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Monday, 5 May 2014

Euromaidan Terrorist “National Guard” Unit Sent to Odessa… This is a Match in a Spreading Pool of Petrol

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Donetsk patriots beating up junta pigs. The same thing will happen to these “National Guard” pukes in Odessa, trust me on that one…


The MVDU sent a unit of the so-called “National Guard” to Odessa. This is a special force called “Kiev-1” formed in late April in the Ukrainian capital to patrol the city. They wear black uniforms {like the SS: editor} and they carry firearms.


The junta has a death wish. All that the Odessa crowd will have to do is to hear the Galician accents of these jabronies, and that’ll lead to an explosion. Remember… the Galicians were the willing dogs of the Nazis in the occupation… and Odessa was under Nazi occupation. Odessa’s a feisty town… Ostap Bender was a Odessa homie, remember?


5 May 2014



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