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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Opolchenie Urges Civil Population to Evacuate Slavyansk… Poroshenko Wants to Kick Seniors to Raise Thugs’ Pay… Novorossiya Formed through Union of DNR and LNR

00 Novorossiya map. 21.04.14

This was Novorossiya in tsarist times… that is, there’s still territory to liberate. Novorossiya was never under Polish Catholic occupation, nor did it have any Uniates resident there until after World War II (those were economic “refugees” fleeing the ignorant and stagnant backwater that is Galicia). In short, territories never under Polish occupation aren’t “Ukrainian”… only the areas under sustained Polish occupation and influence are such. Since it was never truly “Ukrainian”, the present secession doesn’t affect the “Ukrainian” areas… it merely rights the historic injustice of the Nasty Nineties.


Slavgorod.com.ua reported that Igor Strelkov, commander of the Donbass People’s Opolchenie, urged civilians to evacuate the area to avoid mass casualties. He also ordered a ban on artillery fire within the city, and had this information relayed to the junta forces. Strelkov stated that if the junta attacks the city, the opolchenie reserves the right to use heavy weapons. Anatoly Khmelevoi, First Secretary of the Slavyansk KPU Gorkom, said that, now, junta elements were preparing to strike, and that the opolchenie expect an assault at any time, with junta forces using indiscriminate artillery fire and air strikes.


Avistarnews reported that oligarch and Ukrainian presidential candidate Pyotr Poroshenko said that he was ready to pay 1,000 gryvnias (2,860 Roubles. 84 USD. 90 AUD. 91 CAD. 62 Euros. 50 UK Pounds) per day to volunteers willing to take part in junta repressions in the former southeastern Ukraine. He said, “I’ve promised that we’d provide for the army. This will be our priority. There’ll be no conscripts taking part in battles in the army. They’d be volunteers and get a thousand gryvnias per day. We’d insure their life and health for one million gryvnias (2.86 million Roubles. 84,000 USD. 90,000 AUD. 91,000 CAD. 62,000 Euros. 50,000 UK Pounds). If we do this, volunteers will immediately show up”. At present, a junta soldier’s pay is 600 gryvnias (1,716 Roubles. 50.40 USD. 54 AUD. 54.60 CAD. 37.20 Euros. 30 UK Pounds) per month.


Hmm… the IMF demands that pensions be cut by 50 percent… it smiles at fascist murderers receiving a 5,000 percent pay raise! What’s wrong with that picture? I’d say, “Benjamin Cardin (a loudmouth US Senator from Maryland)… why do support that? You’re a creep and an asshole, and I say such openly. You support those who stamp their boot full force into the faces of the elderly to benefit the Affluent Effluent and to raise funds to pay gory-handed secret policemen. You make me bloody sick”. In any case, why is a Jew, Cardin, supporting the most anti-Semitic elements in the mix? That makes no sense… he supports the pigs who killed his own people… if that isn’t a “self-hating Jew”, I don’t know what it is. Bandera was an anti-Semite… Cardin supports his spiritual descendants… that’s barmy, at the least, evil, at the worst (I wonder why Cardin sucked up to those who say that “zhid” is proper and formal usage? That’s insane).

This is what America supports… it’s conscienceless and without excuse. I gotta walk away from this one…



Interfax reported that Roman Lyagin, chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Donetsk People’s Republic reiterated that areas in DNR control wouldn’t take part in Sunday’s Ukrainian “presidential election”. He told reporters, “I now have the seals and stamps of all constituency commissions. The heads of the constituency election commissions contacted DNR officials and personally handed over ballot papers and documents. No polling stations will open on Sunday for the election”.


On Saturday, ITAR-TASS reported that intermittent sniping between patriot opolchenie and junta armed bands near Semyonovka, outside Slavyansk, took place for three hours. A source said that both sides used avtomats and mortars, firing at a range of a kilometre. There was no physical contact between the forces.


The DNR and the Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR) merged into a united state, Novorossiya. Chairman of the DNR Government Aleksandr Borodai and Head of the LNR Aleksei Karyakin signed the unification accords. Pavel Gubaryov, the People’s Governor of the former Donetsk Oblast, wrote on his Facebook page that neither the DNR nor the LNR, as independent states, recognise the Ukrainian Government’s or President’s authority. Furthermore, Novorossiya would recognise the Ukrainian President as the legitimate head of a legal state only if he accepts Novorossiya’s independence, withdraws all junta forces from its territory without delay, and proclaims an immediate ceasefire.

24 May 2014

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24 May 2014. Be Like the Opolchenie… Use the Euromaidan Junta’s Weapons Against It!

00 kill the Junta Dragon. 24.05.14


00 the peoples vengeance will not be denied... 24.05.14


00 Eurosodom... the tempting of a people.


The top image is clear… the working people of the People’s Republics want to topple the oligarchs and stop their rapine of the country. By the way, the Uniates steal imagery that isn’t theirs… the figure in the image is in Cossack attire, ergo no Euromaidan sludge can use it, as the Cossacks remain true-blue 100 percent Orthodox to this day… they would NEVER ally themselves with Uniate traitors. The second image is the Euromaidan trash faced with the People’s Vengeance for their murders and crimes. It needs no amplification from me. The last one shows the junta dancing to the Eurosodom Wolf’s tune… that is, until he eats them!

Don’t get angry… use the foe’s weapons against him, as the opolchenie do. You’ll drive ’em buggy…


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