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Friday, 6 June 2014

Junta Border Guards Flee in Lugansk People’s Republic… 150 Klicks of Border may be Under Patriot Control

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30-sec vid showing patriot control of a crossing point (in Russian, but short enough to watch for the visuals)


Again, in Russian, but only 1:30, so, watch it for the visuals… another post under patriot control


The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (GPS Ukrainy) left five checkpoints on the border with Russia unmanned, leaving about 150 kilometres (93 miles) of the border open. Yesterday, in the Rada, People’s Deputies broke into a fractious dispute over the state border in the Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR). According to former Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko, more than 100 kilometres (62 miles) of the border is open. Poroshenko’s allies deny there’s an opening in the border. Viktor Chumak, a UDAR deputy, argued that there was no unguarded frontier post on the border, saying, “This information is absolutely untrue and inaccurate. No department of the GPS or any mobile GPS border detachment has left the border zone.  I won’t tell you where they are”.

At the same time, according to retired Police Lieutenant-General Gennady Moskal, a former head of the Lugansk OGA*, scornfully countered that some guards had left the border zone, “The official spokesmen, Seleznyov and Tymchuk, who I don’t believe for one moment, tell us that the guards are now in hidden locations. More likely, fearing attacks, they simply fled from their posts and offices. 90 percent of the border guards in Lugansk Oblast are residents of nearby communities, and aren’t particularly keen to protect the state border. I’d say that the border gaps in Lugansk Oblast would be next-to-impossible to close in the present circumstances, as we lack the necessary funds and sufficient manpower to do so”.

*OGA: Oblast State Administration

The Dolzhansky border crossing is completely under the control of the LNR People’s Opolchenie. Opolchenie sources in Lugansk said that 26 Ukrainian border guards left the post after receiving an ultimatum from the opolchenie. A unit of the Army of the Southeast controls the Deakovo border crossing. Thursday evening, Vladimir Inogorodskikh, the head of the LNR media centre, announced the capture of the crossing, noting, “The Ukrainian border guards just left the post”.


This means that Novorossiya can receive succour from Russia. It also illustrates how tenuous the grip of the junta is. The Church just sent some insulin from Odessa (which is under Uniate fascist occupation) to Donetsk (which is under patriot control). It shows that the hold of the junta bands on Novorossiya is very weak and that the internal border is porous… let alone the border with Russia. This doesn’t bode well for the junta. For border guards to walk away, it’s clear that they’ve bet that the junta isn’t long for this world. Is a countercoup in the works? I certainly don’t know, and no one else does. However, that’s the only thing that makes sense. Some sensible gents must have concluded that Novorossiya is gone, and that it’s wise to hold Malorossiya and the Lvovshchina as a nonaligned non-bloc state. The only question is, “what is Darlin’ Yuliya going to do?” She’s the wildcard… don’t forget, she’s the landshark né plus ultra of Ukrainian politics. We’ve not heard the last of her yet…


6 June 2014

Sergei Volodin

TsIA Novorossiya


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