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Friday, 23 May 2014

Russian Leftists Blast Kiev Plans to Ban KPU

00 Gennady Zyuganov. Pyotr Simonenko. KPRF. 02.03.13


On Wednesday, Gennady Zyuganov, the First Secretary of the KPRF, at a roundtable in the RF Gosduma, condemned plans by junta boss Turchinov to ban the KPU, “All fascist régimes in the world started their activities with a ban on Communist parties. Such threats are a threat to all leftist popular and patriotic forces”. Zyuganov said that the KPRF prepared a draft motion against the attempts of the junta to ban the KPU, and would submit it to the Gosduma in the near future. He added, “The suggestion that anything would settle there after 25 May is just an illusion. At present, there are no conditions in the Ukraine for holding normal elections”. Zyuganov demanded that the Russian authorities help the patriot elements in the former southeastern Ukraine, “No one’s demanding that we send in troops, but we have a right to support our friends and brothers. It’s our duty to express our common will and do everything to help the Ukrainian people get rid of a fascist junta that’s trying to establish itself with American guidance”. The centre-left Fair Russia party backed the initiative. Fair Russia leader Sergey Mironov said, “We unconditionally support the motion in support of the KPU, although our approaches to ideology might differ, a ban on a political parliamentary party in any country is nonsense, and we shouldn’t allow it”.

On Monday, junta boss Aleksandr Turchinov asked the Justice Ministry to ban the KPU Party for its alleged involvement in patriot movements in the former Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts that, in Turchinov’s view, threatened the Ukraine’s territorial integrity and national security. Turchinov claimed in a letter to the Justice Minister that the communists’ policies have an openly anti-constitutional character {this, coming from a putschist and the main enabler of the Bushies’ torture programme in the Ukraine: editor}. In mid-May, Pyotr Simonenko, the leader of the KPU, said that the junta was killing peaceful civilians in the southeast and spreading lies about the real situation. Simonenko called on Kiev to stop its “anti-terrorist operation (sic), as it’s turned into a terrorist operation against its own people”. On Wednesday, Sergei Naryshkin, Chairman of the RF Gosduma, said that Simonenko had planned to attend the roundtable in Russia, but couldn’t do so because of threats to his personal safety made in the Ukraine. Naryshkin added that Simonenko had to withdraw from the Ukrainian presidential race for the same reason.


Turchinov has brass balls… he took power in a putsch, helped the Bushies carry out torture in the Ukraine, destroyed many of the SBU’s records to hide evidence of American war crimes, and was one of the most corrupt cronies of Darlin’ Yuliya… he has the chutzpah to call the KPU “openly anti-constitutional”… I’m going to check myself into a rubber room for a LOOONG rest if that’s true. Note well that the US government and the Western media support this worthless POS. If shitbirds of a feather flock together…


21 May 2014



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