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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

9 July 2014. More Intel on Fester in Georgia

01 woman on phone


Got this in from the Cabinet:

A follow-up on (Fr Joe) Fester. It seems that he won’t be leaving until the end of the summer. The reason for his departure appears to be that his wife has an opportunity from her employer (and I don’t know who she works for) to be transferred to Georgia, and he’d “tag along”. Who knows what he’d do there.

Fester was one of Paffso’s retinue in the District. Seems like he’s heading out of Dodge… WAY out of Dodge. What it means, no one knows. However, he’s putting mucho distance between himself and Paffso. Is he running away from a bad situation or is he preparing a bolthole for the Fat One? Only time will tell us…




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