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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Euromaidantsy Terrorists Meet on Maidan… “Government” Does NOTHING… Lavrov Slams American Support of Junta (Without Mentioning the USA… But Everyone Knows What He Meant)

00 Kiev. Euromaidan trash. 23.05.14


On Sunday, Ukrainian 5th channel reported that a “popular veche” on the Maidan in the centre of Kiev started with a minute of silence in memory of junta soldiers killed in the repression operation in the former eastern Ukraine. Several thousand people attended the “veche”, to discuss proposals to dissolve the Rada, the laws on local self-government, the repression operation in the former eastern Ukraine, and the ethnic cleansing of the residents of the Donbass. After the gathering, the Euromaidantsy mob plans to pressure the president and the Rada, and to harangue the people of Novorossiya.


I read this in several sources, in Russian. Yes, the Euromaidantsy terrorists are serious in their delusions. They’re an extralegal mob and the “government” won’t disperse them. They’re proof that the present junta is a farce and that the so-called “election” on 25 May was a mockery. P A Poroshenko stole the election, and Uniate thugs saw to it that P N Simonenko and O A Tsaryov dropped out (besides which, the Genprokuratura opened a bogus criminal case against Tsaryov). The first order of business of any real government is to clear out this nest of vipers, with violence, if necessary (they refuse to go in peace, so, we need to wield the sword to clear out these scoundrels). Note well that the Uniate hierarchy blesses these shits. Need I say anything more?



On Sunday, the Slavyansk opolchenie HQ told Interfax, “The enemy shelled Semyonovka and Cherevkovka, and the centre of Slavyansk last night, killing two civilians. A shell hit a house in Semyonovka, sparking off a fire. In addition to this, we had a reserve water line running from the town to Slavyansk, but the ‘National Guard’ (sic) shut it down. We take water from wells now”.


On Sunday, according to Interfax, Valery Bolotov, the head of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR), said during a news conference, “The enemy killed about 100 people in total, both civilians and opolchenie. After the enemy took control of Schastye, they just started shooting at civilians, mostly at men”.


On Sunday, Foreign Minister S V Lavrov said, “The Ukrainian authorities act with impunity on various issues because they’re shielded by our Western partners, or by some of them, at least. Their irreconcilable position in talks on natural gas trade with Russia is one way this impunity manifests itself. We hope that a third power doesn’t back this arrogant and uncompromising position, although we have some reasons to think so. It’s a source of worry for us that this impunity manifests itself increasingly often, as we saw in the repeated arrests of Russian journalists and the disgusting attack on the Russian Embassy on Saturday. Another example is their dogmatic statement of intent to sign a free trade and association agreement with the EU no later than 27 June, despite promises about the need for Russia, the Ukraine and the EU to get together and see what we can do to prevent the Ukraine’s relations with the EU from contradicting its rights and duties as part of the free trade zone of the SNG“.


Is this a warning to the USA? Probably. We can help by not supporting American policy that harms our coreligionists. We should also expose those quislings who suck up to the powers-that-be, such as Potapov and Paffhausen. They ram a bayonet full-force into the backs of the Russian Orthodox people of Novorossiya with their dog-like support of the American Establishment and with their obsequious collaborationism with Langley (Potapov works for Radio Liberty… a Langley subversive media outlet designed to undermine the Rodina). None dare call such E-V-I-L…


15 June 2014

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15 June 2014. Pasonick Resurfaces at St T’s

00 Pasonick leaving court

Former OCA Deacon Michael Pasonick (1942- ) (in shades) at his sentencing


Michael Pasonick, a former OCA deacon, who did hard federal time for corruption charges (here and here) has resurfaced. Pasonick is in charge of the St T’s food pantry in Scranton PA. If this is as far as it goes, I’d say, “That’s good, he did his time, let him do some good”. However, if the apparat thinks that they can reinstate him as a deacon, that isn’t wise. He showed his unworthiness for a position of trust. He can run a food pantry… that’s a good thing. Yet, to reinstate him as a deacon is to say that crime does pay, and we shouldn’t send such a message.

Keep your eyes and ears open, especially, the NEPA readers…


15 June 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… This is Why the Uniate Aggression in Novorossiya Will Fail

00 Russian Spring.30.04.14  Lugansk. 15.06.14


These are people in Lugansk on 30 April 20104. Their banner reads, “When the sons-of-bitches came to power, the people got a dog’s life!” The Uniate fascists dream that they will reunite “the Ukraine”. This picture proves otherwise. The Russian people of Novorossiya will die before submitting to backwoods Uniate thugs. Too much blood lies in the Novorossiyan earth… no decent Russian will ever want to live near Uniates ever again. I’m not a hater… I’m only writing what I’m seeing. It’s ugly… but do recall who STARTED the mess. The Uniates are to blame… they’ve been crank ever since their apostasy in 1596. God do preserve us…


Most Junta Forces Near Lugansk Rally to LNR

00 slavyansk 01. 20.05.14


V D Bolotov, the head of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR) told ITAR-TASS, “As of now, all military units in Lugansk and to the east of the town rallied to the LNR, except for those at the airport. We’re negotiating with them, trying to convince them. None of the airborne brigade from Dnepropetrovsk has left Lugansk Airport”. In reply to a question whether the Dnepropetrovsk unit wanted to leave, but fanatics from Lvov prevented them from doing so, Bolotov said, “If the guys from Dnepropetrovsk asked us for help, we’d help them”. In addition, Vladimir Gromov, the chief of LNR counterintelligence said that they’d create a unit to fight against saboteurs, “We’re creating a SMERSH* unit, which would operate against saboteurs”.

*SMERSH: from the Russian for “Death to Spies”, the name of Soviet counterintelligence in the VOV

16 June 2014


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