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Saturday, 21 June 2014

21 June 2014. Hear, O People! Holy Rus Is ONE! As It Was, As It Is, As It Ever Shall Be!

00 ROSSIYA. Russian Journal 01. 21.06.14

Holy Rus IS Russia!


Zhanna Bichevskya, The Russians are Coming!


00 BELARUS. Russian Journal 02. 21.06.14

Holy Rus IS Belarus!


Zhanna Bichevskya, We ARE Russians!


00 UKRAINA. Russian Journal 03. 21.06.14

Holy Rus IS the Ukraine!


To the HEROES of Novorossiya!


00 HOLY. Russian Journal 01. 21.06.14

Holy Rus IS HOLY!


I don’t think that we need Anglo Americans to tell us what Holy Rus is and what it isn’t. Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine are three parts of one indivisible whole… HOLY RUS. On top of that, they’re NOT the only parts… Holy Rus stretches from Podkarpatskaya Rus in the Far West to Alaska in the Far East. Most of Holy Rus is in the Russian Federation, some is temporarily under the transient states of Belarus and the Ukraine, some is in the USA (by purchase in 1867). Nevertheless, Russian Orthodoxy penetrates all of Holy Rus; Russian Orthodoxy is at the centre of the culture.

Holy Rus is ONE… let’s remember that tomorrow on the Day of All Saints that Shone Forth in Holy Rus. From St Maksim Sandovich from the Lemkovshchina in the Far West to St German in Alaska in the Far East, holiness touched ALL of Holy Rus. Pray for our unity tomorrow. The Choir of the Saints of Holy Rus stands united before the Throne of the Almighty… we must do likewise here on Earth.

By the way, we Russian Orthodox in the diaspora are part of Holy Rus, too… as are the more grounded converts. You don’t have to be Great Russian in ethnicity to be part of Holy Rus (the Aleut, Yupik, and Tlingit people can tell you that)… as the Martyrs of Talerhof testify!



21 June 2014. Gassios Probably Next Midwest Bishop for OCA… Cabineteer Opines on Maymon

00.01i Russian Women 03.12


Got this from one of my loyalists:

Paul Gassios (runner-up to Moriak in the Midwest’s last election for bishop) is now the diocesan administrator. It’s just a matter of time before he’s chosen bishop. I suspect that’ll come at the next diocesan convention in the fall. His appointment was back in March, but the news was only announced a few days ago.

A few weeks back you had a post about Maymon being a poor choice for the Eastern PA diocese. Back when he first came into the OCA, he served Paschal services at the OCA Dallas cathedral with another rebel priest from the Antiochians (he was in the Midwest and knew Maymon). Instead of the Russian melodies they should’ve sung, Maymon and the other priest sang everything in Byzantine chant. They were the only ones singing. I remember this being the subject of much discussion on OCANews then. I wonder if Maymon will try to shove Byzantine chant down the throat of the Eastern PA folks, good old Hunkies who know their Russian music inside and out.

There are rumblings about Maymon, but some on the MC are trying to save him from himself. If he’s to survive, Maymon’s got to understand two things:

  1. Eastern PA is the most “Hunkie” diocese in the OCA
  2. They’re SET in their ways like concrete

He’s got to adapt to them, not the other way ’round. He wouldn’t know what hit him, because they’re po-nashemu, which means that they’d put up with a lot at first, then, they’d just snap and lay down the law. Maymon had best learn humility FAST… or he’ll be gone even faster…


Joe Fester Going to GEORGIA! Caucasus, That Is, NOT Dixie



Got this from a Cabineteer:

From VERY reliable sources, it seems Fr Joe Fester and his wife are saying goodbye to America and are moving to Georgia. Reason? Unknown. Crazy speculations? All over the map, nothing that is credible or verifiable.

Fester was in the District… but that doesn’t mean Langley. It could, but there’s no evidence as of yet. Georgia? It does seem farfetched. However, the bunch of dippy nuns that Fatso brought to Maryland ended up under the Georgians. Is Paffso preparing a bolthole if the thing with ROCOR falls through? We’ll have to see…


21 June 2014. A Multimedia Presentation: Tomorrow is the Feast of All Saints Who Shone Forth in Holy Rus… and the 73rd Anniversary of the Fascist Invasion of the Motherland

00 Mikhail Shankov. Baptism of Russia. 2003

Baptism of Russia

Mikhail Shankov



Sergei Kirillov. The Baptism of Grand Princess St Olga. Part 1 of the Triptych 'Holy Rus'. 1993

The Baptism of Grand Princess St Olga

Part 1 of the Triptych “Holy Rus”

Sergei Kirillov



Song About Aleksandr Nevsky from Aleksandr Nevsky (cantata), op 78 by S S Prokofiev… “All those who march on Russia shall be put to death! Arise, Glorious Novgorod!”


00 Rostov on Don. Its not called Holy Mother Rus for Nothing. 16.10.12 (2)


00 Blessed Matrona of Moscow. On Russia. 29.03.14

St Matrona the Blessed of Moscow… perhaps, the most-loved saint of the Soviet time


Rejoice, O Virgin Birthgiver by G V Sviridov


Sacred Love by G V Sviridov… the most heartrending music that I know… in memory of the Russian Orthodox children murdered by the Uniate Fascists


Song of Repentance by G V Sviridov… the melody is redolent of the ancient Znamenny/Stolpvoy chant


Viktor Matorin. Holy Right-believing Grand Prince Dmitri Donskoi of Moscow. 2004

Holy Right-Believing Grand Prince Dmitri Donskoi of Moscow

Viktor Matorin



00 Carpatho-Russian Lemko people. Holy Rus. 26.04.14


The Field of the Dead from Aleksandr Nevsky (cantata), op 78 by S S Prokofiev… pray for the fallen in Novorossiya… pray for the innocents murdered by the Fascists


01 St Serafim Vyritsky

St Serafim Vyritsky… an ascetic struggler of the Soviet time… he prayed for the victory of the Red Army in the VOV


00 Unknown Artist. St Serafim Sarovsky and the Bear. 19th century.ALL Creation


The second Sunday after Trinity Sunday/Pentecost is the Feast of All Saints Who Shone Forth in Holy Rus. This year, it falls on 22 June… the 73rd anniversary of the Fascist Invasion in the VOV. Today, the situation is a dire as it was in 1941… then, Nazi Germany invaded the Motherland, and we were nothing but Untermenschtumen… subhumans fit only to be slaves. Today, Godless Mercenary Corporate America invades the Motherland using local puppet clients. They consider us wayward children, only fit to be chastised and punished for refusing to listen to our “betters”. We planted the Victory Banner in Berlin then (just as we did in Paris in 1814)… God willing, we’ll plant the Victory Banner in Kiev and Lvov today. However, we must NEVER hate. We may have to fight… we may have to put the Fascist Beast to the sword… but we must NEVER hate. We ARE Christians, in the mould of All the Saints Who Shone Forth in Holy Rus, in the mould of Ss Aleksandr Nevsky, Dmitri Donskoi, and Fyodor Ushakov. We must hate the Unia with all our soul, but we must pity Uniates with all our heart… all too many of them know no better. It’s sad that it’s come to this, but Orthodox people didn’t unsheath the sword first. It’s the same as in 1941… the enemy struck a surprise blow in secrecy. However, they must understand that if started a war, they must see it through to the end… and that end may not be to their liking. Yet… I reiterate… Christians may have to fight on the battlefield for Faith and Motherland, we might have to fight hard, but we must burn out all traces of hatred in our hearts… otherwise, Satan wins.

Pray that All the Saints of Holy Rus intercede for our Holy Motherland… that it may again be one… that it may again be at peace… that it may be healed of all schisms and heresies. Pray that the suffering in the land of Holy Rus ends… pray that the souls of our blessed dead receive repose… pray that the criminals who unleashed this abomination at the bidding of cynical foreigners face Justice on earth. Follow the example of St Serafim Vyritsky… he prayed for the victory of the Red Army in the VOV… and the Church glorified him! Pray for the victory of our Orthodox Host in Novorossiya, just as we pray for the victory of Orthodox warriors over their adversaries in every Liturgy.

You can stand with All the Saints Who Shone Forth in Holy Rus or you can stand with Apostasy, Nihilism, Cupidity, and Slavery. The choice is yours… and those ARE the only choices on offer.


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