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Friday, 23 May 2014

23 May 2014. Get the TRUTH Out About the People’s Republics and Their Brave Stand Against the Ukie “Nationalists”

00 Donetsk opolchenie in the field. 23.05.14

People’s Opolchenie fighters near a knocked-out junta armoured vehicle


The above image is from the frontlines of the battle between the People’s Republics and the American-installed putschist junta. The opolchenie are fighting as hard as human beings can… and then some. They know that if they fail the Euromaidan scum masquerading as the “National Guard” (sic) will kill them, rape their wives, brutalise their children, and burn their homes. That’s what at stake, kids… that’s what the Ukrainian Civil War is all about. The Uniates and schismatical Orthodox are the descendants of the UPA… and are just as murderous and evil. They want to do what they did in Khatyn and repeat their murder of thousands of Poles in Volynia. Here’s something even more sinister, the so-called “National Guard” (sic) not only brutalises patriots, they attack junta people that they think aren’t vicious enough. They shoot at junta troops who refuse to fire on civilians… they shoot at junta troops who surrender to the opolchenie. These people are criminals.

Get the truth out… speak up… don’t be silent. However, be careful… the Uniates, in particular, are expert at accusing their opponents of “hate speech”… don’t let that bother you. Expect it… counter their lies. Their biggest weapon is the phoney Golodomor. What you should do is to refute their lies with the truth… do point up that the Uniates were safely in Poland at the time and weren’t part of the Collectivisation Troubles. They’re fulminating about something that they weren’t even part of! By the way, do point up that Russia showed to the Council of Europe and the UN that the Golodomor as stated by Uniate ideologues is a fable.

It won’t be easy… but we have a duty to our co-religionists and to our fellow leftists. Our Lord Christ was NOT a Republican… never forget that…


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