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Monday, 16 June 2014

Rostov Oblast Admitted 122,000 Refugees… Junta Claims It’s Closing Border with Russia (When It Doesn’t Even Control Most of It)

00 refugees. rostov oblast. russia. 11.06.14


On Monday, ITAR-TASS reported that the latest figures released show that Rostov Oblast admitted more than 122,000 Ukrainian refugees fleeing besieged towns across the border. Sergei Tyurin, head of the Rostov Oblast information policies department, said that some 70,000 hadn’t returned home. Some of those displaced went further into Russia to meet relatives, friends, and volunteers. Others are in camps and recreation centres. Over the 24 hours of 15-16 June, Tyurin said that 13,166 people arrived in the area, noting an increasing flow of refugees.


On Sunday, according to ITAR-TASS according to ITAR-TASS, Colonel General M V Koval, the junta’s so-called “Defence Minister”, claimed that the junta is going close its border with Russia next week, alleging, “The armed forces jointly with border guards have already closed 250 kilometres of the Ukrainian-Russian border. It will take several days more to close the entire border {this statement is false and utterly insane. Do see my note below: editor}. President Poroshenko has set clear tasks regarding the closure of the eastern border. We’re fulfilling these tasks. Next week we will be through with them. We have practically closed almost 250 kilometres of the state border. We’re deploying our people near the state border along with border guards”.


Koval is bullshitting in a major way. To “close” 250 kilometres of border would require some 10,000 troops and border police, along with watchtowers, border pillboxes, Czech hedgehogs, anti-tank ditches, minefields, and patrol and access roads… none of which exist. To close the entire border would require 80,000 troops (I discuss this harebrained project here). NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. NOTHING. The junta lacks the reliable troops, money, and material to secure the border, even if they controlled it in the first place. Much of the border in Novorossiya is in the hands of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DNR/LNR)… the junta would have to capture it to “close” it. The junta is trying to impress American public opinion, but I have news for them…. most Americans are war-weary and don’t give a shit about the Ukraine. No American soldier will die in the Ukraine… the American public wouldn’t stand for it. As for Koval’s lies… do recall that I I Tenyukh, the previous junta defence chief, got the sack for angering the Right Sector (Tenyukh was a neofascist, but he despised the Right Sector as undisciplined thugs and unrestrained bullies). Koval is their boy… that speaks volumes about him, doesn’t it? He’s a liar serving a liar’s junta.



A report posted on the RT website said, “A press team came under fire in a suburb of Slavyansk. The Vostochny neighbourhood where the incident occurred is on the firing line between the opolchenie and [junta] positions. The reporters went there to verify claims that enemy artillery fire destroyed several homes”. Interfax reported that the journalists said that a sniper attacked them. They got into an official DNR vehicle, but junta fighters opened on the car, as well.


On Monday, ITAR-TASS reported that spokesman Hua Chunying of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC said that China condemns the attack on the Russian embassy in Kiev on Saturday, saying, “We believe that the safety of diplomatic missions and their staff must be ensured per the Vienna Conventions and respective international law”.


The PRC has lined up behind Russia… the USA had best cut its losses. It can’t win… no way, no how.



ITAR-TASS reported that the LNR media centre said that junta forces opened mortar fire on Metallist, located several kilometres from Lugansk, overnight to Monday. There was no immediate report of casualties. Meanwhile, junta forces and the opolchenie took positions on the banks of the Seversky Donetsk River.


On Monday, Konstantin Knirik, the head of the media centre for the Southeastern Front, told Interfax, “A drone flew over Slavyansk for some time and there were many drones over Gorlovka. The opolchenie shot one of them down”. He said that electricity is off in Slavyansk to create blackout conditions to make it more difficult for junta aircraft to strike at night.


Rossiskaya Gazeta reported that Dmitri Gau, a spokesman for Fyodor Berezin, the Deputy Chairman of the DNR Government, stated that Right Sector terrorists murdered the crew of a MICV that crossed the Ukrainian-Russian border several days earlier, saying, “The terrorists killed the ‘National Guard’ (sic) soldiers without any compassion”.


The junta forces are fighting amongst themselves. The most fanatic Uniates are angry that most of the junta forces simply want to leave and go home. THIS is what John McCain and Sarah Palin call “democracy”… in a pig’s arse.

16 June 2014

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Syrian Forces Stomp on Islamist Strongholds Near Turkey

00 Destroyed Syrian Church. 09.12.13

This is what the Islamists want to do to the Christians, Alawis, Shiites, and the Sunni who don’t agree with them… any questions?


On Sunday, rebels and state media said that Syrian forces flushed Islamist terrorists from their last redoubts in northwestern Syria near the Turkish frontier, capturing two villages and restoring government control over the border crossing. The military’s advances fully reversed the gains rebels had made during their three-month campaign in Latakia Governorate, the rugged coastal region that is the ancestral heartland of President Bashar Assad. The counteroffensive’s success is the latest blow to the rebels, who suffered a string of bitter recent setbacks in more the than three-year-old Syrian Civil War.

Islamist terrorists launched a surprise assault in Latakia in March, pushing south from the Turkish border to seize a string of villages in the lush mountainous terrain. The military, nervous about an incursion in a bastion of government support, dispatched reinforcements to blunt the rebel advance and eventually turn the tide. On Sunday, Rami Abdurrahman, the director of the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said that after months of bloody clashes, army troops backed by Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah fighters seized the seaside hamlet of Samra before also taking the village of Kassab and its adjacent border crossing. He said there were minor clashes still taking place west of Kassab, a predominantly Armenian Christian village whose residents fled after the rebels seized control. The Syrian army command issued a statement saying that it “restored security and stability to Kassab”. It also said the operation “smashes the illusions” of the rebels securing a sea port in Samra or a buffer zone along the border to use as “a base for launching terrorist acts against the Syrian people”.

Lebanon-based al-Mayadeen TV, whose reporter is with the Syrian troops, broadcast live footage from Kassab that showed a blown-out stone building with a smouldering wooden staircase. Soldiers in camouflage uniforms were in the streets, and the rocky hills typical of the area could be seen in the background. Syrian al-Ikhbariya TV said that engineer units were clearing mines and dismantling booby traps in Kassab. The government made dislodging rebels from Latakia a priority for strategic as well as symbolic reasons. The coastal province is a stronghold of Assad’s minority Alawite sect, which is an offshoot of Shiite Islam, and losing control of even a portion of it was an embarrassment to the government.

Now in its fourth year, Syria’s conflict spilled far beyond the country’s borders to shake the foundations of the Middle East. Last week, an al-Qaida breakaway group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which holds much of northern and eastern Syria, overran huge swaths of neighbouring Iraq and captured the country’s second-largest city. In the wake of its onslaught, the jihadi group has pillaged Iraqi military bases, carting off Humvees, ammunition, and weapons. The terrorists transferred some of that materiel to Syria to bolster their forces there. The Syrian Air Force hasn’t targeted Islamic State territory with the same ferocity as it has other rebel factions. However, on Saturday and Sunday, Abdurrahman said that its aircraft bombed facilities belonging to the extremist group in Hassakeh Governorate bordering Iraq and in the groups’ stronghold of Raqqa Governorate, the Syrian military appeared to be wary of the Islamic State’s possessing high-grade military equipment. Among the places targeted by the airstrikes was Shaddadi, a town just across the Syrian border from Iraq that terrorists said is a hub for the movement of men and equipment across the frontier.

Also on Sunday, SANA said that a general amnesty declared by President Bashar al-Assad following his re-election freed some 230 prisoners from lockups in the central cities of Homs and Hama, as well as northeastern Hassakeh Governorate. The Observatory confirmed that the government released prisoners on Sunday, although it couldn’t provide exact numbers. The group said that the presidential amnesty freed more than 1,500 people… a mixture of anti-government malcontents and common criminals… since its announcement on 9 June. International rights groups say that there are tens of thousands of anti-government figures imprisoned in the country. It isn’t yet clear how many of them will be receive clemency under the pardon.


Most activist figures are off by an order of magnitude… there aren’t tens of thousands of political prisoners in Syria. There might be a couple thousand… there’s no need to imprison more. Assad will keep about a thousand of the most adamant hardheads in custody. That’s all that he needs to do. After all, he DOES have popular support amongst ordinary sorts… they DON’T want to live in an Islamist hell (nor do they want their country to disintegrate like Iraq and Afghanistan). The army has popular support, especially, after Islamist massacres. Interestingly, one of the bitterest foes of the Islamists is the established Sunni Muslim hierarchy (who have deep ties with the Tatar Muslims in Russia). Fancy that…


15 June 2014

Ryan Lucas

Associated Press


16 June 2014. What Some People Will Believe… or… Conspiracy Theories Run Amuck at Rutherford Institute

01 madman


A new twist on the “black helicopter/big central all-knowing computer” nuttiness is the idea that the government will implant chips in everything and they’ll control the world (and us) that way. Here’s a good example of such thinking. Read it? Good! It’s BS from stem to stern, from top to bottom! All totalitarian systems run into two main limits… time… and money. Firstly, people have to enforce such draconian fiats. That is, at some point, a real person has to be involved in the affair. Sure, the NSA collects a gazillion bits of info each day… but it can only analyse a fraction of it due to constraints imposed by a lack of analysts. Fifty years ago, people predicted that money would disappear, replaced by credit cards. Well, guess what? Good ol’ fashioned cash is still around… all the better to pay bribes to the friendly neighbourhood pols and bureaucrats!

If one looks at the old USSR, one sees that totalitarianism wasn’t as pervasive as Western propaganda had it. Firstly, many people agreed with socialism, so, the organs really didn’t need to watch them. What happened is that a ton of security bureaucrats wrote memos that no one read and they received orders that they couldn’t carry out, but they pretended to. You see much the same in the contemporary US Department of Homeland (In)Security. After Stalin’s death, the number of political prisoners went down, and stayed down. It was simply not an efficient way of handling dissent. The organs’ most effective weapon was their reputation… people remembered the Stalinist methods and that alone deterred many. Actually, what the organs did was to create an atmosphere of public mistrust… that was more harmful than any imprisonment (one can say that Russia is still getting over that).

In like manner, technological totalitarianism would run up against many of the same constraints. The system would only be as good as the people who ran it. It’d be only as pervasive as funding would allow. In short, the “sky is falling” conspiracy theorists are chock fulla shit. By the way, Paul Craig Roberts is solid on many other topics, and this POS article is by a guest writer, from a crank Washington stink-tank called the Rutherford Institute. After all, there are hackers, and geeks would figure out ways to crack the system. Before you knew it, there’d be workarounds! I have faith in mankind. The conspiracy theorists will always be with us… but we don’t have to attend to them. There be goofy shit out there, peddled by even goofier people. Have a care… and do bite the coin before accepting it.


16 June 2014. The REAL DEAL About Odessa… Victory Day Broadcast from 2012

00 Victory Day 2011. 19.11.12






Here’s a Victory Day broadcast from Odessa in 2012. One of the reasons that the USA calumniated V F Yanukovich is that he did two things that the Americans hated. Firstly, he unchained the canonical Church, giving it full media access for the first time since 1991 (they had more freedom in the USSR!). Secondly, he gave his blessing to magnificent Victory Day celebrations, which pissed off the Neo-Nazi Uniates. America rushed in to succor the squalling tantruming Uniate brats, who had gotten their own selfish way since 1991… which led to the putsch of 21 February 2014. It had nothing to do with “corruption” (Yanukovich was LESS corrupt than his predecessors were and his successors are). It had everything to do with rescuing the Uniate project… that’s what the present war is all about. It’s NOT about politics, Europe, or federalisation… it’s about whether what we know as the Ukraine shall be True and Orthodox or whether it’ll be Apostate and Uniate. Shall it embrace its history and Holy Rus, or, shall it embrace lies and papist subjugation? We’ll have to see…

Look at this. It’ll show you that Novorossiya is RUSSIAN. Seeing IS believing…


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