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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Junta Forces Use Incendiaries Against Civilians… DNR to Join TS EvrAsES… Unknown Parties Try to Assassinate DNR Leader, Fail Miserably

00 slavyansk 01. 12.06.14


On Thursday, a source at the local opolchenie HQ told RIA-Novosti that it looked like the junta used incendiaries against Semyonovka near Slavyansk on Wednesday night. An eyewitness said, “Late on Wednesday, Semyonovka came under attack, it apparently involved fire bombs. They exploded right above the village and split into smouldering fragments”. Fires flared up all over Semyonovka. It’s a major suburb of Slavyansk and it sits on one of the major roads into the city, which means that its unfortunate site turned it into a battleground for junta troops. Shelling around Slavyansk continues, although the incident in Semyonovka is the first time that junta forces used incendiaries against civilians.


On Wednesday, ITAR-TASS reported that a Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) opolchenie source said that junta forces resumed their mortar shelling of Slavyansk. Earlier, junta forces shelled the village of Semyonovka. At that time, a few groups of Russian journalists were working there; none of them was hurt.


Opolchenie sources told RIA-Novosti that patriot forces clashed with junta bands near Luganskaya, to the north of Lugansk. They also said that they managed to stop 40 armoured vehicles. At present, combat continues near Makarovo, but there are no reports of casualties yet.


On Thursday, Interfax reported that Andrei Purgin, Deputy Chairman of the DNR Government, Minister said at a news conference, “The DNR intends to join the TS EvrAsES in 2015. It’s a top priority task for the republic government. We also have a programme of initial actions, including creating a union state with Russia and establishing contract relations with Ukraine and other countries. We understand that this is rather optimistic. Accession would require signing a whole set of documents and a lot of work. We already have a draft version of the governmental programme on accession to the TS EvrAsES and transition into a multicurrency zone. The Multicurrency zone means that during a transitional period both the Russian rouble and Ukrainian grivna will be in circulation. Unfortunately, we can’t abolish the grivna immediately, but that’s the temporary situation. In the end, the DNR Republic will switch completely to payments in roubles. We hope that’d happen by the end of 2014″.

“For 23 years the Ukraine and Russia moved in absolutely different directions. We have different systems… bank system, tax system, and financial system. We have a draft programme describing an economic system for the DNR, as a part of a larger federation. The DNR also plans to switch to Moscow time in the near future. We plan to nationalise all Ukrainian property on our territory by the end of 2015, and open our border with Russia by August 2014. We’d nationalise factories and plants belonging to Ukrainian oligarchs which refused to recognise the republic. We’d nationalise Mariupol’s commercial port and would introduce a privileged procedure for work with the republic’s and Russian companies”.


On Thursday, the Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR) posted its “Initial Action Programme” on its official website. “Our goal is to build a democratic, law-governed, and socialist state, in which we protect citizens from discrimination due to nationality, language, or social class, where they can implement fully all their rights and opportunities. We want to create a union state with Russia, foreseeing a single political, economic, and cultural space, and a common security system, with treaty relations with the Ukraine and other states. We want to meet a living standard equal to that of Russia and the EU. We plan to introduce control over our border with Russia and checkpoints at the border. The LNR government will prepare for elections to the LNR Supreme Soviet, tentatively scheduled for 14 September. The LNR would permit its citizens to have Russian citizenship and would aid all people who’d want Russian passports”.

“As to the economy, the target is to ensure oil supplies from Russia at domestic Russian prices, leading to a 50 percent decrease in fuel prices in the republic, and to conclude an agreement on Russian gas supplies with the price of $268.5 per 1,000 cubic metres. The LNR would introduce an open border with Russia, including cancelling customs control. We plan to provide local graduates with the opportunities of guaranteed enrolment in Russian universities, including state-funded places. LNR residents would have free access to Russian media outlets, including TV and radio. The LNR would have a free trade zone with Russia, switch to simultaneous circulation of the gryvnia and roubles, and join the TS EvrAsES. More long-term goals, by late 2016, include a living standard comparable to that of Russia and the EU, switching to Russian arms and equipment standards for the armed forces, border service, security, and law enforcement authorities; and creating single legal and political space with Russia in the framework of a new union”.

12 June 2014


On Thursday, ITAR-TASS reported that unidentified people bombed the car of Denis Pushilin, the leader of the DNR. He said, “They blew up my car. There were three persons in the car; two of them are in critical condition. I haven’t used this car for two days”. The incident occurred 100 metres from the DNR admin building.


This has Langley’s fingerprints all over it. The treatment that Langley gets in the media disturbs CIA Director John Brennan… well, what does he expect after decades of lies, violence, and killings? No one trusts the CIA or any of its associated agencies (such as Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe)… nor any of the soulless mercenaries who work in them. They tried to blow up their puppet’s enemy, but failed miserably (just as they did with Castro).



According to ITAR-TASS, TsIA Novorossiya reported that Vladimir Pavlenko is the new People’s Mayor of Slavyansk. A statement said, “Pursuant to an order from Igor Strelkov, commander of the Slavyansk opolchenie, we appointed a new mayor, Vladimir Pavlenko, the head of the Municipal Labour and Social Protection Department. We fired former Mayor Vyacheslav Ponomaryov and took him into custody on suspicion of improperly spending public money”. The new People’s Mayor met with representatives of the OSCE mission in the Ukraine and confirmed a “desire to negotiate on the necessity to stop the armed conflict in the region”.

13 June 2014

Voice of Russia World Service









1 June was International Children’s Day!

00 international children's day. Krasnoyarsk. 12.06.14


People taking part in the Ninth “Childhood City” carnival in central Krasnoyarsk on 1 June 2014. Thousands of children, their relatives, and teachers took part in the procession to demonstrate suits, styles, dances, and folklore of different regions of the world on International Children’s Day.


00 international children's day. Moscow 01. 12.06.14


00 international children's day. Moscow 02. 12.06.14


In Moscow, the KPRF organised fun for kids from orphanages, children from poor families, and disabled kids. Y’know, those Reds gave the kids… CANDY (I hope that they gave out “Birds’ Milk”… that’s GOOD EATS)! I’d be glad to stand with such decent folks any day of the week. Call me a “commie”… that’s OK… it means that I give a shit and that I “wanna” do good.

This is an old-school Red holiday that refused to die out. Good on the folks who kept such sweet (literally) Sov traditions alive.


12 June 2014. The GTO is Back! Putin Signs Law to Bring Back Sov Era Award

00 V Ivanov. USSR People's Spartakiad. 1955

USSR People’s Spartakiad: A Test of Strength and Mastery!

V Ivanov



The GTO is back! “Ready for Labour and Defence” (Готов к трудy и обороне, GTO) was a comprehensive athletic/patriotic training scheme in the old USSR. Well, V V Putin’s bringing it back! He signed he decree ordering such on 24 March 2014. Hell, VVP’s brought back a lot of the old Sov stuff, slowly, but surely. He’s NOT bringing in that blowsy slug Mariya Vladimirovna and her “court” of parasitical hangers-on in Madrid (they’re bought n’ paid-for whores of the Western intel apparat, in any case). Vladimir Vladimirovich sees the future… and it’s closer to Ilyich than it is to Vlasov!

Bet on “Red”…


Stalingrad! President Putin Offered a Chance to Return a Symbol of the Great Victory

00aa Stalingrad Anniversary. 2013. 03.02.13


At a meeting with VOV vets, President V V Putin stated that he’d think about holding a referendum on returning the name of Stalingrad to Volgograd. Putin emphasised that, under Russian law, the inhabitants decide what to call a particular federal subject or subdivision, saying, “In this case, the residents should hold a referendum to decide this question. We’ll carry out what they decide”. Obviously, if there were a referendum, most residents would vote for the return the name of their city to Stalingrad. President Putin noted that all of Europe knows the name of Stalingrad; in fact, in Paris, there’s a square called “Place de la Bataille-de-Stalingrad”. This is an important matter, for it’s a restoration of our historical memory. Stalingrad will be a touchstone for the Russian people’s identity, allowing us a correct evaluation of our great past and be a guide to an equally great future. It’s time to rid ourselves of inferiority complexes imposed upon Russia [by the West]. The last time that returning Volgograd to Stalingrad saw serious discussion was in early 2013, when the whole country celebrated the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad. RF Federation Council Chairman V I Matviyenko said, “Not everyone knows that there’s a Stalingrad station on the Métro de Paris. However, if you want to rename the city, you have to ask its residents, we need to hold a referendum”. To return the name of Stalingrad to this city of Russian glory is to return to us our dignity and to reawaken our self-awareness as a victorious nation!


How much do you wanna bet that the usual cast of suspects in the Russian diaspora will scuttle out of their rat holes and scream bloody murder about Stalin? Do bear in mind that most of those who do so had family neck-deep in Nazi collaboration, either in KONR or in the Vlasov traitor movement. The Russian Federation refuses, for good cause, to rehabilitate those who participated in KONR or were Vlasovtsy. They’re viewed, and rightly so, as perfidious traitors on the level of Mazepa. Some of those who fit this description are priests, other are employees of Western intel agencies (some, interestingly enough, are both). That is, many of them didn’t stop being collaborators of the enemies of Holy Rus in 1945… they still scuttle around Langley, dancing to the West’s tune, attacking their ancestral motherland for the sake of filthy lucre.

Stalingrad is a name of HONOUR. It’s where decency smashed the Fascist beast… it still lingered for some two more years, but the end was never in doubt. Anyone who’d attack the name of “Stalingrad” is a supporter of objective evil… remember that when you hear the rants from certain quarters. Ponder this… Russian collaborators helped the Nazis run the camps… the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army liberated the camps… which do you say was on the side of good and decency?

11 June 2014

Anton Karamazov

TsIA Novorossiya


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