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Sunday, 1 June 2014

1 June 2014. Moscow IS the CENTRE of the Orthodox World…

00 Patriarch Kirill w Mar Dynka of Assyria. 01.06.14


00 Patriarch Kirill w patriarch neofit of bulgaria. 01.06.14


00 Patriarch Kirill w abp antony of Mexico (Antioch). 01.06.14


00 Patriarch Kirill w Metr Ambrose of Greece. 01.06.14


Unlike the Phanar, nestled in a set of dilapidated buildings in an Istanbul neighbourhood, the Centre is the bustling beating heart of the Orthodox World. For instance, in the top image, HH meets the Catholicos-Patriarch of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the EastMar Dinkha IV Khanania. In the next, we see HH with Patriarch Neofit Dimitrov of Sofia and all Bulgaria, a fellow First Hierarch. Then, he’s with Archbishop Antonios Chedraoui Tannous of Mexico (Patriarchate of Antioch and all the East). In the last, he’s with Metropolitan Amvrosios Lenis of Kalavrytas (Church of Athens and all Greece). In short, Moscow is THE CITY… remember:

“Old Rome fell to the axes of the barbarians, Constantinople New Rome fell to the infidel Turk… Moscow is the Third Rome, and a Fourth, there never shall be!”

In short, Bart’s pretensions and “agreements” in Jerusalem with Frankie were LESS than nothing. Will HH meet with the “Bag o’ Donuts?” No… Rome refuses to call off its Uniate attack dogs… THAT has its price. Pope Francisco is a sincere human being with proper social justice stands (which HH shares, by the way)… but there are no real concessions on his part in the Church realm, so, a meeting can’t take place. That’s the long n’ the short of it…

By the way, ignoranus Western sources claim that HH is cool towards V V Putin. Nothing could be further from the truth. As the above images indicate, he’s a BUSY man… his role as First Hierarch of the Patriarchate of Moscow and all the Russias takes up a HUGE amount of time. After all, he’s the leading Orthodox leader in the world, and that doesn’t leave him much time for secular politicking… he leaves that to his able satrap for the Diocese of Moscow, Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov (who DOES show up at the proper venues at the proper times). Oh yes… one last thing… the RCs, Uniates, and “Ukrainian Orthodox” are crowing about a UOC/MP priest concelebrating with Denisenko’s crank schismatical crew. Yes, that happened, and Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsky of Kiev came down on him like a ton of bricks… the guy got a one-month suspension, with a warning that if he did it again, he’d get le sabot. They ARE outside the Church, after all…


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