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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Socialists and Orthodox Unite to Preserve Traditional Values

00 Jesus was a radical.16


From 22 to 24 June, I took part in the international scientific conference Orthodox Civilisation and the Modern World in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. The conference itself was on 23 June, with presentations and reports, and we devoted the other two days to other activities. On 22 June, we arrived in Chisinau, and we went straight from the airport to the Kurkovskaya Monastery of the Nativity of the Mother of God. This is an amazing place; its awesome silence makes one feel the breath of eternity. According to legend, the former robber Kurki, who lurked in this place, founded the monastery. One day, his gang ran into an old couple on the highway and killed them to steal their goods… when Kurki came to the scene of the crime, he saw that it was his parents. After this, he spent the rest of his life in repentance; he left his life of crime and went off to a hermitage. The monastery grew from this humble beginning. Today, it’s back in use as a monastic community and they’re reconstructing the majestic 19th century cathedral.


00 Jesus at the Republican Convention. 22.09.13


The Socialist Party of Moldova organised the conference; I must say that’s a very remarkable fact. The conference was on an advanced level, the attendees came from several countries… in addition to the Republic of Moldova, people came from Russia, the Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Poland. Two bishops of the MP in Moldova attended the conference… Archbishop Savva Volkov of Tiraspol and Dubossary, the “Fiery Archpastor”, who received this nickname thanks to his strong position on opposing legalisation of sexual perversion in society, and Bishop Markell Mihăescu of Balti and Falesti. Amongst the foreign guests of the conference were well-known people such as Professor Valery Alekseyev, the President of the International Social Foundation of the Unity of Orthodox Peoples; Olga Yepifanova, RF Gosduma deputy (Fair Russia bloc); Dragan Todorović, from the Radical Party of Serbia; Vasili Anisimov, spokesman of Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan of Kiev and all the Ukraine; Associate Professor Anatoly Filatov, a famous philosopher from Simferopol University in the Crimea; Anna Radzukiewicz, chairman of the Konstantin Ostrozhky Foundation from Warsaw; Yelizaveta Milenova, chairman of the Bulgarian branch of the International Social Foundation of the Unity of Orthodox Peoples. Moldovan historians and journalists also gave presentations, such as Sergei Nazarov, Doctor of Political Sciences; Peter Shornikov, Kandidat of Historical Sciences; Vasili Stati, Doctor of Historical Sciences; well-known journalist Vladimir Bukarsky, and others. Igor Dodon, the leader of the Socialist Party and People’s Deputy, was the official host of the affair. He took part in the conference and he gave a detailed report on protecting traditional social values. Ion Cheban, a fellow Socialist and People’s Deputy was the formal chairman of the conference.


00 Russians say DA to Jesus. 11.10.13


The situation in Moldova is rather complex, for Moldova will sign an association agreement with the EU. Apparently, this will take place; the pro-Western political forces that are now in power are dead-set to make this deal, despite the protests of the opposition, including the Socialist Party, the Communist Party, and the Orthodox clergy. At the conference, these two forces, Socialists and Orthodox, were the leading forces. The Socialist Party, the main political opponent of Moldova joining the EU, advanced political and economic reasons for its stance. On the other hand, the Orthodox clergy spoke with fervour on their anxiety that if Moldova entered the EU, all the abominations that are now normal in the EU would take root in this Orthodox land. Bishop Markell’s presentation made a particularly strong impression on me. Vladyki Markell spoke about the struggle that he and his supporters waged against the attempts to draw Orthodox Moldova into this Sodom and Gomorrah, into the EU’s “civilisation”. The authorities subjected Bishop Markell to brutal attacks… they trumped-up a criminal case against him, after he called homosexuality a sexual perversion. They subjected him to constant psychological pressure and threatened him and those close to him. They even shot at the car of his diocesan secretary. The traffic cops even subjected his clergy to a Jesuitical technicality… on Sundays, after Liturgy, they’d stop priest’s cars to test their blood alcohol levels. These creeps knew that priests and deacons consume the Holy Gifts after the Liturgy.

I gave a talk at a conference on the theme, “Russian Thinkers of the 19th and 20th Centuries on the Signs of a Distinct Russian Orthodox Civilisation”. I was pleasantly surprised that many people all over the world read Russian People’s Line. Moreover, many share our ideas, including clergy, scholars, and public figures. The debate at the conference was interesting for me, not only because of its political acuity, but as it was, perhaps, one of the last attempts to appeal to reason with those in power in Moldova, to hope that they’d listen to society. All the speeches, whether from Orthodox sources, the scientific community, or the political opposition, sounded the alarm for the future of Moldova.


00 The Real Jesus. 10.11.13


However, most importantly, the conference demonstrated a fundamental fact… the main supporters of a pro-Russian course and the greatest opponents of an anti-Russian policy in Moldova, the main supporters of preserving traditional values ​​in the Republic are the leftist forces (Socialist Party), they actively support the committed Orthodox clergy and laity. In Moldova, it’s remarkable. This union of Socialism and Orthodoxy is the visible embodiment of Orthodox Socialism, which some contemporary theorists have posited. In Moldova… it’s a reality. The conference clearly voiced one idea… our future path involves realising the idea of social justice, and the Church’s role is to give it spiritual life. Here one can see the fruitful interaction between the left-wing pro-Russian forces and the Orthodox Church. At the same time, it’s a reproach and a warning to those Orthodox publicists and public figures who remain imprisoned in anti-communism and anti-Stalinism. In Russia, the fact that anti-communist and anti-Stalinist statements are malignant isn’t obvious to everyone. However, in Moldova, if you’re anti-communist and anti-Soviet, then, you’re anti-Russian. Moreover, it means that you support an immoral future, against the interests of Orthodoxy. That’s the main impression that I got after mixing with my colleagues, with politicians, and with clergy in Moldova.


You have a choice… you can support god-pleasing Orthodox Socialism, as one sees in the Federal State of Novorossiya (He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother)… or you can support theomachistic Me First Crapitalistic Nihilism (The Almighty Dollar is God and Rush Limbaugh is its Prophet). These are the only two choices on offer. You can support those who smash slot machines (the Communist Orthodox in Novorossiya) or you can support those who gamble recklessly in Las Vegas (John McCain and other Republicans). As always, the choice is yours…

The Cross AND the Red Banner… St Vladimir AND Vladimir Ilyich… now, that’s the ticket…


26 June 2014

Anatoly Stepanov

Russian People’s Line



LNR and DNR to Join in Confederation… There is NO Ceasefire… The Junta Lies (Again)

00 donetsk. 01. 24.06.14


The Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) said on its official Twitter site, “The DNR Supreme Soviet passed a constitutional act unifying the DNR and Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR) into a confederative Federal State of Novorossiya“. It approved a list of DNR deputies to the Supreme Soviet of the Union of People’s Republics (VS SNR).


Interfax stated that eyewitnesses reported shelling and automatic weapons fire near Biryukovo in the eastern LNR. The witness said, “A clash is under way two or three kilometres from the Russian border near Biryukovo. We heard artillery and automatic gunfire”


M V Rudenko, DNR Supreme Soviet deputy and opolchenie commander, told Interfax, “In fact, the so-called ceasefire never happened. The enemy started shelling Semyonovka and Slavyansk in the morning. The gunfire was constant, although it was less intensive. It was a mere assertion and the hostilities never stopped de facto… not even for an hour”.


On Tuesday, according to Interfax, the SBU confirmed that a Mi-8 helicopter shot down in Slavyansk carried secret police operatives. The crash killed four members of the junta’s equivalent of the KGB.


On Wednesday, Interfax reported that I I Strelkov, the DNR opolchenie commander, said, “A group of foreign military advisers or PMC [private military company] operatives could have been on board the helicopter that our troops shot down yesterday. The information isn’t verified, and I can’t vouch for its authenticity”. Meanwhile, A Е Purgin, the DNR First Deputy Chairman of the Government, told journalists, “I don’t have information about foreign military advisers on board this helicopter. What happened to the crew is unknown”.


Aleksei Karyakin, LNR Supreme Soviet Chairman, said at a news conference that the Army of the Southeast controlled the Izvarino border checkpoint, saying, “We have complete control over Izvarino. The opolchenie organised a humanitarian corridor at this checkpoint, through which refugees can leave battle areas unobstructed”.


On Wednesday, Konstantin Knirik, a spokesman for the Southeastern Front, told Interfax that the Right Sector kidnapped Pyotr Gilev, an aide to DNR Supreme Council Chairman D V Pushilin, saying, “in fact, they kidnapped Gilev, but his fate is now unknown. Unknown people kidnapped him, but Right Sector members announced his detention later on Facebook”.


The junta is trying to provoke a Russian “invasion”, or something that they can spin as such. It shows their desperation and it proves that this group of unrepentant thieves isn’t long for this world.



On Wednesday, RIA-Novosti reported that Aleksei Karyakin, LNR Supreme Soviet Chairman, said, “We made a mutual decision for a ceasefire, as well as on ceasing any military movements. This was fundamental if we wanted to begin peace talks. However, unfortunately, after we’d agreed on a ceasefire, reports showed that the junta used the truce to strengthen their movement in our direction; they began to concentrate troops at our borders and sent in aircraft. We see that the junta ordered bombardment of our settlements”.

25 June 2014


O A Tsaryov said at a press conference in Lugansk that the newly-formed People’s Republics intend to launch operation of enterprises associated with the Russian Federation as soon as possible, to provide social benefits and restart the economy. He said, “One of our goals is to resolve this issue quickly. One of the reasons that we’re hurrying to create a Union state is so that we can establish a national bank and take control of the budget, so that the money stays with us. I’m sure that we can kick-start production, which would bring money into the republic. In particular, soon, there’ll be no money left in the Ukrainian budget, which would lead to a breakdown of the social benefits system. In any case, all businesses in the LNR and DNR have close links with Russia. We’re currently discussing start-ups of such joint companies”.


A opolchenie spokesman told an ITAR-TASS correspondent, “In total there were five explosions near Kramatorsk”. Before that, witnesses heard intensive firing and explosions from Slavyansk, which is about 10 kilometres (@6 2/3 miles) from Kramatorsk. In addition, people saw flares in the sky over the city. During the last few days, the situation in Kramatorsk remained relatively calm. According to present information, there was no fighting in the area.

26 June 2014

Voice of Russia World Service











26 June 2014. Sergei Yolkin’s World… Hammer and Sickle. 2001

00 Sergei Yolkin. Hammer and Sickle. 2001

Hammer and Sickle

Sergei Yolkin



Kiev Provokes War to Try to Avoid Revolution

00 Winter 2015. Those Moskali aren't Freezing! 26.06.14

Winter 2015: Those Moskali aren’t Freezing!

Aleksandr Shabunov


Literally: “They’re not freezing, those Moskali!”


In recent days, despite its peace “announcement”, official Kiev gradually moved from violence against civilians and bombardments of Donbass cities to direct provocations on the Russian border and attacks on the Russian Federation’s diplomatic missions. In international affairs, such actions constitute provocation to war. Yet, Kiev doesn’t have the slightest chance of winning a military conflict with Russia. What pushes P A Poroshenko to such adventuring?

Whilst the Kiev junta wages war against its own people in the Southeast, protests swell across the country due to a catastrophic drop in living standards. From 1 July, all utility services will see an increase in rates. In particular, the price of gas for consumers will rise 55-70 percent, hot water and heating will rise 40 percent, electricity will rise 10-40 percent depending on the volume of usage, and central water and sewerage will rise 78-96 percent. The greatest increases will come in Kiev. On 1 July, hot water will rise by nearly 70 percent and for central heating will go up almost 60 percent.  This is only the first stage of price increases for utilities, which will gradually go up until 2017. According to O N Kaletnik, the First Deputy Head of the Verkhovnaya Rada Budget Committee, in 2015 utility rates will go up 40 percent, and 20 percent per year in 2016 and 2017. However, these figures may be bogus, because as of 1 May 2014, consumers paid, for example, only 24 percent of the real cost of electricity.

At the same time, the IMF requires an increase in residential utility rates “to economic levels”, that is, the total elimination of state subsidies for public utilities. If the total debt of Kiev’s population, the Ukraine’s richest city, is now close to 80 million USD (2.7 billion Roubles. 85.8 million CAD. 85.1 million AUD. 58.7 million Euros. 47.1 million UK Pounds), the new rates would be completely impossible for Ukrainians to pay. This is a real disaster as it threatens all life support systems. You can estimate its size by the fact that, even now, before the rate increase, “Kievenergo” shut off hot water in 754 apartment buildings due to arrears in bills, and it started to switch off lighting in the Pechersky, Goloseyevsky, and Shevchenko Raions of the city.

Meanwhile, winter approaches. Because of threatened termination of Russian gas deliveries, the junta introduced emergency energy policies, which may in fact lead to frozen apartment buildings and hospitals. However, that’s not all. Due to the grivnya’s depreciation and the domestic agricultural crisis, some products have more than doubled in price, and drugs are up by 60-70 percent. Minister of Finance A V Shlapak officially admits that these figures are true. In fact, consumers are seeing some imported drugs rise in price by 200-300 percent. Along with this, “Prime Minister” A P Yatsenyuk‘s  “government” froze the minimum wage and cut cost-of-living indexing. The Razumkov Research Centre concluded, “The freeze in wage increases, pensions, and social benefits due to the fact that the Ukrainian economy has crashed. We observed a decline in industry and in other areas … In such a situation, neither the Ukrainian economy nor the state budget has the resources to raise salaries to a level to support minimal living standards. This year, we see a decline in real income and real wages, which creates additional social problems in the country”.

Moreover, the junta doesn’t deny persistent rumours about the removal of all salary increments to government employees and civil servants. Although the corresponding bill appears to have dropped off the Rada’s agenda, in some areas, state employees have already lost them under the law on surcharges. For example, teachers and librarians in Novo Kakhovka (Kherson Oblast) lost their allowances, which were 50 percent of their base salary. Teachers in Berdyansk (Zaporozhe Oblast) avoided wage cuts only by threatening a strike. On 1 March 2014, civil servants lost their allowances for long service and exemplary performance of duty, which were about 40 percent of their base salary. If the removal of allowances does occur, the salary of librarians, for example, would be slightly more than 1,000 grivnya (2,840 Roubles. 85 USD. 90.50 CAD. 89.50 AUD. 62 Euros. 50 UK Pounds), doctors, 1,200 grivnya (3,400 Roubles. 101 USD. 108 CAD. 107.50 AUD. 74 Euros. 60 UK Pounds), state municipal officials, 1,500 grivnya (4,260 Roubles. 126 USD. 135.50 CAD. 134.50 AUD. 93 Euros. 75 UK Pounds). Compare this to the coming average cost for utilities of 1,100 grivnya (3,120 Roubles. 92.50 USD. 99.50 CAD. 98.50 AUD. 68 Euros. 55 UK Pounds) per month.

In the manufacturing sector, the situation isn’t much better. The Accounting Department of Dneprospetsstal in Zaporozhe said, “They told us that from 1 June, the work week would go to a four-day schedule, that is, the average worker would lose 1,000 grivnya in wages”. Workers at Azovmash in Mariupol lost their holiday pay. According to Rada People’s Deputy Yuri Shapoval, enterprises in Kremenchug almost completely stopped production because they lost Russian customers, which were the main consumers of Kremenchug products. Tourism, real estate, and the wholesale market trade are at a standstill. People simply don’t have any means to survive. According to the poll run by the website HeadHunter, 54 percent of men and 58 percent of women regularly can’t “last to payday”. In addition, another 20 percent feels financial difficulties at least once every 3 months. Only 20 percent of men and 11 percent of women say admit that they don’t have any problems from payday to payday.

Yatsenyuk’s “government” doesn’t deny that they carried out this “price genocide” in the Ukraine due to IMF demands and that it exactly mirrors “austerity” measures in the EU. By the way, the Ukraine plans to sign a so-called “Association Agreement” with the EU on 27 June {it won’t give them real membership… they get to be Germany’s nigger slaves at wetback peon wages, that’s all: editor}. Yatsenyuk said in the Rada that the Ukraine would need to reduce social benefits and public sector wages, as did Greece and Italy. How it ended in Greece and Italy, I don’t think that it’s necessary to tell you.

Depriving citizens of their last piece of bread, the junta has no difficulty in finding funds for its war against its own people. Experts estimate that the junta spends 3 million USD (102 million Roubles. 3.22 million CAD. 3.2 million AUD. 2.2 million Euros. 1.8 million UK Pounds) per day on its so-called “anti-terrorist operation”. Increasing the intensity of hostilities will just up this amount. You must factor in the fact that men slotted into the armed forces and into the oligarch’s private armies aren’t in the productive economy, which is clearly not conducive to helping the Ukraine’s budget woes. In addition, massive casualties in the junta forces and the terrible living conditions in the service have already caused mass protests in the western Ukraine, the region most loyal to the Kiev junta. Mothers and wives of junta soldiers blocked international motorways in Rovno, Ternopol, Lvov, and Khmelnitsky Oblasts. There’s a high probability that the angry women will march on Kiev shortly, without waiting for their relatives to come home from the army.

We can’t but welcome the beginning of negotiations for a peaceful settlement, which took place in Donetsk under the auspices of the Russian Federation and the OSCE. However, we can’t overlook the fact that time is working against Kiev junta, as the Ukraine faces an imminent economic catastrophe. Therefore, a war with Russia is vital for the junta, allowing it to throw the blame for the complete failure of the current government on “Muscovite aggression”. This explains the border provocations and false ceasefire announcements, when the junta only increases the intensity of the fighting. However, Kiev has a dilemma… its tactic of provoking a war will show its true position on the Donetsk talks.

26 June 2014

Olga Shchedrova

TsIA Novorossiya



This explains much. VVP is waiting for the “fruit to ripen on the tree”. The LNR and DNR leadership was at the Centre last week. No doubt, Vova told them of his plans (and how they should react to them for public consumption). There be some accomplished “belly-talkers” at the Centre and in Novorossiya. “Belly-talk?” Oh, that’s a Japanese concept (haragei), which means that one makes a convincing implication one way, but that one actually intends to do the exact opposite (it also means that one makes vague non-specific statements that give one “deniability”). Note well that the fascist junta is so stupid that they’re falling for it. Actually, they have no option… if Russia doesn’t send a soldier into the Ukraine, the junta can’t put its draconian “emergency” plans into effect. In short, VVP screwed them to the wall… and the Russians and Novorossiyans know it.


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