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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Facing Class G Felony for Theft, Fr James Dokos “No Show” in Court… Again

00 James Dokos. Greek Orthodox priest. 19.06.14


Fr James Dokos, who once served Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Milwaukee WI, accused of improperly spending funds from a trust account, was a “no show” in court on Monday, 14 July… again. Dokos faces a Class G felony charge of theft (embezzlement), value exceeding 10,000 USD (344,000 Roubles. 10,760 CAD. 10,680 AUD. 7,370 Euros. 5,840 UK Pounds). Dokos missed last Thursday’s court date as well… so, what was the reason this time? In court on Monday, Dokos’ attorney again stood before the court commissioner to announce that his client wouldn’t show up for court. Dokos’ attorney said Dokos is now in hospital. On Thursday, Dokos’ attorney said Dokos wouldn’t show up for court because he was in Illinois… with car trouble.

Dokos faces charges of tapping into an Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church trust fund… to the tune of about 100,000 USD (3.44 million Roubles. 107,600 CAD. 106,800 AUD. 73,700 Euros. 58,400 UK Pounds). On Monday, Dokos’ former secretary Stephanie Rauch was in court to support Dokos. She admits that he had expensive tastes, saying, “He liked his Rolex. He liked his Cartier. He liked his Gucci shoes. He liked his Prada belt.  You know, high-end stuff”. The court commissioner’s frustration was simply getting Dokos to court. They’ll try again this Friday, 18 July… if Dokos is out of hospital. On Monday, the court commissioner said, “I don’t want to hear that he’s been released and he’s on home care now. No, I want him here or a warrant is going to be issued”.

The GOAA transferred Dokos to a church in Glenview IL from Milwaukee in 2012. Rauch said that she believes the theft charge will haunt Dokos, noting, “I don’t think anyone will trust him at any other parish. He’s got that mark against him now.  It’s too bad. He was a good priest. He was a good priest. He helped people”. It’s unclear why Dokos is in hospital. His attorney said that he couldn’t disclose that information. If convicted in the case against him, Dokos faces a maximum prison term of 10 years.

14 July 2014

Beverly Taylor




Nine EU Members Set to Veto Sanctions Against Russia



At tomorrow’s EU summit, in a sign of a deepening split over the issue, nine EU member-states will vote against imposing new sanctions on Russia. ITAR-TASS quoted a Western European diplomatic source as saying, “France, Germany, Luxemburg, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, and Italy, which now holds the EU presidency, see no grounds under the present circumstances for sectoral economic sanctions against Russia”. The source noted that’s what the situation is like now and what tomorrow’s vote may be like. Every EU member-state has the power to veto EU decisions. Economic sanctions against Russia require the unanimous backing of all EU member-states.

15 July 2014

Voice of Russia World Service



The attempt on the part of the Anglosphere states to isolate Russia is going nowhere fast. VVP doesn’t care about American public opinion, he’s written that off long ago as being under the control of the American oligarchy. Rather, all of VVP’s actions during the Ukrainian crisis have had the intent of isolating the Anglosphere… and I do daresay that he succeeded in doing that. VVP wants to knacker NATO, and he may well be on the way to doing just that. Now, since VVP has shown “understanding” in the face of junta provocations, he may get EU neutrality in any intervention in Novorossiya, and that’s all that he needs. He’d checkmate America and expose all the post-1991 fulminations of the American Establishment as pure moonshine and lies.

We’re entering a new era… VVP sees it… Merkel sees it (VVP and Merkel just met in Brazil)… Xi sees it… but the Anglosphere doesn’t. Its wakeup call is coming… they’d best revise their thinking… or have it revised for them. The former would be less painful than the latter is…


Fascists Murder Two Priests from Slavyansk for Assisting Opolchenie

00 slavyansk. priest. 15.04.14

Did the Uniate pigs kill this priest? They’ve descended into the gutter, as low the UPA went… don’t forget they killed priests in their beds… and present-day Uniates defend them!


Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser of the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, confirmed that the junta forces found the mutilated bodies of two priests from Slavyansk and of two sons of one of them, saying, “We found a grave of two priests from Slavyansk, tortured and killed by Ukrainian nationalists. The whole country and the whole world will know about the terrible atrocities that these terrorists conducted. You’ll will learn about it from concrete evidence”. He said that the nationalists killed the priests for helping the opolchenie. He also pointed up that the bodies of two sons of one of the priests were in the grave as well. On 8 July, unknown parties kidnapped Kiev Patriarchate Archpriest Yuri Ivanov in Donetsk. In late May, junta forces seized Orthodox priest Vladimir Maretsky, but they released him and he related that they beat him to make him confess to assisting the opolchenie.

Before that, Metropolitan Agafangel Savvin of Odessa confirmed that he faced threats from extremists. In early April, the SBU persecuted UOC/MP Archpriest  Oleg Mokryak and Valery Kaurov, the head of the Union of Orthodox Citizens of the Ukraine (SPGU), alleging that they were separatists. Archpriest Andrei Novikov, Secretary of the Diocese of Odessa, left his hometown and moved to Moscow after “the same SBU investigator who recently came for Archpriest Oleg Mokryak called him”. Fr Andrei told the newspaper Vzglyad, “I’m sure that if this government keeps on going like this, it’ll physically liquidate the MP in the Ukraine”.

15 July 2014

Voice of Russia World Service



The Uniate pigs are killing priests. Do note the SILENCE from Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” on this… this means that their hierarchies APPROVE of this, and that their clergy must go along with it. Don’t take it out on ordinary RCs… they had nothing to do with this. However, do avoid Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” at all costs… their silence shows them up as supporters of murder. Orthodox here in the diaspora should break all “ecumenical” ties with RCs, as the Latin hierarchy won’t condemn the Uniate pigs. However, watch unprincipled filth like SVS and Lyonyo Kishkovsky (and his running dog Jillions) keep up contacts with Uniates to show how “broadminded” they are. I wonder what Vassa Larina is doing… there’s a whole lotta silence from her… and from her pal Andrei Psaryov.

This fact means that we have to make “semi-fascist” creeps like Potapov and Paffhausen renounce their neocon lies in public… nothing else will do. By allowing Potapov to keep his ties with Radio Liberty and by winking at his association with the sworn enemies of the Orthosphere, we spit on the Lord Christ, full stop. Don’t forget… Jordanville winks at the antics of these jabronies (and of Nathanael Kapner… he and Paffhausen were schmoozing with the crowd on Pentecost… I saw this myself). The ROCOR bishops, by-and-large, do “get it”. It’s time for them to clean out the nest of “semi-fascist” vipers in the USA… these extremists still don’t understand that the Tsar suffered enormously from the right in the Duma and that he was in favour of universal free education and medicine, which the USSR then put into place. 90 percent of the White Movement were compromised… all that they wanted was money, and they killed to get it. The one great mistake of the USSR was to persecute the Church… most of the rest was correct, and Olga Aleksandrovna, the Tsar’s own sister, agreed.

It’s time to clean out our house… get with the programme or get gone… the times are evil; we can’t pussyfoot around…


Novorossiya Forging New Formula of Social Order… Orthodox Socialism

00 Strelkov and his men. Russia. 24.06.14

I I Strelkov, the hero of Novorossiya


When the junta planned its “blitzkrieg”, it thought that if it used carpet bombing on a frightened population and destroyed their infrastructure, they’d rise against the “separatist terrorist occupiers”. Perhaps, such would’ve happened in Kharkov and Odessa Oblasts, but this plan just didn’t work in the Donbass. Such tactics are well-known; in 1917, the cadets in Chuguev fought resolutely against the Bolsheviks, their military school was an impregnable fortress with underground passages. The ex-sailor Zheleznyak ordered an armoured train to shell the city, then, the city officials, together with the merchants, begged the cadets leave town. Poroshenko’s American puppeteers grossly miscalculated when they thought that they knew his subjects’ psychology… they thought that they’d settle for a comfortable consumerism.

Now, the war machine runs; every day, the war takes the lives of civilians, including children. Spilt blood, as you know, cries out for vengeance and spilt blood marks out boundaries. However, as much as the régime continues to rumble in the occupied territories, it fails to stamp out the resistance activists. In captured Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, they staged mass shootings of residents and of the mothers of opolchenietsy. There’s evidence that, after a brief interrogation, they shot one baba merely for cooking meals for the opolchenietsy. Nevertheless, the grapes of wrath ripen, hidden to superficial observers. Already, the angel of vengeance has erased the names of the executioners from the Book of Life.

Fascism has a proven remedy… Stalingrad. This cauldron melted down a crazy ideology, together with those who espoused it. The soldiers in Paulus’ army, approaching Stalingrad, saw that the smoke from the fires over the city formed a huge black cross. Laughing, they thought it was a cross over the grave of Bolshevism. Later on, they figured out the meaning of this ominous message… it applied to them. Few returned to tell the story of how they only needed 150 more metres to reach the Volga. They fought over thousands of kilometres, but they couldn’t overcome a distance that you can run in seconds. On the banks of the Volga, inspired by the angel of vengeance, the Russian soldiers halted them in their tracks and crushed them. Sitting in the Stalingrad cauldron, the fascists had time to think, to shake off the hypnotic slogan, “Germany above all!” Now, the Euromaidantsy proudly scream, “Ukraine, first and foremost!” However, do you remember when the Ukrainian Nazis had to leave the Kharkov OGA building and they had to kneel in submission? I asked them, “Do you know why you’re humbled and on your knees? Because you said, ‘The Ukraine, first and foremost!’ The Lord reminds you that God is first and foremost! After all, ‘Who shall be exalted shall be abased’”. Perhaps, that was the only time that they listened thoughtfully to an ideological opponent.

From a spiritual perspective, a pathological hatred of Russia is understandable. Stating a commitment to traditional values, and, in fact, to Orthodoxy, Russia caused gnashing of teeth to the Prince of this World. For more than twenty years, he’d thought and believed that Russia was his patrimony. Then, suddenly, at the state level, one saw spiritually informed decisions. No, he wanted us to continue to bow before his golden calf, to have no other god but it. He decided to castigate us with sanctions until we changed our minds. Then, suddenly, there was New Rus and Novorossiya, facts that one couldn’t dismiss. Even if we assumed that it’d perish in the fire, that it’d be our Invisible City of Kitezh, that the age-old Russian dream of a just society would remain unfulfilled, this fiery furnace forged a white-red ideological synthesis, a new formula of a new social system… Orthodox Socialism. This will bring the Russian people to realise the transformation of society… the Moscow oligarchs have something to think about.

We live in an exceptional time, when the world is in an era of turbulence. Many prophecies take flesh before our eyes, including the words of General A V Turkul… that a time would come when the images of the cadets would engender a new generation of heroes. We see Strelkov and other opolchenietsy; through them, they’ve formed a new generation brought up on the White Idea… the future Orthodox political élite of Russia. “In the fire, the true man stands firm; he holds faith and truth through his manly strength” (A V Turkul,  Дроздовцы в огне (Drozdovtsy v ogne: Drozdovtsy in the Fire)). A year ago, I was thinking about the thesis of Ivan Ilyin that after the collapse of the USSR twenty quasi-states would squat on our sacred sites, but later “a new Russian union would implement a policy based on religious contemplation and spiritual freedom, on justice and fraternal patriotic feelings, and on the worthiness of the government, in its power, its strength, and its universal trust”. I couldn’t understand under what circumstances it could occur… how could we push the hardened clans of oligarchs from their dens? However, the Lord is great and marvellous are His Works. The oligarchs themselves kindled the Euromaidan, which caused a fervent liberation… the birth of Novorossiya.

A harvest should lead to a new sowing… but the ferment of the 90s brought forth a new kind of pragmatic materialist, a new type of personality. “An unprincipled intelligentsia that doesn’t need the people nor the state, with no idea on where to go… the old ideas of the Russian intelligentsia were wrong; they burned in the fire of revolution and war. Neither the idea of ​​‘populism’, nor the idea of ​‘democracy’, nor the idea of ​​‘socialism’, nor the idea of ‘​imperialism’, nor the idea of ​​‘totalitarianism’… none of them inspire the new Russian intelligentsia, and none of them will do Russia any good. We need a new idea… a religious source of nationality in a spiritual sense. This is the only sort of idea that could revive and recreate a future Russia” (Ivan Ilyin, Творческая идея нашего будущего (Tvorcheskaya ideya nashego budushchego: The Creative Idea of ​​Our Future)).  A year ago, I was at a loss, how could this happen? Now, it’s happening. This is a decisive time for Russia… it’s time for us to choose… this is a decisive moment in our history.

It’s symbolic that the plans of the global hegemonists temporarily halted in front of Slavyansk, but it still stands as a symbol of Russian resistance. There it was, as it always was; the Russian spirit is still alive, this deceitful epoch hadn’t troubled it. Khazaria, the brainchild of Kolomoisky, crumbled before our eyes like a house of cards under the blows of the Slavs, whom he didn’t consider quite human. Nevertheless, it’s important to define our struggle. The Nazi bandits are just victims of their own ignorance; the time will come when they realise who and what drew them to the slaughter. It seemed that all the world’s grandmasters calculated that Putin would play by the accustomed rules; it seemed that Novorossiya had no chance. However, according to the law of Russian tradition, when the country is in danger, God chooses to bring the things of this world to nought, the commoner trumps the noble, as it’s written, That no flesh should glory in his presence (First Epistle of St Paul to the Corinthians 1.29). Back then, Minin appeared; now, Strelkov confuses the brazen plans of the grandmasters. His star blazes brightly. The main thing is that one shouldn’t flinch; the onslaught of chimeras shouldn’t upset you. When St Sergei Radonezhsky prayed in seclusion in the woods, we read in his biography that he suddenly banished a horde of demons with the words, “Get out of this place”. St Sergei didn’t intend to listen to them… of course not, he just intensified his prayer, and the demons retreated. Now, however, it’s important not to fall under the hypnosis of digital calculations about the possible consequences of disobeying the golden calf.



Bobrok Volynsky: Hero of the Battle at Kulikovo

Viktor Matorin



We have to choose the right moment to deliver a crushing counterstrike. On Kulikovo Field, Bobrok Volynsky and his ambushers watched the battle. From all sides, his warriors shouted, “Let’s strike the Tatars, Prince”. However, it’s hard to wait for the right moment for a blow; so, he answered them, “The impatient always lose”. Later, historians were in amazement how he discovered the right time to strike the Tatars. If he’d started a little earlier, his band wouldn’t have affected the outcome of the battle. If he’d gone later, he’d find out that we’d already failed. However, when our ranks seemed stretched to the limit, desperately fighting without showing their backs to the enemy, already considerably depleted and tired, that’s when a wind blew in the back, prompting the prince, “Don’t miss the moment of the fortunes of war. Unexpectedly, an avalanche of horsemen fell on the hard-pressed foe. Mamai realised the truth on Kulikovo Field and exclaimed aloud, “Mighty is the God of the Russians!”

Recall that the Poles and the French walked around the Kremlin, then, the fickleness of fate struck them… these arrogant fellows had to eat horse-feed. Yes, in 1941, the Germans admired the sight of the Kremlin in their binoculars. In 1942, Ivan Ilyin wrote the article Почему мы верим в Россию (Pochemu my verim v Rossiyu: Why We Believe in Russia). In 1943, anyone could’ve written it, but in 1942, in defeat, only Ilyin did. That is, faith saves us. Of course, we should remember the history of the Battle of Kursk. Our objective was to wear down the enemy in a defensive battle. On the evening after the battle, the fascists occupied the field of Prokhorovka. Paradoxically, the enemy held the field, we had big losses, but the victory was ours! The enemy exhausted his reserves, and we had fresh troops, who drove the fascists all the way to Berlin. This was an eternally repeated story in Russian history. Every time, this story wakes us from our spiritual slumber. Tsar Aleksandr Pavlovich first read the Gospel in Russian, not French, when Napoleon sat in the Kremlin. The French desecrated our holy places, ravaged our homeland, but the scales on the eyes of the Russian rulers, the allure of the West upon them, fell away. Russia grappled with Chechen separatism as worldly society immersed itself in glamorous fashion; TV screens showed the gushing pain of the tormented people of southern Russia, interrupting the endless talk shows. It turns out that God didn’t give us spiritual death, condemnation, or punishment.

Today, Novorossiya is the true treasure of the Russian World. For the people living there, Russianness isn’t only a gift… it’s also a cross. Some Russian people drink the cup of suffering in the name of Russian Orthodox faith, whilst, at the same time, others lead blithely carefree lives, wasting their life, not knowing why they’re Russian nor do they know anything about the Orthodox faith. Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem? (The Gospel according to St Luke 13.4)… the Lord warns us. God judges people, His Judgement comes about at the time of our actions, but He doesn’t execute His sentence immediately, God gives people time to repent. The Pharisees crucified Christ, they condemned him, and we know that at the same moment when they shouted, “Let His blood be on us and on our children”, God judged them, but they didn’t repent… thirty years later, the Romans scattered them around the world for two millennia. What truth is the higher one… is it God’s or it man’s? Political boundaries reflect human truth, but they often don’t coincide with the boundaries of spiritual civilisation. The trouble is that people put legal conditional reality over genuine reality, which lies in the people’s hearts and minds. However, there’s no boundary between, for example, Kharkov and Belgorod, Rostov and Lugansk, in the mental spiritual reality. Nevertheless, between Lvov and Lugansk, and Ternopol and Kharkov, there is a boundary, yes, and it’s quite real.


00 Blessed Matrona of Moscow. On Russia. 29.03.14


Culture is God’s garden; by nature, it’s of many varieties. However, in spite of God, some people in the Ukraine chose fascism… a belief that recognises only one standard, something not in God’s image and likeness at all. Fascism is a bloodthirsty idol, a drug that gives people a fleeting euphoria, it’s a flight, but it’s a flight into the abyss. This philosophy of hatred inevitably drags man to hell. It’s a stone in the bosom, preventing us from crossing the river of life. This stone of pride prevents growth; it drowns whole nations in the river of oblivion. Blessed Matrona of Moscow said, “If people lose faith in God, it’s a tragedy, and if they don’t repent, they die and disappear from the face of the earth. Many peoples have disappeared”.

Satan deceives nations with the spirit of national pride, drawing detailed dizzying perspectives, but the payment he issues invariably is broken shards. The external piety of proud people doesn’t matter, as the theomachist-Pharisees measured their faith by their literal observance of the commandments of the Lord. However, the Second Commandment tells us, “Do not make yourself an idol”. The Sixth Commandment states, “Thou shalt not murder“. Moreover, without mitigation for whom and for what, and under what circumstances, with no possibility to dodge the full import of the words, one can’t justify mortal sin by calling victims “separatists”, “Colorado beetles”, or “vatniki” {literally, “quilted jackets”… disparaging Uniate term for Russians: editor}. If someone transgresses these commandments, then, at best, they’re obscurantists; in fact, they’re hypocrites.

By nature, the human soul is Christian; an upright person, even if they don’t open the gospel, feels the evangelical truth, You were bought with a price; do not become slaves of men (First Epistle of St Paul to the Corinthians 7.24). People in Novorossiya long endured economic slavery by the oligarchs without a murmur, but they rebelled against spiritual slavery, against the bloodthirsty idol erected on the freedom of the Ukrainian nation. Nevertheless, periodically, idols collapse onto the heads of their devotees. V F Yanukovich long fought for and coveted power, but his inauguration seemed to close a door, then, a funeral wreath seemed to appear for him. P A Poroshenko (Valtsman) wasn’t spared a struggle for power in his own soul. To him, something no less terrible happened… a soldier of his honour guard fainted and dropped his weapon. This symbolised the Ukrainian Army; in this, we see that the army is doomed to fall, to lay down its arms.

The worst thing for the “National Consciousness” Ukrainians is that they still don’t realise that they’ve undergone God’s Judgement. The Ukrainian military claims successes, but they’re deluded. It’s like the fact that sometimes dying people show one last surge of vitality before death. The Ukraine looks like it’s finishing the last verses of its anthem. In this anthem, Ukrainians sing, “fate will smile on us once more” (Нам ще посмихнеться доля: Nam shche posmikhnetsya dolya). It looks like it’s time to sing “smile” in the past tense already. In the first line of the anthem, the willing of death appears, although slightly veiled in the construction “Hasn’t yet died” (Ще не вмерла: Shche nye vmerla), but psychologists know that the subconscious particle “not” doesn’t fix it, turning it into a hymn preparing for suicide. The chimera of Ukrainian mythology clearly isn’t consonant with reality. However, its devotees refuse to face facts, trying to bend reality to it, but in the end, they shatter both it and themselves. After all, the more one struggles, the more one suffers in the end. It’s impossible to remake the world to fit one’s fancies; it retains its actual properties and functions… that forces the devotee to flee the real world, slamming the door loudly.



Admiral St Fyodor Ushakov

N G Nikolaev


He never lost a battle…


To defeat our external enemies, external action isn’t enough; we need a combination of actions and spiritual works. Victory comes from deep in the heart, from our inner spiritual strength. Remember the source of the victories of Holy Princes Vladimir Monomakh, Aleksandr Nevsky, and Dmitri Donskoi; the victory of the opolchenie led by Minin and Pozharsky came because they fasted three days before the final assault on the Moscow Kremlin. Neither Suvorov, nor St Fyodor Ushakov, nor Kutuzov engaged in battle without praying first. Easy victories are dangerous for the soul. It makes sense that victory carries a cost. Easy victory gives you nothing but a feeling of overconfidence in one’s self. On the other hand, hard-won victory leads us to the fear of God. Then, we see that victory came from the Lord.

Vasili Shulgin, a social-political activist of the twentieth century, a survivor of revolutionary turmoil and Soviet camps, believe that those who lived in the Russian city of Kiev, and those living in the South-West region, “were a southern Russian people, first called ‘Ukrainians’ by the Poles, then, later by the Germans”. He was convinced that the people in the south-west of the empire “had a full right to a ‘Russian identity’, after all, the word ‘Rus’ is mostly connected with Kiev. Of course, I dismiss all ‘Ukrainian’ fables as deceitful nonsense, which the southern Russian people will liquidate in due time, when their pride reawakens. It won’t allow itself to be deceived, like an innocent child. The Russian nation is an amalgam of Great Russians, Little Russians, and Belarusians, as well as all other Russian citizens of other descent who’ve undergone assimilation and consider themselves Russian”. In 1922, Shulgin published a little book in Sofia, Нечто фантастическое (Nechto fantasticheskoe: Something Fantastic), relating the past and thinking about the future. It had its visionary moments… Russia lost all of its neighbouring nations, who formed “Great Lithuania” and “Great Latvia”, “Colossal Georgia”, “Giant Azerbaijan”, and “Unequalled Armenia”. Literally, it echoes Ilyin’s thoughts, who anticipated the same thing and concluded, “Russia won’t perish because of such a partition, but it’d go out again to reassemble its members”.

The reunion of the Crimea to Russia coincided with the 70th anniversary of its liberation from the fascists. Some expect that Kharkov would rejoin Russia on 23 August. Frankly, now, it seems like something fantastic. As for Donetsk and Lugansk, they haven’t played out the Crimean scenario, and Kharkov and Odessa haven’t yet established themselves like Donetsk. Who knows, maybe, the junta in Kiev will be so weak by August that Kharkov and Odessa would just quietly leave the blazing centre. That which is impossible for man, God can make possible.

War often gives a painful shock to the nation. Such a painful shock stopped the Vietnam War. When burial crosses dot the Western and Central Ukraine, serving to subsequent generations as a reminder of how dear the cost of the Nazi hallucination was to the people, then, the mothers of the dead and maimed soldiers will stop the war. New immigrants to Canada will spend the rest of their lives trying to shift responsibility to each other in their memoirs. They’ll ask why they so poorly used the historic opportunity given to them, when they could create their own state on territory they’d gained without war. Maybe, then, they’d realise that their false understanding of freedom sunk them. Freedom without responsibility is tyranny. Apostle St Paul said, Where the Spirit of the Lord is… there is freedom (Second Epistle of St Paul to the Corinthians 3.17).

In 2004, Yushchenko chose the horseshoe of happiness as his symbol, but even then many noticed that horseshoe of happiness was broken by a red exclamation mark with the word, “So!” Now, the saddened supporters of independence still need to get rid of illusions, like the old woman who sits and dreams of the golden fish who grants her wishes, but who looks longingly at her broken hands in the yellow-blue trough. Hubris and blind hatred led them to reject federalism, which would’ve allowed us to live within a shared common border. Feelings overrode reason. Hatred destroys, and only love can create. Nero hated the Christians, he wanted to immortalise himself in grand architectural monuments and wipe Christians off the face of the Earth, but the persecution only strengthened Christianity in a phenomenal way, whilst there’s nothing left of the grandiose buildings of Nero. For the Lord knows the way of the righteous: but the way of the wicked will perish (Psalm 1.6).

It’s very important for us that after the military victory in Novorossiya sober people in the central Ukraine would focus on the fact that they’re the heirs of Kievan Rus. It’s unlikely that this remnant territory would call itself Malorossiya. I’ll be honest, it’s hard to imagine how one could persuade the “proud descendants of brigands” that they’re really Little Russians, and, even if you could, it’d only be possible in this case with rude ungodly violence. That’s not how we do things. Kievan Rus gives us a chance to have a common platform once again. Before you knew it, Galicia would remember that it once was Red Rus. After the military victory, it’d be important for us not to fall into complacent hibernation; we’d have to conduct systematic and painstaking work on the cultural-historical front.

Prophetically, in the context of contemporary thought, Vasili Shulgin looked forward from the twentieth century into the present century, saying, “The Bolsheviks have actually raised the banner of United Russia… someone will come and take them from their ‘order’ (United Russia)… their determination will lead them to take responsibility for incredible solutions. Their relentlessness will be one solution… it’d be true red in volitional strength and true white in the objectives pursued. It’d be Bolshevik energy fused with nationalist conviction. The jawbone of the wild boar… joined to ‘human vision’. The thinker wrinkles his brow… all this horror that now hangs over Russia… it’s just a terrible, difficult, and horribly painful childbirth… the birth of a new sovereignty”.

12 July 2014

Sergei Moiseyev

Chief Editor Русь Триединая (Rus Triedinaya: Triune Rus) (Kharkov)

Russian National Line


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