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Sunday, 22 June 2014

UN Accuses Junta of Massively Violating Human Rights

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The UN Human Rights monitoring commission published a report on the Ukrainian situation. The report might stir up Kiev, the USA, and the EU, if only the West would respect the UN. The report said that the junta violated human rights and international conventions in the Federal State of Novorossiya (the former southeastern Ukraine). The violations include detentions, kidnapping, torture, and killing people, including women and children. The authors of the 58-page document wrote specifically about the death of an Italian journalist and his Russian interpreter and about arrests of Russian and Ukrainian journalists by junta forces. Moreover, the commission said that junta media “just increases tensions and provokes people by its harsh rhetoric. The southeastern Ukraine faces violence and lawlessness”. UN observers claim that people not involved in military actions are often getting kidnapped and killed; junta forces shell hospitals and kindergartens. KM.ru Internet portal reported, “Observers also reported the kidnapping of pro-Russian activists. According to the report, Ukrainian forces arrested 11 people, who then went missing”.

The UN report specified, “Specialists of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) found out that every second child of the Donetsk and Lugansk areas suffers from depression and insomnia; the Ukrainian government hasn’t paid pensions for two months”. As for the Dom Profsoyuzov tragedy of 2 May, the UN thinks that the affair was a monstrous crime; many seriously wounded people didn’t seek medical treatment as they were afraid of being killed by radicals. The UN also criticised the junta for not cooperating with organizations investigating the tragedy in. Even anti-Russian European Parliament deputies insisted on a scrupulous investigation of the tragedy, claiming that chemical weapons killed some of the people there. However, the USA stymied any investigation.

Media comment on the document went on to say, “Other clauses of the document cover the Euromaidan, the Donetsk and Lugansk referendums, and the 25 May presidential election”. UN’s observers think that after 7 June {P A Poroshenko’s inauguration, fancy that: note}, violation of international regulations increased. Today, even the Ukrainian media, which recognised the nature of the repressions in the former eastern Ukraine, admits that the country has become fascist. Moreover, Human Rights Watch (HRW), the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), CNN journalists, and EU deputies think that the Ukrainian government violated international conventions by using forbidden cluster bombs, phosphorous munitions, and explosive bullets against people, including children. Indeed, the junta promises to shoot down Russians with tanks over open sights. The putschists also threaten to send Novorossiyan citizens to concentration camps and e


No wonder there’s silence in the Western news media when there isn’t aggressive counterspin. It appears that the world is waking up to the Uniate Fascist junta’s reality. Let’s be clear… these assholes are the spiritual children of Nazi collaborators (and often the literal children of them, too). I’ve met ‘em here in the USA and Canada… they’re unrepentant and they HATE. Unfortunately, after the junta’s defeat, many of these jabronies will come to the USA and Canada; they’ll scatter throughout both countries, nurturing their bitter hatred. Do NOT become like them. We may have to stomp on the Uniate fascist snakes and kill them, but we shouldn’t hate or feel good about it. No killing is good… sometimes, in a fallen world, one commits a lesser evil so that a greater evil isn’t committed, but it doesn’t become meritorious. It can be an honourable response to evil, but it isn’t good in itself.

The junta is evil because the Unia and the schismatics are evil. They’re its most strident backers. Lies undergird both the Unia and the schism… therefore, any organisation that they’d support vociferously could be just as untruthful (and is, in this case). The Uniates are nothing but RCs masquerading in Orthodox vesture and the schismatics are the Phanar’s cat’s-paws. They are both willing stooges of foreign forces, so, is it surprising that they support the junta, which is the willing stooge of the USA and the EU?

The times are evil… take a care… do NOT argue with loudmouthed Uniates. They’re looking for an excuse to get YOU banned for hate speech. Don’t let the assholes get to you. Spread the truth… we’re Christians, that’s what we do.


20 June 2014

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22 June 2014. 22 June 1941… 22 February 2014… Two Dates That Will Live in Infamy

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V Bozhko. Raising the Victory Banner Over Berlin. nd

Raising the Victory Banner Over Berlin

V Bozhko

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On 22 June 1941, the Greater German Reich invaded the USSR. The West stabbed the Motherland in the back. On 22 February 2014, a Western-controlled coup topped V F Yanukovich, the legitimate President of the Ukraine, stabbing the Motherland in the back. The Kiev junta hollers about “constitutional order” when they seized power in an extralegal coup. I seem to see an obvious contradiction in terms there.The Nazi invasion led to millions of deaths, mostly innocent civilians. The Western-backed putsch led to hundreds of deaths, mostly innocent civilians. I seem to see an obvious similarity there. The junta pigs glorify SS collaborators and common criminals. They tear down memorials to VOV heroes and replace them with memorials to pro-Western suck-asses. They throw grenades into churches, brutalise kids, and torture their opponents. It sounds like the Nazis… it sure do. 22 February 2014 is the same as 22 June 1941… it’s time for us to stand up and defend our corelgionists. If we don’t, who will stand for them?

If not me and you, then, WHO?


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