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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

18 June 2014. Freedom Isn’t what the Republican Party Says It Is…

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The righties perpetually scream about “freedom”… yet, they’re bound hand n’ foot in the grip of the one of the most wicked consumerist ideologies ever seen. The ones most in thrall to this vileness are so-called “Christians”… “Born Agains”, Mormons, and Pentecostalists. That’s why Orthodox should keep far away from concepts spawned by such people… they’re not only heresy, they’re all-too-often indecent idolatry of the Great God Mammon. Yet, some of us think that the Church should become more like “Evangelicals”. I’d say, “What does radical 19th century sectarianism have to say to Christianity? NOTHING”. If you want FREEDOM, then, stay away from “Evangelicals”, the Republican Party, and the Rat Race. Yes, stay away from them… that’s what Christ and His Church bless. Think on it… do put those placards away and do stop blathering about “tithing”…



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