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Friday, 27 June 2014

27 June 2014. The New Flag of the Federal State of Novorossiya… and a Refutation of an Ignorant Anglo Criticism of It

00 For Independence from Galicians. 26.06.14

For Independence from Galicians!


00 Novorossiya flag 01. 26.06.14



Can you believe that some Anglo assholes were saying that the Novorossiyan banner came from the American Confederate flag, so, it was an appropriate symbol for “separatists?” What a buncha maroons! There are three inspirations for this flag, none of which are American, and all of them are purely Russian. For instance look at the tsarist (and present Russian) naval jack:


00 russian naval jack. 26.06.14


Now, look at the Soviet naval jack of 1924-32:


00 soviet naval jack. 1924-32. 26.06.14


Well, well, well… the Novorossiyan banner is almost identical to the naval jack, which had nothing to do with the Confederate flag, as it appeared in the 18th century. That’s not all… this flag is a conscious mixture of Tsarist and Soviet symbols… the blue saltire of St Andrew married to the Soviet red banner, symbolising the importance and indispensability of our COMPLETE Russian History (not the distorted “edited” and “truncated” version offered by Potapov et al). In short, the Anglos don’t know what they’re talking about… why isn’t that a surprise?

The Novorossiyan banner is an all-Russian creation in spirit, conception, and execution. It has nothing in common with the Confederacy or any of its notions. That’s that…



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