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Friday, 6 June 2014

Donbass Miners Join Patriot Resistance… Junta is Dead Duck

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This was a couple of days ago, but its important news, so, up it goes. The miners were the backbone of the socialist revolution… they’ll be the heart of the patriot movement. Don’t listen to lies from Potapov, Paffhausen, Dreher, Mattingly, and Kishkovsky… they have agendas. You can stand with rightwing puking dogs or you can stand with the miners of the Donbass. Rather obvious, no?



On Wednesday, around 3,000 Donbass miners… the driving force of the coal-rich region… marched through the streets of Donetsk, protesting against Kiev’s continuing military operation in the former eastern Ukraine. The demonstrators, who then gathered at a central square for a rally, chanted “Fascism won’t pass!” and “The Donbass won’t forgive!” Whilst some of the miners interviewed by RIA Novosti support the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), others simply reject what they refer to as the “fascist” policies of the Kiev junta. A miner named Viktor said, “What’s happening now in Donetsk, all this shooting, this does worry our wives, our children. People want to live peacefully, to work peacefully, in a peaceful and prosperous country”.

The rally marked the end of the Donbass miners’ “neutrality”… until this week, they chose to not take part in anti-government actions. Just one day earlier, on Tuesday, workers at several mines in Donetsk went on strike. On Tuesday, Konstantin Kuzmin, deputy head of the DNR’s coal mining industry, said, “The miners of the Donbass announced an indefinite strike and demanded an end to the military operation and the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Donetsk Oblast. Miners from the Skochinskogo, Abakumova, Chelyuskintsev, and Trudovskaya mines joined the strike”.Previously, the bosses repeatedly warned the workers against walking out in protest against the putschist junta. However, Monday saw the junta’s brutal attack on the Donetsk airport in an attempt to seize it from the opolchenie. They unleashed fighters and combat helicopters and fighting eventually reached downtown Donetsk. More than 50 civilians and as many opolchenie fighters died in subsequent clashes.

The Donbass is the industrial centre of the Ukraine. Coal in is one of the nation’s biggest industries, whilst the region was a coal mining area since the late 19th century. The miners are a powerful driving force in the region. The clashes in Donetsk began just a few hours after the release of the early results of the presidential election.  The president-elect, billionaire P A Poroshenko, is in favour of continuing the military operation in Novorossiya, despite earlier calls from the Rada to end it. During an election night news conference, Poroshenko said, “I don’t have the information to indicate that we must now stop [the operation]. I support its continuation, but demand a change in its format… it must be shorter and it must be more effective, military units must be better equipped”.


Yes, there was a “change in format”… in keeping with Poroshenko’s past as a gangster. Yet, long-service personnel melt away, the border guards abandon their posts, and, yes, don’t forget that the commander of the navy rallied to Russia. A ragtag irregular and untrained “National Guard” (sic) took the place of the disciplined and competent Berkutovtsy (most of whom have rallied to Russia or joined the patriot opolchenie). The Euromaidan trash refuse to disperse… and Clan Balogh “goes to the mattress” and whacks Poroshenko’s subordinates. It’s a royally fucked up, Jabberwockian, and Monty Python ménage presided over by a bunch of former Mafiosi. You can see why the miners simply gave up on such a bunch of FUBAR individuals. A friend of mine wrote:

Poroshenko did what even the Soviet government feared to do… piss off the coal miners! Once the miners went on strike today, it was finis for the Kiev junta. They can bring the Ukraine to its knees with an extended strike. Now, they’ve told the oligarch mine owners to go fuck themselves and declared allegiance to the DNR… they’re all tough dudes and can fight as well as demonstrate. Believe me, I was a miner for two years when I was in my youth and you don’t want to mess with these people, regardless of what country you’re in.

The miners won the Civil War against the Whites… they’ll win against the oligarchs, too. God willing, history WILL repeat itself.


28 May 2014



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