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Monday, 19 May 2014

The Evil Empire Strikes Back… Murzilka is Still There… and It Just Turned Ninety!

00 Murzilka magazine. russia. 19.05.14

Wind, blow us a cheerful tune… with the Murzilka lovers! He always leads your ship confidently forward!


00 murzilka. 19.05.14

A little Murzilka NEVER hurt anyone… aren’t you sorry to have listened to the lying Red haters? “Call me a commie, I won’t fear… you done praised me, thank you, dear!”


00 murzilka. 1924-2014. 19.05.14

Ninety years… and still going strong. There be some VITALITY in them REDS. Turn LEFT… it’s where all the decent and caring people are…


Most Soviet children remember well the yellow fluffy protagonist of the popular children’s magazine Murzilka. The first issue came out exactly 90 years ago. Murzilka is a popular children’s literary magazine. Published since May 1924 for children aged 6-12, over its 89 years in print, this beloved children’s magazine never missed a release, not even during the war. From May 1924 to May 2011, more than 1,020 issues of the magazine appeared.  In 2011, Murzilka entered the Guinness Book of Records as the “longest-running children’s magazine”. Its mascot is the yellow fluffy fairy-tale creature Murzilka, which in turn got its name from an undersized forest prankster and troublemaker that existed in popular children’s books in the late 19th century… a little man in a frock coat, with a cane and monocle. One may compare it to the famous Yellow Kid Mickey Dugan, the lead comic strip character that ran from 1895 to 1898 in Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World, and later William Randolph Hearst’s New York Journal.


The Amerikantsy Free Market banksters want Russia to scuttle the legacy of the USSR wholesale… they can kiss my ass! They want everyone to abandon their time-honoured ways and imitate them down to the smallest detail, including destroying all traditional norms. The Amerikantsy have to understand that not everyone is like them and not everyone wants to be like them. Much, if not most, of the USSR’s legacy was good… much of it was innocent and pure and yearned for a fair order of things… it was better, in fact, than the selfish rightwing “Rugged Individualist” Free Market rot spouted by the US Republican Party. Let’s put it plainly… you can have the healthy communitarianism spread by Murzilka or you can have the evil grasping insatiable Me First greed of the planned “communities” of American suburbia. You have a choice… choose well.

I choose selfless communitarianism… that was Our Lord Christ’s Choice, after all (he chose to be incarnate in a workman’s home… not in a rich man’s mansion)… I agree with G A Zyuganov, Christ WAS the First Communist!


16 May 2014

Russia Behind the Headlines


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19 May 2014. Photo Essay. The Revival Will NOT be Televised… The Revival Will Be LIVE!

00 velikoretskoye procession. russia. orthodox. 19.05.14

The Velikoretskaya procession takes place annually in Vyatka Oblast and draws thousands of pilgrims. This year, it’s from 3 to 8 June. The route covers 150 kilometres (92 miles), and it takes five days to complete.


00 orthodox youth w VOV vets. 19.05.14

On Victory Day, Orthodox youth groups made a special effort to thank VOV vets for their service.


00 belarus. blessing soldiers. orthodox. 16.05.14

In Belarus, priests bless new conscripts on their way to their units.


00 church rally on the day of slavic literature. Moscow. 19.05.14

Church-sponsored cultural-patriotic rally on the Day of Slavic Literature in Moscow.


00 white flower festival. 19.05.14

The proceeds collected during the “White Flower Festival” in Moscow go to aid disabled kids.


00 Patriarch Kirill. Children Center psychoneurology. Moscow.  19.05.14

Patriarch Kirill bringing gifts to hospitalised kids on Easter at the Research Centre for Paediatric Psychoneurology of the Moscow Health Department.


00 Patriarch Kirill. Marfa-mariinskoe Convent. Moscow.  19.05.14

Patriarch Kirill blesses a disabled child at the Marfa-Mariinskoe Convent in Moscow… all life is precious.


HH spends every Easter and Christmas with hospitalised kids… without fail. That’s why I’d fight any of the phonies who snipe at him, especially, the SVS lot (and the Galician scummers). What HH does is REAL… what they do is NOT. The last picture floored me with its brutal honesty… that’s why I left it for last. That’s our RUSSIAN ORTHODOX patriarch… yes, sir, THE REVIVAL WILL BE LIVE.


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19 May 2014. Much Ado About Nothing… Indifferentist “Unity” Conference in Toronto… NO MP or ROCOR Bishops Present… GIGO Event

00 Justice Gagged. Uniate. 08.12


Click here and here. They’re both from crank anti-canonical sources. However, read them… you see, all the goodthinkers will rise up and say, “See, you have to be quiet about the Uniate speaking at SVS. See! The MP dialogues with them”. That’s a crock of shit. Firstly, no MP Bishops were present. NONE… none from the Mother Church, none from the ROCOR. There were no OCA Bishops present. NONE. There were no ROCOR clergy present at all. If you count the number of participants in the photo, there are 22 clergy (5 bishops) and 37 lay delegates… hardly a mass movement, I’d say… they’re probably all from the self-appointed clerisy at the seminaries and chancelleries. However, the fact that there were no legit MP bishops there scuppered this meeting. Patriarch Kirill made it clear… no MP bishop will meet with schismatical bishops in such a public forum… he makes it stick. This didn’t get publicity on patriarchia.ru. NONE. No one from the main office of the OVTsS at the Centre was there. NOBODY. They didn’t mark Victory Day (which was 9 May) nor did they condemn the junta for the Dom Profsoyuzov fire. In short, this was a rubbishy ecumaniac affair, without any real significance or import. NOTHING HAPPENED OF SUBSTANCE. NOTHING. If Balashov or Archbishop Mark Golovkov had been there… now, that would’ve been worthy of notice. As it was, it was a glorified academic bullshit session. This was the usual airy-fairy intellectual mutual masturbation session… we’ve all seen that all too often. HO HUM. However, in light of the SVS abomination, someone had to bell the cat. Consider it done. Oh, yes… I’m “full of hate”, according to the goodthinkers… I think not. I simply find it unfitting to sit in the same room with those who hold a gun to my kinsmen’s heads. I find THAT an abomination… and I’m NOT alone in thinking that way.

This was just another EP talk shop… what a buncha maroons…


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19 May 2014. Zbig’s Glass House… Why Doesn’t He Point Up that His Father was a High Official in the Prewar Polish Fascist Government? It Puts a New Face on His Rants, Doesn’t It?


The Taliban… one of Zbig’s crank legacies… “anything to hurt Russia”… it came back to bite the USA, didn’t it?


Zbigniew Brzeziński made much noise recently about the Crimea rejoining Russia, calling it similar to Nazi Germany’s policy before the start of World War II. In particular, he compared it to the Munich accords… well, he’d best shut up and retract his statements. You see, Zbig’s father was a high official in the Colonel’s junta in prewar Poland. That pitiless rightwing fascist dictatorship was in cahoots with Nazi Germany until 1939. Yes, kids, you heard me… the Polish fascists and the Nazis were in bed together, the only thing that they really squabbled over was a dispute over the Polish Corridor (oddly enough, the Polish fascists, by supporting the Nazis at Munich, set the stage for their own invasion a year later). Here’s the proof of the submission… when Czechoslovakia needed aid, Poland not only refused to aid it, it also stole a piece of its territory… Zalozie.

How does this involve Zbig? In 1939, Zbig’s father, Tadeusz Brzeziński, was a high diplomat of the fascist junta, being the Ambassador to Canada. That is, Zbig’s family weren’t regular sloggers; they were of the White Polish governing élite, an élite swept out of power by both Nazi Germany and the USSR. Zbig spent his life trying to do two things:

  • Regain the social status that he felt that his family lost
  • Be a missionary for the prewar Polish fascist ideology of Prometheanism

That is, Zbig’s rants aren’t so much attacks on a real Russian threat as they’re REVENGE for the slights that Zbig imagined that he suffered over the years (he was a Brzeziński, didn’t they know what that meant?) and PAYBACK for the Soviet/Russian defeat of Poland. Add into this the chequered history of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth with its history of oppression against Orthodox Russians (as the Unia of Brest and the murder of Patriarch St Germogen testifies to eloquently)… Zbig doesn’t tell you about that, does he? Naughty boy, isn’t he? Click on the link to “Prometheanism”… you’ll see the whole American neocon Russophobe thesis there. Oh, here’s an interesting titbit… Zbig’s family had lands in Ternopol Oblast, in the Lvovshchina, in Galicia, in the Far Western Ukraine. Can you see his personal interest in attacking Russia? I think that he lusts for his ancestral lands… and he doesn’t care how he gets them. Interesting sidelight, no?

In short, his family history convicts Zbig as a liar… nothing less will do, and he can’t deny that his old man was the Polish Ambassador to Canada. Ambassadors only come from those who’re deep-dyed supporters of the powers-that-be. That is, his father was a convinced fascist, xenophobe, and supporter of religious terrorism (the White Poles burned many Orthodox churches in prewar Poland… something that the late Vladyki Kiprian Borisevich saw personally and spoke of)… hmm… the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and it’s clear from his actions that Zbig didn’t reject his father’s philosophy. Indeed, he never ever attacked his father’s crank ideology. Instead, he tried to make it the regnant ideology in the USA. Ya gotta give him credit… he succeeded in large part, his acolytes run the contemporary American foreign policy apparat. However, what’ll happen once Zbig dies? Now, that’s a question…

Zbig had best shut up about Nazis, considering his father’s position, and what junta he served. The truth WILL set you free… but only if you let it…


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