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Friday, 20 June 2014

20 June 2014. Poroshenko’s Truce a Ruse… True Civil War to Erupt Shortly… Russia is Now UNITED… Red and White Stand Together

00.02a Unknown Artist. ...Was Dead, but Came Back to Life, Was Lost, but Was Found Again. late 1980s

…Was Dead, but Came Back to Life, Was Lost, but Was Found Again

Unknown Artist

late 1980s


Poroshenko and Uniates refuse to ask forgiveness for this… this EVIL cries to heaven for JUSTICE


Christ... Red... White... United. late Soviet

Here’s the TRUE face of Russia… Red and White… You can have BOTH or you’ll have NOTHING


00 Konstantin Kinchyov

Alisa frontman Konstantin Kinchyov is a tight bro with HH… I’d thought that you’d like to know that…


Alisa doing Slavic Skies… with footage from Aleksandr Nevsky, War and Peace, and the 1945 Great Victory Parade on Red Square


00 Novorossiya map. 21.04.14

Map of Novorossiya in the Tsarist period… NONE of this is “Ukrainian”


How Broad Is My Motherland… an old Sov standard given a contemporary twist…


P A Poroshenko trotted out tired proposals for a “truce” today. They aren’t serious… they’re propaganda for sentimental and shallow zapadniki. Firstly, he claimed that he’s secured a ten-kilometre exclusion zone behind the border. That isn’t so, furthermore, no such exclusion zone exists… it’d cost millions to build and billions to maintain and run. He’s claiming a greater exclusion zone than the old DDR did! It’s utterly potty, barmy, and downright chuckleheaded. Simply put, it’s beyond the means of the notional “Ukrainian” state. It’d require the doubling of the army (at least, if not more), which’d mean lengthening the term of service for conscripts to at least two years, if not three. When one factors in that the people in Novorossiya mostly don’t support the “Ukraine”, one can see that the burden of conscription would fall upon Surzhik-speakers from Malorossiya and Galicians from the Lvovshchina. The latter are all-too-often Svoboda/Right Sector fascists who’d engage in freestyle atrocities and looting, and the former wouldn’t be enthusiastic about serving to uphold a Galician neo-Nazi Uniate order. The rest of his proposals were similarly devious and dodgy.

In short, the junta’s bluster isn’t grounded in reality. Whenever a given party boasts, but is unable to deliver on said boasts, violence often occurs. Such will happen here. The Uniate/schismatical fascists face a united Russian people. Today, Russians understand that all of our history is ours… Red and White intertwine and interact! That’s why the Vlasovtsy crowd at Jordanville is all wet (they’re not everyone there, but they’re the loudest faction). They’re acting as though the USSR contributed nothing to Russian history. That’s inane and derisory. We have to expose the idiots who promote that attitude (Potapov, in particular, and his running dogs Paffhausen and Dreher) as Russophobic haters of the Motherland and of the Mother Church. They’re the SAME as the Banderovtsy fanatics! Yes… THE SAME! They both want to destroy the historical memory of the VOV… they both want to destroy all traces of the USSR… they both want to cut out the heart of Holy Rus to please their American paymasters… they both glorify fascist collaborationists. In fact, they’re more alike than they’re different! That’s why Paffhausen is soft on the Unia (he read a paper at a Uniate forum praising some “important” “Vatican II” document) and it’s why Potapov met with Denisenko and Shevchuk when they were in DC (I got this from three disparate sources).

Let’s face grim reality. The present lull is only a truce, and it may not last out the week. Too much Russian Orthodox blood lies in the earth of Novorossiya. If the Uniate neo-Nazis want peace, they need to evacuate all of Novorossiya now… that is, all the East Bank and all the Black Sea littoral. None of that was part of Malorossiya in Tsarist times, ergo, it can NEVER be “Ukrainian”. The Uniate junta has to leave the lands of Holy Rus… or be thrown out. I believe that it’ll be the latter. There’ll be much more blood spilt and I fear that what we’ve seen so far is only a tithe of what’s coming. The Uniate fascists are the heirs of the UPA terrorists… they act accordingly. I fear that much more blood will flow. I truly hope that Vladyki Onufry Berezovsky doesn’t share the fate of Patriarch St Germogen… but the Uniates being what they are, it’s a serious possibility.

Pray for peace in the Ukraine… a just peace… a true peace… a rightful peace. I fear that it’ll be like the Patriotic War of 1812 and the VOV… to achieve peace, Russia took war to the lair of the warmongers. The lights are winking out, one by one… I fear that war is nigh…

They all had faces… they all had names…



“Ukraine” to Hold State Celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Birth of Nazi Collaborator Uniate Metropolitan Sheptitsky

Ukrainian Nazi poster


The Ukraine will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Uniate Metropolitan Andrei Sheptitsky as a state holiday. On Tuesday, 227 out of 320 Rada People’s Deputies voted for the resolution. The Rada recommended that the Cabinet should organise a committee to create, develop, and approve a plan for the preparations, implementation, and financing of the 150th anniversary of Sheptitsky’s birth on 29 July 2015. Sheptitsky headed the Uniate UGKTs in 1900-44. He consistently fought to separate the Ukraine from Russia, not only in a political matters, but also in a spiritual sense. During the First World War, Sheptitsky advocated that after Austro-German troops occupied the Ukraine, they should rip the Church there away from Russia. He believed that the Unia was the only means to effect a permanent separation from the Russian Church and to establish a single spiritual centre in the Ukraine. During the Nazi occupation of the Ukraine, Sheptitsky enthusiastically welcomed the German occupation of Lvov and Kiev. He tacitly approved and blessed repressions against Jews, Communists, and other “undesirable elements”, and he took part in forming the Galizien SS Division.


Some circles allege that Sheptitsky secretly aided Jews… the record shows that he didn’t do so directly. He allowed some of his monasteries to do so… that was it. His brother K Ya Sheptitsky was much more active in this (being made a Righteous Amongst the Nations for so doing). Yad Vashem refused to name A Ya Sheptitsky a Righteous… six voted against him, two abstained, and five approved. After the capture of Kiev on 23 September 1941, he sent Hitler a congratulatory letter, where he welcomed the Führer as “the invincible commander of the incomparable and glorious German army”. He also cooperated with full vigour with the Nazis. Interestingly enough, he was always a servile and obsequious sort… he sucked up equally to the Habsburgs, White Poles, Soviets, and Nazis.

By the way, John Jillions worked for a Uniate institute, the so-called “Sheptitsky Institute” in Canada. I don’t find it coincidental that Jillions has a similar personality to that of Sheptitsky… servile to the powers-that-be, a streak of cruelty, bootless emotional “compassion”, and opposition to Holy Rus. He’s a quisling, traitor, and double-dealer (just like Sheptitsky)… the OCA will rue the day that it allowed such an equivocal sort into its central apparat.

One last thing… the “Ukraine” doesn’t have enough money to pay proper pensions, but it has money to waste on this. None dare call such EVIL…


17 June 2014



Vladyki Onufry Berezovsky Opposes “European Integration” for the Ukraine

00 Metropolitan Onufry. 26.02.14


On Wednesday, Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsky of Chernovtsy and Bukovina, the locum tenens for the UOC/MP First Hierarch, said in an Interfax-Religion interview, “The current moral state of Europe doesn’t bode well for the Ukraine. Europe shows us a specific example of life without Christ. They don’t attend to the Lord’s Commandments; they don’t heed His warnings. On the contrary, they encourage permissiveness; ergo, the whims of human desire trample the Law of God, which sanctifies all life. However, this path is wrong. Unfortunately, not all human desires are holy”. In speaking of the West, he pointed up legalisation of same-sex unions, euthanasia, and a tolerant attitude to abortion. “Those laws that offer us a new European world are unacceptable to us. We can’t be part of and join this world. We need to keep unity with those who follow the Divine Law. Let’s be clear… unless people on Earth hold to the Divine Order, then, human life is doomed, mankind will self-destruct”.

In speaking of the military operations in the Ukraine, he said that he met with President P A Poroshenko. “The President has the desire and the determination to stop the bloodshed, but as I understand it, no one has a clue about how to come to a peaceful settlement”. He urged Orthodox soldiers and Orthodox opolchenie “not to commit the sin of murder, don’t act cruelly, seek understanding, yield to each other, and engage in dialogue”. Asked whether they’d celebrate the traditional Day of the Baptism of Rus in the Ukraine on 28 July, Metropolitan Onufry noted, “A thousand years ago, through the Baptism of Rus, the Lord blessed our people, our land, and our capital city of Kiev. We’ll always celebrate this holiday with special gratitude to God. Certainly, we’ll pray on this day for our people, who long for spiritual assistance. Prayer will overcome all the turmoil. We trust in the Lord Jesus Christ; we believe that peace will reign in our land”.

18 June 2014



Orthodox in Novorossiya Form Volunteer Opolchenie Battalion

00 smashing taruta's HQ in Donetsk 01. 05.05.14

The people’s vengeance will NOT be denied (this is the oligarch Taruta’s offices in Donetsk… the people trashed them)! The Church SUPPORTS nationalisation of the oligarchs’ assets for the common good of the people… it does NOT support greedster crapitalism!


On Wednesday, the Novorossiya Union of Orthodox Citizens told Interfax-Religion that it formed the “Orthodox Awakening” (Православный восход) volunteer opolchenie battalion. It said, “The ‘Orthodox Awakening’ battalion will fight alongside the people’s opolchenie, the people’s army of Orthodox Holy Rus. We’ll fight in a united front for Holy Rus and the Holy Orthodox Faith!” They told us that all junta military units in Lugansk and to the east of the city rallied to the side of the Lugansk People’s Republic. “Thus, more and more citizens and more and more soldiers come over to the side of Novorossiya; more people are willing to take up arms to protect their historic homeland, their families, and their friends”.


In Novorossiya, the Left and believers are united. Hell, they’re not merely united, they’re one n’ the same! Orthodoxy upholds the People’s Justice… the People’s Justice upholds Orthodoxy. Aren’t you ashamed to have supported the Republican neoliberal swine?


19 June 2014



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