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Saturday, 24 May 2014

24 May 2014. Be Like the Opolchenie… Use the Euromaidan Junta’s Weapons Against It!

00 kill the Junta Dragon. 24.05.14


00 the peoples vengeance will not be denied... 24.05.14


00 Eurosodom... the tempting of a people.


The top image is clear… the working people of the People’s Republics want to topple the oligarchs and stop their rapine of the country. By the way, the Uniates steal imagery that isn’t theirs… the figure in the image is in Cossack attire, ergo no Euromaidan sludge can use it, as the Cossacks remain true-blue 100 percent Orthodox to this day… they would NEVER ally themselves with Uniate traitors. The second image is the Euromaidan trash faced with the People’s Vengeance for their murders and crimes. It needs no amplification from me. The last one shows the junta dancing to the Eurosodom Wolf’s tune… that is, until he eats them!

Don’t get angry… use the foe’s weapons against him, as the opolchenie do. You’ll drive ’em buggy…


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