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Sunday, 8 June 2014

8 June 2014. Paffso and Nathanael Spotted at Jordanville Today… Both Nutters Lionised by Monastery

01 Paffhausen with Isidore Brittain

In case you forgot, this is Paffso with the kiddie porn king Isidore/Stanley Brittain (on the far left) and with Benjamin Peterson (holding certificate), nicked in Nevada for drunk driving. Paffso also consorted with and/or protected the abuser Gleb Podmoshensky, the convicted perv Seraphim Storheim, and the litigation-happy Ray Velencia (Paffso allowed Ray to sue Fr Mike Regan without having a church hearing first, a major no-no)… if shitbirds of a feather flock together…


A few months back, Fr Ambrose of New Zealand and Fr Alexander Lebedeff had a rather public internet tiff over whether the ROCOR had taken in Paffhausen as a bishop. Ambrose said “yea” and Lebedeff said “nay”. I can state that Paffso’s celebrated at Jordanville twice in the last month. I saw him there today, vested, serving… without a doubt it was the Fat One. If that wasn’t all, the infamous Nathanael Kapner was there, too, big as life, circulating amongst the crowd, like he was legit (he’s not). Paffso’s arrogant and dangerous… Nathanael’s a wack at best, a demagogic hater at worst. That bothered me… portions of the monastery have fallen into disrepair since the death of Laurus Škurla, and this just seemed more of the same, but on a spiritual plane. I did some quick enquiries… Paffso isn’t released to the ROCOR… the OCA Holy Synod hasn’t released him. They can’t do so until the Centre gives the green light for the ROCOR to accept him, and Peredelkino hasn’t. Nathanael Kapner isn’t official in the ROCOR… a ROCOR priest kindly sent me this:

A 19 July 2013 statement from the ROCOR Chancery of the Synod of Bishops declared that Kapner has no relation to the ROCOR diocese in which he lives and that his “actions don’t have the blessing of the Synod of Bishops”. The statement further urged him to stop his activity on the internet and to repent. Archbishop Kyrill, the ruling hierarch of the diocese in which Kapner lives, signed the statement.

Why is Jordanville favouring two rather dubious characters? I don’t know yet, neither do any of my clerical, lay, and monastic informants. If Vladyki Kyrill means what he says, then, what happened today in Jordanville should move him to action. I didn’t see Victor Potapov, but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t there, I’m simply reporting that I didn’t see him there. The Church doesn’t need to get entangled with these two rightwing nutters. We’ll have to see, won’t we?


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Poroshenko at the Crossroads: The Ukraine has to Decide Where to Go… With the USA or With Russia and Europe

00 Don't forget. Don't forgive. 05.06.14

Shall Poroshenko rein in the Uniate terrorists? That remains to be seen…


The Ukraine’s newly appointed president has to choose between two disastrous scenarios. He’ll face the wrath of Washington, or Russia and the EU will isolate and ostracise him. During the D-Day celebrations in Normandy, German Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande organised an ad-hoc meeting between V V Putin and P A Poroshenko. Obviously, they set up this meeting defying both the US State Department and US President Barack Obama. This is why the leaders of the most important countries in Europe and Poroshenko held a discussion in a hallway between official events.

Before the D-Day celebration, both Germany and France showed their displeasure with American meddling in European affairs. Hollande refused to cancel the deal to deliver two warships to Russia and bluntly refused to accelerate the discussions of Obama’s pet project… the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. That’d greatly benefit American corporations, but it’d literally destroy the European business establishment. Merkel supported Hollande in his defiance, whilst a German procurator launched a formal investigation against “unknown members of US secret services” who tapped Merkel’s phone.

The two locomotives of the EU clearly want to solve the crisis in the Ukraine as quickly as possible… and not on Washington’s terms. That’s why they literally “herded” Poroshenko into a meeting with President Putin. Putin employed a classic “carrot and stick” strategy. Judging by Putin’s responses during the press conference held after the meeting, he told Poroshenko about the consequences of continuing his current policy. The consequences would be very dire and painful… Russia would rescind the current zero-tariff policy for Ukrainian exports to Russia, therefore, ruining most of the country’s export potential and sources of hard currency. Moreover, there are five to six million Ukrainians working in Russia and sending money home, helping shore up the Ukrainian economy. Most likely, Putin could send these millions of people home, dealing another crippling blow to the national economy and creating a huge mass of angry and unemployed people antagonistic to Poroshenko. Then, there’s the gas issue. Here, Putin employed both the stick and the carrot… if Kiev decides to resolve the crisis in a peaceful way and pays its debts, it’d likely get a discount. If not, Russia’s ready to fight the gas war until the end. Putin also warned Europe to play fair with so-called “reverse gas flows” to the Ukraine, threatening cessation of deliveries if the EU chose to steal Russian gas and deliver it to Kiev.

Now, Poroshenko has to choose between the consequences of angering Moscow and the consequences of angering Washington. The USA could blackmail him and might even resort to more unsavoury tactics if Poroshenko tries to get out of their control. However, Moscow is able and willing to make his life a living nightmare… economic and social strife shakes his country to the core, accompanied by a continuing civil war. If Merkel and Hollande manage to maintain their newly found appetite for independent action, then, the Ukraine would have pressure both from Russia and from Europe. Poroshenko has a couple of days left to decide his fate. The choice is tough, but he has to make one.

8 June 2014

Valentin Mândrăşescu

Voice of Russia World Service


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Uniates Crawl to Rome to Ask “Permission” to Ordain Married Men in American Diaspora… Proof that they’re NOT Independent but Only “Eastern Rite Catholics”

00 #savedonbasspeople 07. 29.05.14

Here is the face of the Unia (they’re bearing the portrait of the terrorist fascist murderer S A Bandera)…


00 semyonovka. priest w opolchenie. 26.05.14

Here’s the face of Orthodoxy in Novorossiya… I seem to see a difference. One of these things is NOT like the other…


A group of Roman Catholic bishops and Orthodox Christians wants the Vatican to lift a ban on married priests for a small segment of the American church. The committee wants the Vatican to allow ordination for married men in Eastern-rite Catholic churches in North America. Eastern-rite Catholics accept the Pope of Rome’s authority, but have many of their own rituals and liturgy. There are more than a dozen Eastern Catholic church groups in North America, but their total numbers are small. Eastern Catholic churches in the Middle East and Europe already ordain married men. However, the Vatican banned the practice in America in the 1920s, after Latin-rite bishops complained it was confusing for parishioners. The North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation issued its call to end the ban Friday.


You needed proof that the Uniates are nothing but a completely dependent arm of the Vatican? Here it is! If they were independent in fact, they’d be ordaining married men in the American diaspora already (married men have to go to Europe to be ordained… ain’t that peachy keen?). They have to kiss the pope’s bum, submit to all the dictates of the Vatican, accept RC vetoes on their internal affairs, and all Uniate bishops have to meet papal approval. Great independence, huh? You can have Orthodoxy or you can have the Unia… there’s no “Eastern Church”… that’s a papist invention. Do choose well…


6 June 2014

Associated Press


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Hierarchs of Three Local Orthodox Churches Concelebrate at Church of the Protection in Minsk… Alfeyev Slams Unia

00 Orthodox. Alfeyev, Abp Juraj, Bp Silouan. Minsk. 08.06.14



I checked the mospat.ru text against the patriarchia.ru text (the latter is normative; the former is an unofficial English translation). About 50 percent of the relevant material was missing in the English text… that means that a quisling in Bolshaya Ordynka is monkeying with the texts… or that Alfeyev’s playing a double game. Time will tell us which is which… you can rest assured that HH and Metropolitan Yuvenaly are watching the situation closely. Note well that SVS and assorted ecumaniacs prefer the bowdlerised mospat.ru versions… I wonder why. So should you…



On 4 June 2014, Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk, who took part in the Fourth European Orthodox-Catholic Forum, concelebrated Divine Liturgy at the Church of the Protection of the Mother of God in Kruptsy with Archbishop Juraj Stránský of Michalovce and Košice (Church of Czechia and Slovakia) and Bishop Silouan Span, episcopal overseer of Romanian Orthodox parishes in Italy. Also taking part were Archpriest Viktor Belyakov, rector of the parish, clerics of the MP Byelorussian Exarchate, and members of the MP Synodal Department for External Church Relations (OVTsS) delegation. After the service, Metropolitan Hilarion addressed the believers present.

We gathered in Minsk together with our Catholic brothers to reflect on how Christians should behave in a world where this-or-that faction attempts to impose their views and notions upon society, views that are, sometimes, contrary to the commandments of our Lord Jesus Christ. We met with the Catholics not to enter into a new Unia or to negotiate some sort of compromise. Above all, we wanted to witness to the truth of the Orthodox faith, so that they would hear us and understand our position, as well as knowing our anxiety about events happening in the world today. There are many Catholic believers throughout the world, some of whom are our friends, but some are our foes. Amongst the latter, the foremost are the Uniate Greek Catholics in the Ukraine, who try to sow hatred between Catholics and Orthodox, who try to undermine the strength of the Orthodox Church. Today, in the Ukraine, they commit evil deeds; they attack the Holy Orthodox Church’s unity, they support schisms, and they do much to promote the present disorder there.

Of course, in such a situation we must speak frankly about the present events with our Catholic brothers, not hiding behind nice and polite words. We should remind them that there can be no double standards in our relations… either we’re friends and allies, or we’re enemies and rivals… tertium non daturthere’s no in-between possible. If we’re friends and allies, then, all Catholics throughout the world should act in such a way that we can see their support. However, if any of them disagree with that, then, the rest have to distance themselves from that group, reiterate their support for the Orthodox Church, and oppose any actions committed [by Catholics] harmful to the Orthodox Church. This was why we came here to dialogue with our Catholic brothers. We hope that they’d listen to us, so that we could bear common witness about the eternal Gospel values and Christ’s commandments, which are the foundations of the Christian life, both for all individual Christians and for all Christian peoples (народа).

Archbishop Juraj brought greetings and blessing of His Beatitude Rastislav Gont, Archbishop of Prešov, Metropolitan of Czechia and Slovakia. He emphasised, “For our Local Church, it was a great pleasure to take part today in this celebration of our oneness in this Holy Meal, as we witnessed our concord in the united Church of Christ”.

The Church of the Protection in Krputsy was built at a place where, on the feastday of the Protection of the Mother of God in 1612, the wonderworking icon  of the Mother of God “of Krupetskaya” (and here) became manifest. Monks of the Holy Spirit Monastery of Vilnius found this icon. They’d came to Minsk at the request of local Orthodox people to further the revival of Holy Orthodoxy, which the dominant Uniates had affected for the worst {at that time, Belarus was part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and the authorities imposed the Unia when they could. Most of the people returned to Orthodoxy once Russia retook the region: editor}.

4 June 2014


MP official website


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