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Sunday, 1 June 2014

1 June 2014. A Point to Ponder… UNITY!

00 Patriarch Kirill w kids 01. 01.06.14


Lately, the Western media has written outright rubbish about HH. How he doesn’t like Putin… how he’s sidling up to the Mafioso Poroshenko… how he’s really sucking up to the pope and the West. All of that is absolute bullshit, horse hockey, and hogwash. It’s bandied about by those who don’t read what HH says or look at what he does. He’s changed none of his stances nor any of his alliances. As for the “congratulations” to Poroshenko, that was boilerplate issued by underlings. All that HH did was hurriedly scribble his signature to it (probably, he didn’t even look at it). If HH were sidling up to the West, he wouldn’t have sent Mark Golovkov to Jordan… ’nuff said.

HH is still where he was last year, and where he’ll be next year. Don’t listen to Western journalists who rely on crank sources like CNN, Eurasia.net, Fox News, and Radio Liberty… they DO have an agenda…


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