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Saturday, 21 June 2014

21 June 2014. Gassios Probably Next Midwest Bishop for OCA… Cabineteer Opines on Maymon

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Got this from one of my loyalists:

Paul Gassios (runner-up to Moriak in the Midwest’s last election for bishop) is now the diocesan administrator. It’s just a matter of time before he’s chosen bishop. I suspect that’ll come at the next diocesan convention in the fall. His appointment was back in March, but the news was only announced a few days ago.

A few weeks back you had a post about Maymon being a poor choice for the Eastern PA diocese. Back when he first came into the OCA, he served Paschal services at the OCA Dallas cathedral with another rebel priest from the Antiochians (he was in the Midwest and knew Maymon). Instead of the Russian melodies they should’ve sung, Maymon and the other priest sang everything in Byzantine chant. They were the only ones singing. I remember this being the subject of much discussion on OCANews then. I wonder if Maymon will try to shove Byzantine chant down the throat of the Eastern PA folks, good old Hunkies who know their Russian music inside and out.

There are rumblings about Maymon, but some on the MC are trying to save him from himself. If he’s to survive, Maymon’s got to understand two things:

  1. Eastern PA is the most “Hunkie” diocese in the OCA
  2. They’re SET in their ways like concrete

He’s got to adapt to them, not the other way ’round. He wouldn’t know what hit him, because they’re po-nashemu, which means that they’d put up with a lot at first, then, they’d just snap and lay down the law. Maymon had best learn humility FAST… or he’ll be gone even faster…



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