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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Nine EU Members Set to Veto Sanctions Against Russia



At tomorrow’s EU summit, in a sign of a deepening split over the issue, nine EU member-states will vote against imposing new sanctions on Russia. ITAR-TASS quoted a Western European diplomatic source as saying, “France, Germany, Luxemburg, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, and Italy, which now holds the EU presidency, see no grounds under the present circumstances for sectoral economic sanctions against Russia”. The source noted that’s what the situation is like now and what tomorrow’s vote may be like. Every EU member-state has the power to veto EU decisions. Economic sanctions against Russia require the unanimous backing of all EU member-states.

15 July 2014

Voice of Russia World Service



The attempt on the part of the Anglosphere states to isolate Russia is going nowhere fast. VVP doesn’t care about American public opinion, he’s written that off long ago as being under the control of the American oligarchy. Rather, all of VVP’s actions during the Ukrainian crisis have had the intent of isolating the Anglosphere… and I do daresay that he succeeded in doing that. VVP wants to knacker NATO, and he may well be on the way to doing just that. Now, since VVP has shown “understanding” in the face of junta provocations, he may get EU neutrality in any intervention in Novorossiya, and that’s all that he needs. He’d checkmate America and expose all the post-1991 fulminations of the American Establishment as pure moonshine and lies.

We’re entering a new era… VVP sees it… Merkel sees it (VVP and Merkel just met in Brazil)… Xi sees it… but the Anglosphere doesn’t. Its wakeup call is coming… they’d best revise their thinking… or have it revised for them. The former would be less painful than the latter is…


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