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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Junta Irregulars Slaughter Hospital Patients… MID Wants American Mercs Out of the Ukraine… Poroshenko Aide Found Dead Under Dubious Circumstances

00 donetsk 02. 05.06.14


On Thursday, a opolchenie source told ITAR-TASS that junta forces resumed shelling Semyonovka on the outskirts Slavyansk in Novorossiya. He said that the night was relatively calm, although one could hear gunfire and explosions in some areas of town. On Wednesday, junta troops shelled Semyonovka; they also shelled Slavyansk and adjacent areas, damaging water- and power supply lines in several districts. Meanwhile junta irregulars killed more than 25 wounded people in a hospital in Krasny Liman, on the outskirts of Slavyansk, as “National Guard” (sic) thugs seized the town from the opolchenie following heavy shelling. Denis Pushilin, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), said, “According to preliminary information, they killed more than 25 people. We fear that there may be more victims. The figures announced by Kiev and those reported by locals differ greatly”.


First, the Dom Profsoyuzov fire… now, a massacre in a hospital. What more do you need? Evil walks the land in Novorossiya. People die because they’re Orthodox… because they’re Russian… because they’re leftists… because they honour the Great Victory (and not fascist collaborators). If you support the Uniate junta in any way (and that would include working for Radio Liberty or inviting Uniates to speak at Orthodox seminaries), you slam a bayonet into the backs of our suffering compatriots. You abet evil… ergo, you are evil. I shall NOT be silent. Who shall stand for the truth? If I’m alone in that, so be it… it’s what God calls all of us to. Civic courage is rarer and more difficult than battlefield courage. Nevertheless, that’s our calling now. Shall you join in supporting the patriot fighters or shall you join in attacking them for filthy lucre? It’s up to you…

The junta kills people in hospital beds and the Uniate hierarchy is SILENT. THEY SAY NOTHING… they bless the thugs who scream, “A knife for the Moskali!” They’re not Christians… that’s all that one can say. This is too much of a muchness. Why must we witness such vileness and depravity in the name of Christ? If Nicky and I were in Novorossiya, the Uniate thugs would kill us without mercy or hesitation, merely for being what we are. Think on that…

They kill the helpless… what more do you need? Note well that Zbig and Nuland smile grins of approval at this.



On Thursday, Southeast Front spokesman Konstantin Knirik told Interfax, “Occasional random shelling occurs in Slavyansk. We brought down an enemy airplane and two helicopters over the city in the past 24 hours. Two electricity transmission lines aren’t functioning, disrupting power supplies to facilities of the Voda Donbassa utility in the Slavyansk Raion. As a result, Slavyansk and another three cities… Kramatorsk, Druzhkovka, and Kostantinovka… are without water. They blew up an electric transformer near the central district hospital in Krasny Lyman yesterday, causing a power outrage in this district. We heard gunfire from enemy positions last night. They damaged the railway station building in Krasny Lyman as well”.


On Thursday, Rostov Oblast Governor Vasili Golubev said on his Twitter account, “Refugees keep arriving from the Ukraine, 275 people from Slavyansk and Lugansk are now at the Dmitriadovsky camp in Neklinov Raion. There are 161 children amongst the refugees living in this camp. More than 8,300 Ukrainians crossed into Rostov Oblast over the past 24 hours”. Earlier, Pavel Astakhov, the RF Presidential Children’s Rights Commissioner, said on his Instagram account, “8,386 Ukrainians arrived in Rostov Oblast from Ukraine over the past 24 hours. Another 151 children arrived in the refugee camp that we inspected yesterday”.


Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in an interview with Interfax, “We’d like the US administration to take efficient measures to curb participation of mercenaries from abroad in Kiev’s punitive operation against protesters, against people fighting for their rights in the southeast. We can’t ignore continuing reports, including in Western media outlets, that groups of private companies specialising in providing security and military operations are operating in the Ukraine. The notorious Greystone (later known as Academi) is only the best known of such groups. Judging by information coming from various sources, we’re dealing not only with this group, which has stained itself by mercenary activities in numerous conflicts, but also some others, including from Eastern Europe, particularly from Poland. The groups operating in the Ukraine are in fact militarised groups composed of well-trained personnel (sic) with the latest equipment. That is, these are combat forces taking part in special operations in the true sense of the word. In addition to Academi/Greystone, there is also a group called Cubic Applications International. We repeatedly tell this to our American counterparts. Unfortunately, the responses that we see are to the effect that nothing of the sort is happening or can happen; they deny everything, and they say that they won’t revisit the matter. However, facts say the opposite. I’m sure that this issue will remain on the agenda of our dialogue with the USA”.


Mercs aren’t “well-trained personnel”… they’re hired guns with no character or patriotism. Ergo, when the going gets too hot, the mercs get going (in the opposite direction of the fighting). They’re not do-or-die sorts… they’re “Look out for Number One” sorts. I believe that many of the atrocities are due to mercs… many of them are violent by nature, and the junta gives them carte blanche, which, of course, leads to enormities. Mercs aren’t real soldiers… that’s why no county relies on them. Reflect on that…



On Thursday, Interfax reported that the MVDU stated that the head of a raion campaign office of P A Poroshenko in Vinnitsa Oblast was found dead. Cops found the man’s body, with a gunshot wound to the head, in his own car on a city street around 12.30 local time on 5 June.


This smells like Clan Balogh. Sources have it that P A Poroshenko promised a Vice Premiership to gangster Viktor Balogh, but reneged on the deal. Poroshenko and Balogh are old cronies in crime (literally) from way back. Poroshenko is pissed because he wanted Balogh to fix the election in Podkarpatskaya, but Balogh didn’t deliver the margin that Poroshenko wanted. Ergo, it looks like Balogh’s “gone to the mattress” and he’s “reaching out and touching Poroshenko”.


5 June 2014

Voice of Russia World Service






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5 June 2014. Two More Maps to Refute the Wild Uniate and Western Media Lies Out There

00 2010 Ukrainian presidential election


00 Yushchenko. Yanukovich. map. 04.06.14.


Firstly, here’s a list of links to help you to understand the second map:

Wild Lands




Peace of Zborov

Western Ukrainian People’s Republic

Provisional Government

Unrecognised state of the Carpatho-Ukraine

Unfortunately, the narrative handed out by the Uniate hierarchy and the lickspittle pro-American junta is entirely crank and without foundation in the real world. Look at the above maps… firstly, note that the election results were virtually identical in 2004 and 2010. The Russian east voted for Yanukovich, the Ukrainian-speaking west and the surzhik-speaking centre did not. There’s another point in this that’s important for you to grasp… the areas that voted for Yanukovich PERFECTLY COINCIDE with the boundaries of Tsarist Novorossiya. PERFECTLY COINCIDE. These areas aren’t “Ukrainian” in the least, they’re Russian to the bone, and the election results prove it. Also, note that the heaviest areas of voting for Timoshenko in 2010 all laid within the borders of the 1918 Western Ukrainian People’s Republic. ALL. Hmm… can you see the pattern that I see? There is NO SUCH THING AS THE UKRAINE as the Uniate hierarchy proclaims it. The “Ukraine” doesn’t even go bump in the night! There are three parts… Galicia in the West is solidly pro-Western as its papist and anti-Orthodox. Novorossiya in the East is solidly pro-Russian as its Orthodox and anti-papist. This present civil war is over who’s going to control Malorossiya, in the centre.

There are a few myths that the Uniate establishment fosters that decent people need to refute. Firstly, there is the “Golodomor genocide” myth. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn stated that the Golodomor was no different from the Russian famine of 1921, as ruthless grain procurements caused both. He noted that the lie of the Golodomor genocide came decades later after the event and the nationalist effort to have the famine recognised as genocide is an act of historical revisionism surpassing the level of communist agitprop. He warned that the West might accept this false claim of genocide due to general Western ignorance of Russian and Ukrainian history. The famine spread throughout the USSR, and was a direct result of the collectivisation campaign… it had NOTHING to do with “Ukrainians”. In fact, goofball “Ukrainians” tried peddling this notion at the UN and the PACE… they failed in both instances. However, here’s the most important takeaway in this… the Uniates were in Poland… they didn’t suffer at all! Nope! Nada! Nichevo! They lost NOBODY! Yet, they make the most noise about this… I wonder why? The Ukrainian excuses about a Sov “cover-up” are phantasmagorical and smack of conspiracy theory/flying saucer nutters… things that grounded people should stay away from.

Secondly, there is their cover-up of Galician collaboration with the Nazis in the VOV. They boast, “They weren’t war criminals… the West didn’t send them back to the USSR”. Hmm… the members of the SS division involved held prewar Polish passports, so, sympathetic rightwing officers in the American military sheltered them on the excuse that they weren’t Soviet citizens. After World War II, Langley sheltered Nazis under the excuse of “anti-communism”, which led to it using such former unrepentant Nazis as Klaus Barbie and Otto Skorzeny. The Galician SS were of similar calibre, indeed, they were no better than any other SS unit, which meant that they were very bad, indeed. Archbishop Iosif Slipy blessed Nazi SS troopers, a fact attested to by films and photos. He was in the GULag for a reason… he was a vile traitor and enemy of humanity (anyone who’d bless Nazis is a low mofo in my book). Today, the Uniate hierarchy praises and blesses the memory of these Nazi traitors and criminals. It’s enough to make one hurl.

The “Greater Ukraine” bruited by the Uniate officialdom and press doesn’t exist. It never has and never will. Look at the maps… the truth WILL set you free… but only if you let it.


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5 June 2014. A Plea from Novorossiya…Remember the Dead of the Dom Profsoyuzov Fire… “Don’t Forget! Don’t Forgive!”

00 Don't forget. Don't forgive. 05.06.14

Don’t Forget! Don’t Forgive!


As many of you are aware, many people perished in the terrible arson at the Dom Profsoyuzov in Odessa. This is one of the war crimes now under investigation by the SK RF. As for me, I’d trip the trap under the entire junta with no emotion… I’d watch them all dangle and die with no feeling. Watch all the goodthinker pseudo-Christians come crawling out of the woodwork to condemn me! Go ahead… I don’t give a shit what any of you say. I’m long past impressing people… I only care to hold to the Truth and to tell the Truth. These scumbags brutally took lives and expect to get off scot-free. Yes, there’s little enough justice this side of the veil… but sometimes it does happen. The arch-instigator and the most guilty is Shevchuk… he urges on the killers and refuses to condemn their enormities. If you go to SVS on 12 June to hear Taft speak, you say to the world, “I support the Unia! I won’t let anyone attack it!” I’d remind everyone of what Metropolitan Ilarion Alfeyev just said:

The Greek Catholics played a very destructive role in making this situation. Their leading archbishop, hierarchs, and clergy affirm an extremely politicised position that’s a factor in polarising society; this position deepened the conflict, which already has numerous victims. Unlike the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which managed in these difficult months to unite people of various political persuasions, including those who’re on both sides of the barricades, the Uniates ostentatiously associate themselves with only one of the belligerent forces. The Uniates issue aggressive statements, initiate actions intended to undermine the canonical Orthodox Church, have active contacts with schismatical Orthodox, and they strive to split the united multinational Russian Orthodox Church. These actions caused great damage not only to the Ukraine and its population, but also to the Orthodox-Catholic dialogue. All of this pushed us far back, reminding us of the times when Orthodox and Catholics viewed each other not as friends, but as rivals. Today, once again, it’s clear what most Orthodox already knew… that the Unia was and, unfortunately, remains a special project of the Catholic Church aimed at undermining canonical Orthodoxy. The notorious “Union of Brest” in 1596 occurred here in Belarus, an event that brought untold suffering to the Orthodox population of these lands.

If you go to the SVS talk, you spit on the Church. If you excuse the enormities of the Uniate hierarchy, you spit on the Church. If you excuse the atrocities committed by the junta, you not only spit on the Church, you spit on all decent people. Go ahead… call me a “hater”… I’ve been called worse by better. There comes a time when justice MUST prevail… or our claim to be Christians is very specious, indeed. I WON’T forget… and I WON’T forgive… in the sense of letting them off the hook. I’d pray that God receive their souls as I sprung the trap… I do daresay that I’m not alone in feeling that way.


Memorial to the Forgotten

00 aleut alaska 01. 05.06.14

Martin Stepetin, an Aleut, digs a hole for a memorial post at the Killisnoo Island Aleut cemetery on 31 May. 


David Mahaffey, the Orthodox bishop of Alaska, stood in a forest as a young man from St Paul Island quietly wept. On the last day of May, more than 90 people gathered in this quiet forest to pay their respects to 17 of World War II’s forgotten victims. In a solemn ceremony, the Friends of Admiralty Island dedicated a memorial plaque to the Atka Island villagers who died here after their evacuation from their homes by the US government. The evacuation was to preserve their lives from the advancing armies of the Empire of Japan, but instead death claimed almost 1 in 10 of the 881 people evacuated from nine villages in the Aleutian and Pribilof islands. Thirty-two people died at the Funter Bay internment camp, 17 here at Killisnoo, 20 at Ward Lake (near Ketchikan), and five at Burnett Inlet (near Wrangell). At the end of a ceremony sanctifying the cemetery, Bishop David said, “We don’t forget who has died. Please, remember these people in your prayers… that’s the way our memory is eternal”.

Little is left of the camp that housed 83 Atka residents for three years from 25 June 1942 to December 1945. Only corroded overgrown machinery indicates that anything existed here before the building of Whaler’s Cove Lodge on this fish-shaped island south of Angoon. Even the cemetery is hidden… marble tombstones, covered in moss, lean beneath towering trees that hide the sun. The longest-lasting markers are those left by whalers and herring plant workers who left the island after a devastating fire in 1928. Time has all but obscured the graves of the Aleuts, their wooden crosses rotted and collapsed.

When the Empire of Japan invaded Attu and Kiska on 7-8 June 1942, it caught Alaska almost defenceless. While the US Navy’s admirals knew what was coming, they deliberately let the Japanese attack fall on Alaska to trap the Japanese fleet at Midway Island, thousands of miles to the south. The Navy sent seaplanes to Atka Island, using the Native village there as a base to bomb the Japanese on Attu and Kiska. When the Japanese found the source of the bombardment, they strafed and bombed the village. On 12 June, General Simon Buckner ordered the village evacuated. Most of the villagers were at fish camps and had little time to gather their things. Daniel Johnson Jr, who guided the Friends of Admiralty Island trip, explained, “Imagine that happening to you, being told you had just minutes to leave your home”. To deny the village to the Japanese, American soldiers burned buildings, homes, and the village church, then, shipped the villagers to southeast Alaska.

They similarly packed up eight other villages and shipped them east… St George and St Paul in the Pribilofs, Nikolski, Akutan, Kashega, Biorka, Makushin, and Unalaska. Villagers from St George and St Paul went to Funter Bay, on the northwest coast of Admiralty Island. Those from Unalaska went to Burnett Inlet cannery, about 40 miles southwest of Wrangell. Those from the smaller villages went to Ward Lake camp north of Ketchikan. Some stayed for a time at the Wrangell Institute… a primarily Native school… before going to their final destinations. It was a culture shock for all… from the wide open islands of the Aleutians and Pribilofs, they went without boats, without guns, without traditional tools, to a place where trees blotted out the sun.

K J Metcalf, president of the Friends of Admiralty Island, said, “These people weren’t provided anything at all”. Many suffered from tuberculosis and other diseases, and the camps lacked plumbing, electricity, and… in some cases… adequate shelter. The old and young, particularly vulnerable to disease, died, their graves thousands of miles from their homes. The surviving villagers worked in Southeast Alaska until the end of the war, when the US government returned them home. While the story of tens of thousands of Japanese-American internees is well-known, that of the Aleuts went all but unnoticed until the 1980s. In that decade, the US government acted to compensate the villages. In 1988, Congress approved the Aleut Restitution Act, which paid each evacuee 12,000 USD (about 25,000 USD in current dollars) and created a trust fund to better Aleut life in affected villages.

Martin Stepetin grew up on St Paul Island and now lives in Juneau with his wife, Ann. He travelled to Killisnoo with the Friends of Admiralty Island, and… without prompting… grabbed a shovel and began to dig a hole for the memorial plaque. After finishing, he stopped and wept. He said after the ceremony, “It’s just really emotional, you know. I’ve dug a lot of graves in my home town of St Paul, and it feels the same. … I’ve heard about this all my life. Coming here is the closest thing… it’s the ultimate way to get closure”. Metcalf said that Friends of Admiralty Island dedicates itself to preserving the wilderness and historic mission of Admiralty Island National Monument. Last year, the Friends organised a similar trip to Funter Bay to dedicate a plaque at the campsite there. The ceremony under the trees here on Killisnoo included remarks from Johnson and Joe Zuboff, who offered a Tlingit perspective. Metcalf said, “I thought it was beautiful, a blending of the cultures”.

4 June 2014

James Brooks

Capital City Weekly (Juneau AK)


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