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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Slavyansk Mayor Sez Junta Losses Heavy

00 Donetsk opolchenie in the field. 23.05.14


On Thursday, Slavyansk People’s Mayor Vyacheslav Ponomaryov said in an interview with the Latvian radio station Baltkom, “According to our information, the Ukrainian army suffered the following losses… 1,200-1,300 people killed, and eight helicopters, 15 armoured vehicles, and three [artillery] weapons destroyed. They’re suffering huge losses. I’m speaking only about Slavyansk”. Junta boss Aleksandr Turchinov confirmed Thursday the downing of a military helicopter killed 14 Ukrainian servicemen, including a general. Soon after that, the “National Guard” (sic) clarified that 12, not 14 people died in the Mi-8 helicopter crash near Slavyansk. Ponomaryov also said, “About 200 opolchenie died and 300 wounded. Several civilians died and eight people wounded yesterday”. The junta forces in the repression operation in Novorossiya began firing mortars at Slavyansk Tuesday at around noon local time, destroying several private homes, including houses in the villages of Andreyevka and Sergeyevka in the suburbs, killing several dozen people. Aleksei Pushkov, the head of the RF Gosduma Committee on Foreign Affairs, wrote Wednesday that the Kiev junta lies when it claims that they don’t target civilian areas in Novorossiya.


The news of heavy losses in Slavyansk is no surprise, as untrained “National Guard” (sic) rabble carry out most of the offensive operations. The trained troops refuse to fight or have melted away. The operations around Slavyansk ground to a halt when the helo carrying the general in charge crashed, killing him and his staff. The junta has placed politically reliable, but militarily incompetent, Galician Uniates in charge of forces, as they don’t trust people from Malorossiya (the “Ukrainian” heartland) or Novorossiya (the former southeast). Thus, the incompetent lead the untrained, which, of course, leads to an inordinate butcher’s bill. The only good thing about that is that it means that the Euromaidan trash are dying in front of Slavyansk… which means that the junta won’t have reliable bully boys if enough die.

Nevertheless, this does mean one thing. Neither side will “compromise”. This Civil War must drag on… and the USA giggles like a demented toddler. What does that tell you about the American Establishment?


29 May 2014



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31 May 2014. A Poem Written in the Hero-City of Odessa in the VOV by Konstantin Simonov… Odessa was on the Cross Then… It’s on the Cross Now

00 odessa victims. 04.05.14

In particular, remember those killed in the fire at the Dom Profsoyuzov in Odessa on 2 May. American-sponsored Galician Uniate terrorists set the building on fire and then shot at those trying to escape. The American media fawns on them… you should not. 


To Valentina Serova

If God in his almighty power
Called me to heaven when I died
And I was asked, at heaven’s gate,
What I should choose to take inside,

I should not want, in paradise,
A tedious girl of honest worth.
I’d take with me the very same
With whom I’d shared this sinful earth:

The wild and wilful one, the one
Who gives me (for a time) her love,
She who tormented me below
Would keep me from ennui above.

There must be very few who’d take
Such desperate souls to share their bliss.
The blessed ones would peep at you
And say “Has Heaven come to this?”

I’d take with me the distances –
The agony of separation,
To call to mind when we’re apart
The way you kissed me at the station.

I’d have to take the dangers too,
To keep you anxious, true and wise,
So that no coward should enjoy
The azure brilliance of your eyes.

I’d take to heaven a faithful friend
To drink a toast when all is well.
And I should take the enemy
To fight with… as we did in hell.

Love and ennui and pity I’d take,
Even the nightingale in the wood…
Every tiniest detail of life
That we live on earth, I’d take… if I could.

Even death… if that could be…
I should not leave behind below.
All that is here our lot on earth
I’d choose to take with me… and so

God, in astonishment, would curse
The worldly loyalties of men,
And pretty soon, without a doubt,
Would pop me back on earth again!

Konstantin Simonov


(written in Odessa under siege)


Konstantin Simonov was one of the most famous poets to come out of the VOV. He wrote the above poem in besieged Odessa in 1941. Today, a brutal and unrepresentative putschist junta that seized power from the legitimate government in February with American connivance occupies Odessa. One of its first actions was to outlaw the Russian language and to try to replace it with a hillbilly pidgin spoken only by a small minority in the Far Western Ukraine. That led to the Crimea rejoining Russia and for the Russian-speaking “Eastern Ukraine” to rise up against these American-fomented fascists. What you read and hear in the American media about the “Ukraine” is false. The people of Novorossiya (the name for the so-called Southeastern Ukraine in tsarist times) want to be free of “Ukrainian” dictatorship. If you love freedom and justice, you’ll support them.


(Google this and look at the images)


People seem to love the Russian poetry in translation. I’ll try my best to include a few examples each week. One of the purposes of this blog IS to make Russian culture known… and it never hurts to listen to others and to attend to THEIR wants, is it? If you’re interested, why not look at my companion blog, “Art and Faith?” It has a good amount (several thousand images) of our Russian art posted there (and I really should put up more… the current political situation had me focusing on the news).


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It’s About Time! St T’s to Honour Vladyki Leonty with Academic Symposium

00 Metropolia 09. Metropolitan Leonty Turkevich


00 Metropolitan Leonty 01.03.12


St Tikhon Orthodox Seminary announces at this time that they’re planning an Academic Symposium dedicated to the life and work of Metropolitan Leonty Turkevich (1876-1965), tentatively due for 14 May 2015, the 50th anniversary of his death. This will be a day-long programme, including a graveside pannikhida. STOS would also like to announce publicly a call for proposed papers for the Symposium. We ask those interested to forward a brief summary of their proposed topics to Dr David Ford, Professor of Church History at STOS, no later than 30 September 2014 by e-mail at dcford@stots.edu.


I’d like to see them discuss the collaboration between Vladyki Leonty and Metropolitan Anastassy Gribanovsky of the ROCOR… the two confabbed closely and kept things solid. After Vladyki Leonty’s death, the Schememann/Meyendorff duopoly and their besotted acolytes sold out the Church. Shall someone speak up at St T’s for a saner time, a time that points to a future union of the healthy parts of the ROCOR and OCA? Time will tell us…

Here are two titbits… Vladyki Leonty stood with the ROCOR in the immediate postwar years in refusing to recognise the MP… Vladyki Anastassy came to New York in 1950, the year that Vladyki Leonty became Archbishop of New York for the Metropolia. Who would’ve thunk it…


29 May 2014


OCA official website


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Presidium of the KPRF Central Committee and the SKP-KPSS Secretariat Soviet Set Up Coordination Centre for Humanitarian Assistance in Novorossiya

00 #savedonbasspeople 01. 30.05.14


Dear Comrades!

The fighting in Novorossiya rages on, opolchenie and civilians die, including children and the elderly. To repress the rights of the people of Novorossiya and to suppress their desire for independence, the beastly Kiev junta committed itself to a policy of brutal military force, ignoring civilian casualties and destruction. In this very dire situation, the people of Novorossiya need your help. They need medical supplies, food, etc. The Presidium of the KPRF Central Committee and the SKP-KPSS* Secretariat Soviet set up a Coordination Centre for Humanitarian Assistance in Novorossiya. They’ve asked me to head this effort. Our main task is to organise the collection and delivery of humanitarian assistance to Novorossiya. We appeal to you to establish local efforts based on KPRF regional offices to request, collect, and deliver humanitarian aid.

*SKP-KPSS: Union of Communist Parties-Communist Party of the USSR

Kazbek Kutsukovich Taisaev

Secretary of the Central Committee of the KPRF and First Deputy Chairman of the SKP-KPSS Soviet

Contact us:

Phone: 8 (495) 692-54-76

Fax: 8 (495) 692-17-69

E-mail: nacpolkprf@gmail.com


You can have communist humanitarian aid or you can have American neocon “humanitarian intervention”… I’d say that there was a world of difference between the two. The first is decent and humane, the second is evil and malicious… the choice is yours, as always.


29 May 2014


KPRF official website


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