the Russian World… he’s changed NONE of his views on Holy Rus… he’s changed NONE of views on the UNITY and ingathering of the Russian Orthodox sobranie. Let’s be charitable… most of these jabronies have never read most of what HH has written. They don’t know that he’s dead-set against the Unia… they don’t know that he’s dead-set against Western neoliberalism… they don’t know that he’s dead-set against the Branch Theory… they don’t know that he wants no part of their Western standards and norms (the Orthosphere has its own, thank you very much).

Look at this:

The Ukraine is home to three different Orthodox churches, with the Moscow Patriarchate dominating the eastern part of the country.

That’s utter shit. Look at how these Amerikantsy look at these three bodies as equals! That shows their ignorance… there’s only ONE canonical Orthodox Church in the Ukraine… the MP. The other two are illicit schismatic bodies, which the UOC/MP has repeatedly said can only come back into unity with the canonical Church if they renounce their errors and repent (that is, their individual clergy and believers… the structures themselves are corrupt and irredeemable). At least, they didn’t put the Uniates and the Orthodox together in a fictive “Eastern Church”.


00 Patriarch kirill. MVD troops 05. 02.04.14

HH isn’t “distancing himself from the Kremlin”… here, he honours wounded VV MVD troops (after 18 March, FYI). The Amerikantsy are smokin’ good shit if they believe what they write… 


Look at this:

One possible sign of Kirill distancing himself from the Kremlin was his absence at the 18 March speech by Putin. Other clerics, notably Muslim ones, were in attendance.

These people are blithering idiots. HH has commitments as a pastor, and he takes them seriously. It was in the midst of the Great Lent, one of his busiest seasons. In any case, Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov WAS there. Metropolitan Yuvenaly is the effectual “Bishop of Moscow” and was/is the unsinkable satrap of THREE patriarchs (he served Patriarchs Pimen Izvekov, Aleksei Ridiger, and HH). When the Patriarch is unable to come personally, he sends Vladyki Yuvenaly, and everyone knows that since he’s the Patriarchal Vicar of Moscow, it’s the same as having the Patriarch there. That’s what happened at Metropolitan Laurus’ funeral at Jordanville in 2008. Everybody knew that Yuvenaly serving there was the same as having the Patriarch serve (he ordered that no OCA clergy could serve at the funeral… since he IS the Patriarchal Vicar, his orders STUCK). Didn’t ANYONE at this publication notice this? What a buncha maroons!

In short, the zapadniki don’t care about the Orthosphere’s reality. They want us inferior little niggers to be second-class members of their Western club, where they’ll “instruct” us on the proper way to behave and act (but we’ll always be untermenschtum in their eyes… they’ll pity us so). The condescension just drips from everything that they write. We Orthodox don’t want to join the West… we don’t need your ignorant comments on our leaders. We offer you hospitality and grace… on our conditions, on our turf, and according to our lights (not yours). Accept us for what we are or leave us be. Articles such as this don’t help real understanding.


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22 March 1943 in Khatyn… 2 May 2014 in Odessa… Two Nazi Enormities… The Same Hate, The Same Racism, The Same Evil… BASTARDS!

00 Khatyn memorial. 04.05.14


22 March 1943:

Nazi Wehrmacht troops and Galician collaborators locked the people of Khatyn in the communal barn and torched it. Anyone who got out was machine-gunned down!


00 odessa. profsoyuz fire. 04.05.14


2 May 2014:

Galician neo-Nazis trapped anti-junta tent camp people in the Profsoyuz building in Odessa and torched it. They beat or shot anyone trying to escape.

Evil is evil and it doesn’t change its spots. Iosif Slipy blessed SS troopers, Svyatoslav Shevchuk blesses the neo-Nazi terrorists. The more things change…


My thanks to the Cabineteer who suggested this to me…

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