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Friday, 11 July 2014

11 July 2014. The Reality of War… Uniate Junta Pigs Murder Kids in Airstrikes

00 Lugansk. dead kid. Novorossiya. 11.06.14


A junta terror airstrike murdered Vladimir Ermilov and his five-year-old son Vanya. They died in near the Kondrashevskaya-Novaya rail station. I hope that there’s a cold corner of hell set aside for S Yu Shevchuk, F A Denisenko, and P A Poroshenko. The same goes for all those American Orthodox whose support of neocon elements in the USA abets such slaughter. They’re the worst of all… some sold out for money… some sold out for influence… and the saddest ones sold out for the sake of being thought important. Look at this image… look at it… there’s a small coffin in the foreground. A kid… a kid no older than your son, grandson, or nephew.  A kid who didn’t have a chance at life because of the goofball Uniate “Consciousness”… I hate the Unia and everything that it stands for with all my soul… I do my best not to hate individual Uniates… they might be innocent. However, I hate the Unia and all of its pretensions… full stop. Look at what it causes!

I cover some gnarly shit… but I’ll never understand the likes of Potapov, who sold out for money… I’ll never understand the likes of Vlad Berzansky Jr, who sold out for influence… I’ll never understand the likes of Paffso, who sold out for the sense of feeling “important”. I’ve never been comfortable around double-dealers… there’s something obnoxious in it, y’ know. I’ve done many bad things in my day… my plate isn’t clean by a long shot… but I’ve never backstabbed, I’ve never carried tales, I’ve never sold out for money, I’ve never gone behind someone’s back with the intent of hurting them, and I’ve never been false in my allegiances. I’d say that there are many who don’t have such scruples, sadly enough.

Pray for Vladimir and Ivan… light a candle for them this Sunday… ask your priest to mention them in the Proskomidi and say Pannikhida for them. We’re Christians… that’s what we do. Dear Sweet Lord, how much longer will You allow this murder and vileness to go on?


If this enormity doesn’t rouse you from your indifference, truly, I don’t know what could. Don’t be silent… OPPOSE THE MADNESS. Don’t let the Uniates and schismatics spill any more blood. As the old Soviet poster had it:

If not me and you, then, who?

Yes… who? Am I shouting into the wind? I hope not…



11 July 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… I I Strelkov… Warrior… Christian… Gentleman… What More Do You Want?

00 Strelkov. Novorossiya. icon. 11.07.14


After a news conference in Donetsk, Donetsk People’s Republic opolchenie commander I I Strelkov venerates an icon of the Mother of God. You can support the god-pleasing and rightbeliving patriots in Novorossiya or you can support the false and treacherous Uniates and schismatics on the junta side (but Foggy Bottom, Capitol Hill, the White House, K Street, and Langley drool over them!). That’s what’s on offer… reflect on this… Potapov and Paffso, by supporting the American neocons (such as the Washington Times and John McCain) and by supporting Langley, support the Uniate desecrators of Novorossiya… no lie. Potapov and Paffso REFUSE to condemn their previous activities and associations… indeed, they continue in them and show NO sign of abandoning them for the Truth. I’d say, “Look at who they willingly associate with, and that’ll give you their measure”. Why must my pessimistic and grumpy side always get reinforcement? I’d like to see something good for a change… I’d rejoice to see these two repent of their wickedness and double-dealing (so would many others)… but I’m NOT holding my breath…


11 July 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Full Immersion ISN’T the Only Way… Baptism in the Dr St Luka Voino-Yasenetsky Train in Siberia

00 Dr St Luka train. 11.07.14


There’s much Sturm und Drang from the Newly Enlightened about “full immersion baptism” being the only valid form in Orthodoxy. Take a look, kids… aspersion is LEGIT by oikonomia. The scene is from the Dr St Luka Voino-Yasenetsky train somewhere in Siberian parts (this is a special train with a clinic and chapel attached, and it goes to really wild places in the boonies where there may be no clinic or church). That is, this is fully approved by the Church… God smiles… the Church smiles… we smile. If someone doesn’t like it, well, they should take it up with HH… he likes it, no doubts about it! There’s also no doubt that St Luka smiles from Heaven… this train has had a smashing reception for both its medical care and for its spiritual care.

Be careful with that book of canons… if you misuse it, it could turn you into a “loose cannon”… have a care…


11 July 2014. Video of Anti-Maidantsy Patriots in Odessa… DON’T Listen to Uniate and American Lies!

00 odessa profsoyuz remeber 01, 05.05.14



The above is real footage of real anti-Maidantsy patriots in Odessa. What you’re hearing from American and Uniate sources are lies; we shouldn’t put too fine a face on it. After all, untruth IS untruth. Yet, the Americans only know what their Uniate and schismatical allies tell them… and the Uniates use the Roman Catholic Church (the largest single religious group in the USA) to smooth their way in Western circles. So, is it any surprise that all that one sees in the Western media are lies? Remember, the Unia started in an act of apostasy, of rebellion against Christ’s Church. Ergo, such a group, of its very nature, can NEVER be truthful or confess the Truth or follow He Who IS the Very Truth…

Have a care… the times are evil…


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