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Thursday, 15 May 2014

15 May 2014 SVS Shits on Real Church By Inviting Uniate Poseur to Lecture

00 Orthodox blood flows. 15.05.14


Read this. I know that SVS has no regard for the real Church and its teachings, but this is too much of a muchness. Orthodox Christians are dying in the “Ukraine” at the hands of Uniate fascist murderers, and these modernist jabronies want to show the world how “tolerant” they are by inviting one of the most prominent Uniate apologists to their institution. The Uniate pigs just kicked Metropolitan Ilarion Alfeyev out of Dnepropetrovsk, and these idiots just smile vacuous grins. They’re “superior” to us unwashed sorts, dontcha know! Don’t picket SVS… it’d do no good. Send them no money… go to none of their events. ROCOR should protest this in a post on the main page of its website and Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral should boycott OCA events until SVS apologises publicly for this faux pas. The Uniates scream, “Knife the Moskali!” Our kinsmen’s blood flows. I know that SVS believes itself “special”, but this, at this time, was EVIL. They invited one of the most prominent papist distorters of our Church to lecture when the Uniates are murdering our people. “Clueless” doesn’t begin to cover how fatuous this is.

Remember the dead of the Dom Profsoyuzov fire. If you go to this lecture, you spit on their memory. May God curse you and yours if you do…


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