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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

9 July 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Happy Birthday, Gennady Andreyevich! The Church WAS Part of the Celebration Hailing Zyuganov…

00 Zyuganov and Church. KPRF. Russia. 01. 09.07.14


00 Zyuganov and Church. KPRF. Russia. 02. 09.07.14


00 Zyuganov and Church. KPRF. Russia. 03. 09.07.14


On  3 July, G A Zyuganov celebrated his 70th birthday. HH gave him the highest decoration of the Church for good reason. The moral vision of the KPRF and the Church are in sync, quite unlike Western neoliberals (known as “conservatives” in the West), who spit on the Church’s social vision (and who support vicious sectarians in the USA). You can stand with HH and the Real Church… or you can stand with Langley fellow-travellers such as Potapov, Paffso, Lyonyo, Vlad Berzansky Jr, Alexander Webster, and the unrepentant rightwing crowd at Jordanville (they’re not all the brothers, they’re merely the loudest). I’ll confide that I stand with G A Zyuganov, V A Chaplin, and the Real Church. That’s the choice on offer. There isn’t any other. The godly commies in Novorossiya cleaned up the amoral cesspit left by “Ukrainian” rule and enshrined the Church as the moral underpinning of the state in their constitutions. Langley wants to install a violent and brutal pro-Uniate fascist dictatorship. G A Zyuganov supports the moves in Novorossiya, as does the Church. Party and Church, Cross and Red Banner, march together… Papistry and Nihilism… Black Banner and Black Jesuit robes, march together. Those are your real-world options. Church people… party people… just decent folks of all stripes… stand with G A Zyuganov. That’s the real deal…

Геннадий Андрееевич, на многая лета!



9 July 2014. More Intel on Fester in Georgia

01 woman on phone


Got this in from the Cabinet:

A follow-up on (Fr Joe) Fester. It seems that he won’t be leaving until the end of the summer. The reason for his departure appears to be that his wife has an opportunity from her employer (and I don’t know who she works for) to be transferred to Georgia, and he’d “tag along”. Who knows what he’d do there.

Fester was one of Paffso’s retinue in the District. Seems like he’s heading out of Dodge… WAY out of Dodge. What it means, no one knows. However, he’s putting mucho distance between himself and Paffso. Is he running away from a bad situation or is he preparing a bolthole for the Fat One? Only time will tell us…



9 July 2014. Thank God, Our Move is OVER

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I wrote one of the Cabinet:

I’m all black n’ blue, my bones ache like no tomorrow, and I haven’t been this TIRED in years. Yet, it’s a far better place than the one we had. Before, we had a shitty apartment in a good locale; now, we have a good apartment in a not-so-great place. Go figure…

They replied:

The problem I don’t like is that as we “mature” in age, it takes longer to recover.

I shot back with:

Don’t I know it! It’s an old-school working class apartment… with the kitchen as the main room (not a bad thing, really)… small bedroom, middling sitting room, and a closed-in front porch. We’re on the second floor. However, we’re NOT “mature”… we’ve gotten OLD… that’s OK… it means that old age and sly trickery beat youthful enthusiasm every time!

Today is the first day that I haven’t had to lug things up the stairs (yesterday we did our marketing)… heaven! It’s going to take another month to get the place into reasonable shape, but we’re DONE with the lugging and lifting. My knees TALK to me…

It’ll take a few more days for me to get back into the groove of things… bear with me, kids…


Pope Francisco’s Unsettling Duality: Risk-Taker Reluctant to Act on Child Abuse

01 Paffhausen with Isidore Brittain

Yes, this image deserves a rerun… Peterson and Paffso slobbering over the child porn king Brittain… he was serving in a HOOMie parish (and there are credible tales about them, too). We have no reason to point fingers.


On Monday, Pope Francisco Bergoglio met with victims of sex abuse and apologised for the heinous crimes committed by Catholic priests. Some believe the meeting, the first for the current pope, comes too late and apology isn’t what children really need. David Clohessy, executive director of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP), said, “What kids need is decisive action from the pope. Not words, not gestures, not symbols, not meetings”. He stated that crimes and cover-ups are continuing, and that children all across the globe aren’t safe or getting safer as a result of the meeting. Meanwhile, “the pope, just as his predecessors, refuses to take any meaningful steps toward real reform. Instead, there are only words and promises, and not a single pragmatic step to expose clerics who committed or concealed child sex crimes. However, words only make some people feel good in the short-term. They don’t keep child predators away from vulnerable kids. Only decisive steps do that”. Clohessy pointed out that the pope has already shown that he’s “a bold risk-taker by aggressively taking on issues like Church governance and Church finances. Indeed, he proved that he can act with courage on many issues… except this one. I’m disappointed that not only hasn’t the pope done anything, he doesn’t denounce or discipline bishops and clerics who molested children”.

When a bishop in Germany, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, spent 43 million USD renovating his home, the pope didn’t appoint a study panel to come up with recommendations on what to do with that. He simply removed the “Bishop of Bling”. Yet, there seem to be no consequences for doing wrong in terms of child molestation. “Most of the bishops have stonewalled police and prosecutors and deceived parishioners and parents. They’re extremely reluctant to expose their colleagues for any wrongdoing”. Clohessy believes that the real solution to this problem has to involve the whole church. “The pope should begin by firing bishops who conceal abuse. Secondly, the names of those implicated have to be made public. Thirdly, the pope should order bishops to work with lawmakers not against them. These three steps will make an enormous difference .If these steps aren’t taken, then, what happens in the Vatican on child abuse will remain public relations without real action. The current policy amounts to feeling good as opposed to doing good. It’s promising reform, not delivering reform”.

9 July 2014

Voice of Russia World Service



Orthodox shouldn’t chortle… especially, not toddlers like Rod Dreher. We have our own shit-spattered byre to clean out… and we haven’t attended to that. Give heed to the image posted above. Paffso and Peterson slobbered all over the child porn king Brittain. He was under suspension… but you’d never know it. We have the same cancer in our vitals. You know what happens if you don’t eradicate cancer completely… you catch my drift…

All too many Orthodox act like the Catholic League… a Far Right Goodthinker group that attacks SNAP for uncovering perv clergy. Indeed, I’ve heard that there have been legal vendettas against those involved with SNAP or those friendly to it. The Catholic Church in the USA has a shitload of cash and it doesn’t mind spending it on shysters and pressure groups… it does mind spending it on victim compensation and it balks at telling folks where they send perv clergy… gee, I wonder why. Cappy and Mel… this one’s for you… and I stand with ya (even if that does attract the ire of this-or-that clergyman). Hat tip to the two of ya…


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