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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Rada Approves Arrest of Tsaryov… Ukies Threaten to Sue Russia Over the Crimea

00 Donetsk Republic 01 1918. 04.06.14

This map shows the situation prior to the Soviet-imposed borders of the 1920s. The borders of the UNR coincide broadly with the ethnographic Ukraine. Therefore, it has no viable claim to either the Crimea or Novorossiya. 

The map was in Russian, this is my translation and PhotoShop change, and I added the note about the Pontic Greeks



ITAR-TASS reported that the Rada approved the arrest of Oleg Tsaryov, one of the leaders of the opposition to the junta, who criticised the recent Ukrainian presidential election in Ukraine. 235 People’s Deputies, slightly more than the required number of 226, supported Tsaryov’s arrest. Tsaryov was a candidate in the Ukrainian presidential election, but he withdrew on his own free will. Tsaryov also called on other presidential candidates, whose base was in the former southeastern Ukraine, to quit the presidential race. He said, “We should boycott this election, as it’s happening in the midst of a civil war”. Last week, the so-called junta General Procurator Oleg Magnitsky announced that the Genprokuratura had initiated several criminal cases against Tsaryov, accusing him of “making public calls to overthrow the existing constitutional system in the Ukraine, change its state borders, and stage acts of disobedience, which entailed grave consequences and caused many casualties among security forces and peaceful civilians”.


Fascist goons beat up Tsaryov. Tsaryov is facing charges, not the goons. Off with their heads! It seems that the Jabberwocky is the real Procurator! As for “making public calls to overthrow the existing constitutional system in the Ukraine”… the junta is guilty of that and more. I seem to recall that they took power in an illegal illegitimate extra-constitutional coup. If V F Yanukovich had done likewise to that fatuous moneybags jackass Klichko, why the shit-storm in the West would’ve have been tremendous! Note well that the USA smiles in glee and claps its hands… after all, it’s done the same, and more… see what good pupils the junta is!



On Tuesday, South-Eastern Front spokesman Konstantin Knirik told Interfax, “At around 15.00 MSK (03.00 PDT. 07.00 EDT. 12.00 BST. 14.00 local time. 21.00 AEST), Ukrainian forces started a massive shelling of Krasny Liman. We’re clarifying Information about fatalities and injuries amongst civilians. ‘National Guard’ (sic) fighters took several dozen villagers out of their houses on the southern edge of Krasny Liman, put them against a wall, and demanded, under threat of execution, to give them the names of the opolchenie known to them. However, no execution followed afterwards. Besides this, Ukrainian military aircraft carried out two airstrikes against Semyonovka near Slavyansk”.


On Tuesday, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) confirmed that the deadly attack on the Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR) Administration building in Lugansk was an airstrike. The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission said in a statement, “On 2 June, shortly after 15.00 (04.00 PDT. 08.00 EDT. 13.00 BST. 16.00 MSK. 22.00 AEST), rockets hit the occupied administration building. Based on the SMM’s limited observation, these strikes were the result of non-guided rockets shot from an aircraft”. The strike left eight people dead and 28 injured. The OSCE added that the situation in Lugansk remains “volatile”. Kiev confirmed that it launched rockets in Lugansk. According to a Minoborony Ukrainy statement, “All in all, to fulfil combat support for Ukrainian border guards, military aviators fired more than 150 rockets, in three jet and five helicopter sorties”.


On Tuesday, ITAR-TASS reported that Arseny Yatsenyuk said that the Ukraine filed a suit against Russia with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) over the Crimea rejoining Russia. Pavel Krasheninnikov, chairman of the RF Gosduma Committee on Civil, Criminal, and Arbitration Legislation, said, “I’m not surprised to hear about such a suit. They’re doing what they can. They should have thought better when they organised the Euromaidan and overthrew the legally elected president. Insofar as the Crimea’s concerned, [the Crimeans] first proclaimed independence and then held a referendum on joining Russia. In such cases, from the point of view of international law, everything’s clear. However, since the Kiev authorities are now in a situation where they have to prove their ‘might’, they’re trying to show it. Our Foreign and Justice Ministries should get prepared. We have brilliant specialists in this sphere, and I think they’d perfectly cope with this task. If we’re speaking about a court case at the ECHR, we should presume that there’ll be justice. It’s important that our side is well-prepared. We have all the arguments on this matter, and we’re all eyewitnesses of history. There are many possibilities for people to defend their rights, including at the ECHR. I don’t think the subject of such suits would be the same, but I’m sure that there’ll be an avalanche of suits there with time”.


The junta’s audacity and that of its American puppeteers is mindboggling. They’re an illegitimate government that took power in an illegal putsch, and they’re screaming “illegal” about the Republic of the Crimea rejoining the Russian Federation (the legal successor of the USSR and the Russian Empire). That is, the Crimea was part of the Russian Empire and the USSR, so, for it to rejoin its legal successor, the Russian Federation, is without legal defect, as it only restores a recognised legal status quo ante. The Russian Federation never gave up ANY claim to territory held by the Empire or by the Soviets. Anything signed by the Yeltsin gang is invalid, as the West imposed it on Russia at knifepoint, and Yeltsin couldn’t and didn’t stand against their illegal demands. The borders of the Ukraine on 21 February 2014 were only the borders of the Ukrainian SSR, a non-sovereign subject of the USSR. They had no real international reality, nor could they. It’s ironic… the Uniates hate the Soviet legacy and try to destroy it, yet, the borders that they claim for the Ukraine were those imposed by the Soviets in the 1920s (and in the case of the Crimea, 1954)! Look at the map at the head of this post… Only the territory marked “UNR” is actually “Ukrainian”… and even some of that isn’t “Ukrainian”. The eastern border of the ethnographic Ukraine is the Dnepr and none of it touches the sea. Novorossiya was never part of Kievan Rus nor was it ever under Polish occupation; ergo, it can’t be “Ukrainian”. The Uniates bite themselves in the ass! If they reject the Soviets, they reject the borders of the Ukrainian SSR, which means that the Ukraine reverts to its natural borders, which mostly coincide with those of the UNR. The real world can be odd, can’t it? In short, they have no real, legal, or moral claim to Novorossiya or the Crimea, QED.

The junta had best be careful… history isn’t on its side. The Uniate establishment are skilful liars… have a care about them, and let the informed sorts like me refute them. Many of them are nasty, pitiless, and unscrupulous. I wouldn’t want to see any of you hurt.


3 June 2014

Voice of Russia World Service





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Alfeyev Slams Unia in Belarus Meeting

00 Riots in Kiev. 06.02.14

THIS is what Uniate hatemongering causes… ‘nuff said! By the way… most Berkutovtsy rallied to Russia or are fighting in the opolchenie against the illegitimate Uniate junta… good on them!



This is NOT a cut n’ paste of the mospat.ru posting. Quite often, that site “softens” anti-Catholic statements or simply invents text not in the Russian original (which is the official and normative version). For instance, take the last sentence of this piece, mospat.ru had:

I would like very much that our labours bore not only a theoretical nature but also be applied on the practical level in enabling the pacifying of enmity and the strengthening of Orthodox-Catholic interaction before the new challenges that confront us.

The original was:

И очень хотелось бы, чтобы наши труды способствовали умирению вражды и укреплению православно-католического взаимодействия перед лицом тех новых вызовов, которые стоят перед нами.

A more faithful translation would be:

I’d like very much that our labours would help to quiet hatred and strengthen Orthodox-Catholic collaboration in the face of the new challenges that face us.

That is, the mospat.ru “translator” added text not in original. Bad dog! This is why this site is crank and it’s better to go to patriarchia.ru, and look at the Russian original. Of course, the ecumaniacs like Hannes Jacobes are too lazy to do that. The most important takeaway in this is that the Centre isn’t “soft” on the Unia. That means that the SVS invitation to Bob Taft (a Jesuit masquerading as an “archimandrite”) is blasphemous, sinful, without warrant, and evil. It rams a bayonet full-force into the throats of our co-religionists in Novorossiya. Let my right hand wither if I forget their suffering…

The following is the mospat.ru translation with changes indicated by the Russian original… the original translator was soft on English grammar, and style, and usage; it indicates a native Russian-speaker who speaks English well, but not on a native level.



In the contemporary world, there isn’t only an intensive dialogue between cultures, but cultures also interact with one another. On the one hand, these dynamic processes contribute to forming a unified world community, whilst on the other they foster a new awareness of the uniqueness of different cultures. Changing demographics occur within the context of mass migration and the aim of building a tolerant society often leads to a result opposite to that desired. I’d say that puts Christian identity of Europe under peril. Increasingly, these problems are more acute in everyday life and demand a serious theoretical analysis. However, in the present situation, we can’t limit ourselves merely to discussing theoretical issues. We have to work together, and in a practical way, at that.

Unfortunately, our forum is taking place held against the background of the cheerless events in the Ukraine. The political standoff led to people dying in the streets and shooting continues in the public squares. The nation (народ) remains deeply divided, not only along political lines, but also on religious grounds. The Greek Catholics played a very destructive role in making this situation. Their leading archbishop, hierarchs, and clergy affirm an extremely politicised position that’s a factor in polarising society; this position deepened the conflict, which already has numerous victims.

Unlike the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which managed in these difficult months to unite people of various political persuasions, including those who’re on both sides of the barricades, the Uniates ostentatiously associate themselves with only one of the belligerent forces. The Uniates issue aggressive statements, initiate actions intended to undermine the canonical Orthodox Church, have active contacts with schismatical Orthodox, and they strive to split the united multinational Russian Orthodox Church. These actions caused great damage not only to the Ukraine and its population, but also to the Orthodox-Catholic dialogue. All of this pushed us far back, reminding us of the times when Orthodox and Catholics viewed each other not as friends, but as rivals. Today, once again, it’s clear what most Orthodox already knew… that the Unia was and, unfortunately, remains a special project of the Catholic Church aimed at undermining canonical Orthodoxy. The notorious “Union of Brest” in 1596 occurred here in Belarus, an event that brought untold suffering to the Orthodox population of these lands.

I take the opportunity to appeal to all our partners in the Orthodox-Catholic dialogue to do everything possible to cool down the “hotheads” amongst the Uniates, to stop the actions coming from the Greek Catholics, as they only deepen the Ukrainian crisis. Today, one part of the Catholic Church employs all its strength, talents, and resources to strengthen Orthodox-Catholic communication, whilst another (albeit, an autonomous body) does everything possible, as in former sad times, to drive a wedge of distrust and enmity between Orthodox and Catholics. Our forum, which involves both Orthodox and Catholic theologians, is an important arena for exploring issues of common interest and for achieving greater mutual understanding between our Churches. I’d like very much that our labours would help to quiet hatred and strengthen Orthodox-Catholic collaboration in the face of the new challenges that face us.

00 Hilarion Alfeyev. 18.10.132 June 2014

Metropolitan Ilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk

Head of the MP Synodal Department for External Church Relations (OVTsS)



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