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Thursday, 12 June 2014

12 June 2014. No Matter How You Say It, It Remains the Same

00 dobass peoples opolchenie 01. 12.06.14


The Fascists will NOT pass!

Фашисты НЕ пройдут! (Russian)

¡Los Fascistas NO pasarán! (Spanish)

Les Fascistes NE passeront pas! (French)

Die Faschisten werden NICHT weitergegeben! (German)

I Fascisti NON passerà! (Italian)

A Fasiszták akarat NEM hágó! (Magyar)

Fašisti NEPREJDE! (Slovak)

Οι Φασίστες ΔΕΝ θα περάσει! (Greek)

Fascisterna kommer att INTE passera! (Swedish)

NI yn trosglwyddo’r Ffasgwyr! (Welsh)

NÍ bheidh na Fascists pas a fháil! (Irish Gaelic)

Фашисти НЕЋЕ проћи! (Serbian)

Fascisterne vil IKKE passere! (Danish)

Fascists SI kupita! (Swahili)

AmaFascist NGEKE sidlule! (Zulu)

Fasciștii NU va trece! (Romanian)

Faszyści NIE przejdzie! (Polish)


THIS is why the patriots of Novorossiya fight on. SUPPORT THEM. Know that if you do take a stand, it’ll make you a target of those who suck up to the American Establishment and the Vatican. I warn you especially about the Uniates… many are innocent, but the fascists amongst them are vicious and without scruple, and the “silent majority” won’t help you if the fascists attack you (are they that scared of the fascist sludge?).

Orthodox people… this is why you must oppose Russophobic sludge like Potapov and Paffhausen… they want to ally the Church with objective evil (with the CIA and the Hard Right wing of the Republican Party). I’d tell His Holiness, “Watch out for Paffhausen, he pals with the worst Russophobic elements in the District. If you tell him anything, it goes straight to Langley or to the Republican enemies of the Motherland. DON’T let this creepozoid into the MP; he’ll stab you in the back for sure”.

Honour the blood spilt by and the sacrifice of the opolchenie. Oppose the hatred and enormities poured out by the fascists. If you don’t, you support evil, and there’s no more to say on the matter…



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