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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Uniate Fascist Pigs Cut Off Humanitarian Corridors: Kramatorsk Starves… NO CEASEFIRE in the Ukraine… P A Poroshenko Unrepentant Liar and True to His Gangster Roots

00 donetsk 01. 24.05.14


A opolcheniets named “Maksim” told Russkaya Sluzhba Novostei (Russian News Service) radio that the number one problem in Kramatorsk today is starvation, rather than shelling. He said, “People are unable to leave town. They didn’t leave before as they hoped to receive salaries and pensions. By now, they’ve spent all they had. We try to provide buses to evacuate people, but they’re afraid of leaving without money. We tell them that we’d provide free meals for them, but people don’t blindly trust promises, so they choose to stay on”. Kramatorsk is getting less than one percent of the humanitarian aid it needs. Maksim said, “At present, half of Kramatorsk’s population remains in town… that’s around 100,000. We need food, but we only get one ton per day”. Three days ago, junta troops cut off all humanitarian corridors. Maksim noted, “Earlier, at least, we had GAZ trucks bringing cereals from Russia, but we haven’t had any for several days. People are starving. Babushkas come to us and say that they’ve lived on cherries and mulberry for a whole week. No one’s received a salary for two months. If it were winter, it would’ve been a second Leningrad. Things are much worse in Slavyansk. There was a shootout near the local airport last night and the town was under fire from the Melovye Hills from 01.00 to 02.00. I don’t know if there were any casualties”.


So much for the Uniate “ceasefire!” Those who haven’t run into Galician Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” have no idea how hate-filled many of these people are. What’s more, they’re addicted to a “history” that never was and they pilfer culture and folkways from the real Orthodox Ukrainians… NO Cossack was ever a Uniate! NEVER! The Cossacks hated the Unia with a Number One Purple Passion… and they still do. No Uniate can belong to any of the real voiskas… the Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” are sad nekulturny hillbillies stealing the achievements of their betters. Perhaps, that’s why so many are so violent and base… the niggling knowledge that they ARE a small unimportant group… ergo, they strike out at everyone who laughs at or denies their ludicrous pretensions. There’s another reason that they’re so violent… not everyone in Galicia shares their goofball nutty obsessions… as one can see in the cases of Rostislav Vasilko and Fr Mikhail Shuvar. Most Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” won’t hurt you… but do have a care for the 5 percent who would… their coreligionists wouldn’t help you. Are they scared or do they agree with these sludges? Whatever the case, the result is the same.



In Belgium, a new book, Neo-Nazis and the Euromaidan: From Democracy to Dictatorship, appeared, which investigates the bloody events in Kiev leading to the February 2014 putsch that led to an illegitimate power shift in the Ukraine. Its authors are Stanislav Byshok, political analyst from the CIS-EMO international elections observation organisation and Aleksei Kochetkov, the President of the Public Diplomacy Foundation. They submitted their book at a seminar of communist parties held in the Louvain-la-Neuve near Brussels. Delegates from 39 countries took part in the meeting, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of World War I and to the world in 2014.

Kochetkov told journalists, “People often ask us if we considered former Ukrainian President V F Yanukovich’s régime democratic, but that isn’t the point. We show how Neo-Nazis completely controlled and monopolised a people’s protest that was originally democratic. Only the Neo-Nazis took advantage of the Euromaidan victory. This book is an attempt to trace how Ukrainian nationalism alienated the nation and plunged it into chaos instead of uniting the people”. Byshok said, “The book has many quotations from people who’re in power in the contemporary Ukraine and their ideological predecessors. We give translations of much of their programmes and plenty of information about their activities”.

The book shows the evolution of Ukrainian radical nationalist groups from 1991 until today. It emphasises the history of the Right Sector and Svoboda, which was the Social-National Party of Ukraine before 2004. It scrutinises their ideology, mentality, and methods of political struggle. The authors believe, “Any revolution uses ideas present in society for its positive programme. Left-wing radical ideas animated the revolution in the Russian Empire of 1917; radical Islamism did so in the Arab countries during the Arab Spring in 2010. As for the Ukraine of 2013-2014, radical nationalism swallowed the Euromaidan’s originally democratic and pro-European aims”.

This English-language edition is the second issuance of the book. It also saw publication in Russian as Euromaidan in Honour of S A Bandera: From Democracy to Dictatorship. Other editions will come out in Paris on 5 July, Berlin on 7 July, and Warsaw on 11 July. The rollout of the book in Belgium was held one day after Ukrainian “President” P A Poroshenko signed a final economic agreement on association and free trade with the EU.


On Sunday, the opolchenie told Interfax, “Enemy forces opened fire on the Lesnoi marketplace in the Artyom neighbourhood this morning. The damage was extensive… the shelling destroyed several pavilions and two men sustained injuries. In addition, a shell hit a residential building; it flew straight into an apartment on Olympiskaya Street, killing a woman. Shooting and hostilities continue in Slavyansk and Semyonovka”.


Anyone who believes ANYTHING out of the Uniate junta is either a fool, ignorant, or an interested party… the US government and its suckass hangers-on (which includes the whole K Street slimeocracy), the Vatican, the EP, “Ukrainian Orthodox”, Uniates, and the official RC hierarchy in the USA (the RCs down the street are innocent). If this is a “ceasefire”… you get my drift… P A Poroshenko hasn’t gone far from his gangster roots, has he?



On Sunday, an anti-war rally took place in Lugansk; the demonstrators demanded that the Kiev junta stop its military operation against its own people. Speakers at the rally included V D Bolotov, head of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR) O A Tsaryov, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Federal State of Novorossiya, and other LNR officials and lawmakers. Bolotov told the crowd, “The LNR and the Donetsk People’s Republics have become a bone in the throat of international terrorism and its Kiev henchmen. Today, we’re on the defensive, but tomorrow we’ll drive the occupiers away”.


A DNR source told Interfax, “The opolchenie took over Military Unit A-1402 in Donetsk”.


RIA Novosti reported that a opolchenie spokesman told them, “DNR forces took over the A-1402 military base”. The base houses a SAM unit equipped with Buk mobile SAMs. Over the last several days, the opolchenie took control of two MVDU installations in the former eastern Ukraine.


ITAR-TASS reported that V D Bolotov said at a press conference, “The explosions on railway tracks are junta provocations. The LNR had nothing to do with them”. on Saturday night, in Chuguyev Raion in Kharkov Oblast, unidentified parties blew up a railway section shortly before a passenger train heading from the southern Russian city of Adler to Kiev was about to pass the area. The incident was the latest in a string of explosions that have hit the Ukrainian railways lately. On the night of 23-24 June, unidentified parties blew up a railway bridge in the Zaporozhe Region in the southeast Ukraine. The blast damaged a bridge support, metal framework, and wooden bridge posts. On 22 June, a blast on a railway track in the DNR derailed 14 railway cars of a cargo train belonging to the Russian rail company RZD.

29 June 2014

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1 July 2014. Cabineteer Corrects Portal-Credo Piece on Podmo

01 woman on phone


A Cabineteer sent me this on the Portal-Credo piece on Podmo:

Young didn’t claim he heard Rose curse Podmoshensky, he claims that **Podmoshensky** told him that Rose’s last words to him were, “I’m finished with you. Damn you!”

I simply gave you the Portal-Credo post as it stood. This shows their usual sloppiness and inattention to detail. Was this another “Svetlana Veiss” special or was a missive by Mark Stokoe? As for the “quote”, firstly, we have no other source but Podmo. No one else heard this, nor did Podmo tell WHEN Rose supposedly said it to him (a VERY important piece of intel). My earlier comment stands… it isn’t that I’m saying it’s untrue… I’m saying that it has no corroboration. Seraphim Rose is an equivocal figure… he did much good mixed in with some mischief and a bit of arrant foolishness (he was a UFO nutter and was a bit hagridden by the idea that demons are everywhere). He lacked a regular seminary formation (which Podmo did have)… plus he lacked a regular monastic formation prior to going off into the woods with Podmo (certainly, unwise at best). I won’t be coy… my Cabinet is split down the middle on Rose. Those who think him saintly excoriate me for not sharing their enthusiasm, those who find him questionable, excoriate me for not sharing their disgust. Well… I do fall in the middle on this one. He wasn’t a saint, but he wasn’t an unruly loose cannon like Podmo. I think that the final balance shows him more good than bad, and that his nutty preoccupations died with him (like his notion that UFOs are real and that they’re crewed by demons), so, they’re not that damning.

Seraphim Rose was no Serafim Sarovsky or Serafim Vyritsky. He was a competent translator of religious texts, a compelling speaker, and sincere ascetic (although one must be aware that asceticism isn’t always a sign of truth… Arius was a great ascetic, so was Avvakum Petrov, it’s why they were so persuasive). However, he’s NOT the spiritual giant that some konvertsy think that he is. He made some old chestnuts available in English… a laudable thing, indeed, but saintly? I think not. This will displease his fans and disciples. Yet that’s what he was… like all of us… a sinner groping along the way, who managed to help others as he helped himself. That’s no bad thing…


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