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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

St Herman Monastery LIES and PUFFS UP Podmo’s Funeral

podmo funeral 02. 15.07.14

Podmo’s funeral at Holy Dormition parish in Santa Rosa CA… do note the lack of a proper iconostas


A Cabinet member sent me this (hold on to your cookies… it’s off kilter and divorced from all reality)… no URL available, just copies of two e-mails:

E-mail One:

Fr Herman was buried in Sebastopol CA in the new Orthodox section of one of the cemeteries in the area. It was the decision of our Bishop Maxim to not allow his burial at the monastery. The below is a report sent out by one of the parishioners at the Holy Dormition Church. If you like, I’ll ask her permission to send you a link to the photos that were taken during the funeral and burial.

Yours in Christ,

The unworthy Hieromonk Paisius, secretary


E-mail Two:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As most of you know, Fr Herman reposed in the Lord on the morning of 30 June 2014 in Minneapolis MN. The funeral for Monk Herman Podmoshensky, the former Abbot of St Herman of Alaska Monastery, was served at Holy Dormition Orthodox Church in Santa Rosa CA (USA) on Thursday, 3 July 2014. His Grace Daniil, Vicar Bishop of the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of the USA, Canada, and Australia of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church (Bulgarian Patriarchate), officiated. He was assisted by the clergy of Holy Dormition and Hieromonk Paisii of the St Herman of Alaska Monastery, and by nearly 20 priests, hieromonks, and other clergy of many canonical Orthodox jurisdictions, and by monastics and laypeople from all over America and from as far away as Mt Athos and Moscow.

The graveside burial service took place in the Orthodox section of the Pleasant Hills Memorial Park in Sebastopol CA. The address of this cemetery is 1700 Pleasant Hill Road, Sebastopol CA  95472; it’s only a 15-20 minute drive west of Santa Rosa CA, deep in the countryside. After the graveside service, those who didn’t have to leave immediately to the airport gathered under the redwoods next to the Holy Dormition Church for a memorial meal. Bishop Daniil, who became a monk in Bulgaria when converted as a young man by the writings of Fr Seraphim Rose, never met Fr Herman, so many of those present shared dozens of stories about their encounters with Fr Herman.


An interlocutor commented on the situation:

It happened at the OCA (sic) church in Santa Rosa CA, a bit north of San Francisco. If that’s their iconostas, how strange! … Did they do his funeral in their church hall, not in their church proper, for some reason? This church in Santa Rosa belongs to the Bulgarians; it’s a bunch of HOOMies.


Another Cabineteer opined on California Fats, and why he’d avoid going to his guru’s funeral:

He won’t go… that type forgets the past and expects us not to bring it up… he also doesn’t honour his friendships.


Firstly, here are images of the church and of its parishioners:

00 Holy Dormition 'Orthodox' parish. Santa Rosa CA. 15.07.14


00 Holy Dormition 'Orthodox' parish 02. Santa Rosa CA. 15.07.14


A careful headcount gives fifty people (including clergy) in this “parish”. For his miniscule conventicle, there are THREE PRIESTS and TWO DEACONS. I shit you not (click here for the proof). There’s no real iconostas in this “church”… NONE. One can tell that the funeral was in the church proper by the presence of the bema. The “About” section of the website doesn’t give the foundation date for the parish (odd… that’s one of the most important titbits on a normal parish’s site), but it does refer to the patronal feastday in 2007, so, this odd lot is at least seven years old, if not older.


Here’s an image of the “crowd” at the funeral and of the trapeza after the burial:

podmo funeral 03. 15.07.14


podmo funeral 01. 15.07.14


podmo funeral 04. 15.07.14


There are ten seats at each table; it looks like there are six or nine tables in all, not counting the clergy table (do note the empty seats at the tables… there may be another row of three tables out of sight). That is, at most, there could be 60 or 90 people at the funeral (but there wasn’t… the empty seats are mute testimony to that)… this tiny conventicle couldn’t fit that many, to be frank. My guess is that about 40 to 60 people, all told, attended this affair. I only counted six clergy in the images, and the largest number of laypeople in any one image was 33. There wasn’t 20 clergy present… that figure is fiction at best, a self-serving lie at worst. In short, a small bunch of groupies gathered for Podmo’s funeral. The OCA, ROCOR, MP, GOAA, Serbian, or Antiochian bishops and clergy were no-shows. None of ‘em showed up. NONE. Fatso didn’t show up, even though Podmo was his guru for years (including after his 1988 deposition… James Paffhausen went to Russia under Podmo’s auspices in that Russky Palomnik boondoggle, remember?). Note well that the Serbian bishop refused to allow the burial of Podmo at Platina. That means that he doesn’t trust the Seraphim Rose groupies. Maxim refused to come to the funeral… yet, the Platina brotherhood (and the nuns nearby) came to the affair. This means that they’re unrepentant and haven’t truly turned away from Podmo’s oddbod teachings. Actions DO speak louder than words do. Never forget, we live in a crank world where first impressions can be misleading. Have a care… there be dragons…



West’s Fight against Russian Exports: From Visa Denial to War



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) characterised the recent scandal with the denial of British visas to more than half of the Russian delegation to FIA (Farnborough International Airshow) as “clearly unfriendly”. Employees of the Russian companies hit by the denial… Rostekhnologii and United Aviation Corporation (OAK)… also voiced suspicions that the UK authorities’ move might be a part of unfair competition schemes used against Russian industry by the USA and some EU countries.

The UK government provided a very short explanation about why they denied visas to top Russian managers… V V Artyakov, deputy CEO of Rostekhnologii and his colleague S V Chemezov, a member of the board of directors of the Russian weapons’ exporter Rosoboronexport… to come to the Farnborough expo. a spokesman for the Foreign Office said, “Due to Russian actions in the Ukraine, no representatives of the Russian government were issued Her Majesty’s Government’s invitations to the FIA”. Chemezov was on the list of persons hit by American “personalised” sanctions in spring 2014, but one can’t find his name in similar lists of Russian citizens compiled by the EU and the UK. It isn’t immediately clear why the “representatives of the Russian government” happened to include not only 5 of 17 members of Rosoboronexport’s delegation, but also more than one-third of the representatives of the United Aviation Corporation (OAK)… which constructs civilian aircraft, including the famous Superjet 100, a passenger plane designed by the famous Sukhoi aircraft construction bureau. Izvestiya quoted an OAK source as saying, “Russian companies participated in Farnborough airshows since 1984 (the height of the Cold War), and Russian aviation professionals can’t remember a single case of similar treatment”.

However, is this the first such case of unfair competition made easier by presumably “morally motivated” sanctions? No. Such sanctions were commonplace during the Cold War, but after its end, these sanctions just became more hypocritical… the West never abandoned them. Konstantin Makiyenko, an expert of the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, said, “All NATO member states except Greece enforce an unofficial ban on Russian arms exports. In other markets, such as the Indian or the Middle Eastern markets, the USA and their allies tried to push the Russian arms exporters out by using legal, and sometimes illegal, means”. Russia’s military-technical coöperation with Iraq is a good example of this kind of “silent war” against Russian military technologies. Back in autumn 2012, news about a 4.2 billion USD (145 billion Roubles. 4.55 billion CAD. 4.5 billion AUD. 3.1 billion Euros. 2.45 billion UK Pounds) arms deal, sealed by Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President V V Putin during al-Maliki’s visit to Moscow intrigued the entire Middle East. It was the biggest deal since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein by a British-American invasion in 2003, and included 30 Mi-28N helicopter gunships and 42 Pantsir-S1 mobile air defence SAM/AA gun systems. At the time, Kommersant reported that the countries agreed to launch negotiations on Iraq purchasing Russian MiG-29M/M2 fighters.

However, already in November 2012, the Western media launched a real PR war against the deal. The Voice of America reported that Iraq cancelled the deal due to “apparent graft and corruption”. The Obama administration in Washington didn’t make a secret out of its desire to foil the deal, which could threaten the near-monopoly of American weapons on the Iraqi arms market. Yelena Suponina, an expert on the Middle East at the Russian Institute for Strategic Research, said, “Ultimately, the deal went through, but it was significantly lower than reported initially. The final amount was about 2-2.5 billion USD (68.9-86.1 billion Roubles. 2.15-2.7 billion CAD. 2.13-2.67 billion AUD. 1.48-1.85 billion Euros. 1.17-1.5 billion UK Pounds), the deal came into force in spring 2013, but the Obama administration, of course, did everything within its power to leave Iraq without Russian weapons”.

Ironically, this stratagem of the US government worked against American national interests… in 2014, the Iraqi government found itself almost defenceless against the onslaught of Sunni religious extremists from the Islāmic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). ISIS pumped up its muscle in Syria, thanks to Western aid to the armed insurgency against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. As is well known, neither the USA nor the EU saw anything illegal in supplying weapons to Syrian insurgents, however, many of these weapons ending up in the hands of ISIS Islamists. Recently, Moscow had to rush 25 Su-25 aircraft to the Iraqi government in Baghdad; this was the only way that the Iraqi government, whose pilots are accustomed to flying Soviet-made aircraft, could muster any air force at all to fight against the ISIS aggression. This time, the US government didn’t object… its disastrous actions taught it a hard lesson. F A Lukyanov, the editor-in-chief of the Russia in Global Affairs, said, “The situation in Syria and Iraq indicates a total defeat of the policy of both George W Bush and Barack Obama in these two countries”.

However, even Russia’s arms deals with Iraq, sabotaged by the West, by far weren’t the first examples of unfair competition by the USA and the EU. Even some Western media, which haven’t yet lost their pretence at objectivity, admit it. Back in 1997, the German magazine Der Spiegel reported, “The Russian state-controlled arms exporter Rosvooruzheniye (Rosvor) wanted to open an office in the USA, in a bid to take part in competition for delivering the best equipment for UN missions. This is logical, since UN headquarters is in New York City. However, the USA couldn’t let the 500 million USD (17.2 billion Roubles. 539 million CAD. 534 million AUD. 370 million Euros. 292 million UK Pounds) business of supplying UN missions out of their hands. So, Washington just rejected Rosvor’s bid to open a small office in NYC”.

After this, the USA and the EU continued to lecture Russia on the need to separate business from politics (tell that to the aviation professionals who couldn’t meet their Russian colleagues in Farnborough). We also hear a lot about the need to be humane (from the authors of interventions in Iraq and Libya, who now condone the junta air raids against Lugansk and Donetsk) and about the need to respect democratically elected governments (this comes from people who justified the use of Molotov cocktails during the toppling of internationally recognised Ukrainian President V F Yanukovich earlier this year).

Great Western values… and no hypocrisy!

15 July 2014

Dmitri Babich

Rossiya Segodnya



In view of the verified enormities and atrocities committed by the Uniate junta, including shelling of Russia (with baldfaced lies denying it… don’t forget the Uniate cry of “Knife the Moskali!”), the British barring of Russian professionals is very odd, indeed. In fact, it’s worse than Kafkaesque or Jabberwockian. It’s an utter rejection of the real world in favour of a crackbrained notional construct that only exists in the fevered and objectively disordered minds of the Western Establishment. I’d say that the Queen of Hearts was quite grounded, in comparison. “Off with their heads”, indeed!


Podkarpatskaya Rus to Join Novorossiya… Yalta, July 2014

00 podkarpatskaya rus. 15.07.14


In July, a conference in Yalta (Republic of Crimea. Russian Federation) negotiated an agreement between the heads of government of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus and the Union of People’s Republics of Novorossiya, represented by Chairman of Government Minister Pyotr Getsko and Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Parliament Vladimir Rogov, respectively. The sides also agreed on the early signing of a full-fledged interstate Treaty of alliance and mutual assistance in destroying fascism in Eastern Europe and in supporting the areas of the Union of People’s Republics of Novorossiya occupied by Kiev gang. Representatives of public organisations of the EU, USA, and Canada attended the signing ceremony.


Press Service of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of People’s Republics of Novorossiya

Press office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus

9 July 2014

https://m.facebook.com/ TruthfromUkraine / albums / 1518482701708410 /


Look at what VVP is doing. Firstly, he had the leaders of the DNR and LNR at the Centre. Secondly, he signed a decree calling reservists to the colours for “refresher training”. Thirdly, he got nine EU member-states to veto sanctions (including France and Germany). Fourthly, he had the DNR and LNR set up a legal basis for a government. Fifthly, he allowed this meeting to take place in Yalta. Finally, he adroitly used an incident at the border in Rostov Oblast to isolate the Ukraine (only the USA and the Anglosphere states are in its corner now). If I were the junta, I’d be worried…

Papa Bear is calling all the cubs home and the poachers had best take a care…


The Ukraine Refuses to Admit Guilt in Shelling of Russia… Issues Egregious Lies

00 novorossiya 04. 15.07.14


ITAR-TASS reported that the Ukraine refused to fess up that it shelled Russian territory. On Sunday, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID Ukrainy) issued a statement saying that junta forces didn’t fire on the region mentioned by Russia. It claimed, “Ukrainian forces never shelled, aren’t shelling, and won’t shell territories of a neighbouring state or residential quarters”. The MID Ukrainy expressed condolences “over the death and injuries of Russian nationals in Donetsk in Rostov Region”. Junta forces shelled the Russian border town of Donetsk with high-explosive shells early on Sunday. A shell hit a house, killing one Russian resident and seriously wounding another two.

The Ministry of Foreign affairs (MID) filed a formal protest with the Ukrainian chargé d’affaires in Moscow over the shelling, stating, “On the same day, we summoned the Ukrainian chargé d’affaires to the Russian Federation to the MID, where the Russian side expressed a firm protest to him. The note handed to the chargé states that the Russian side regards this provocation as a regular aggressive act of the Ukrainian side against sovereign Russian territory and citizens of the Russian Federation. We emphasised that the mentioned incident testifies to an extremely dangerous escalation of tensions near the Russian-Ukrainian border and may have irreversible consequences, responsibility for which will lie with the Ukrainian side. Once again, the Russian side insists that the Ukrainian side adopt decisive steps to stop such provocations”.


The Uniates and schismatics are apostate organisations, ergo, there’s no truth within their official structures. Therefore, nothing that comes from the junta is truthful, as it’s a creature of these false constructs. Sad… but true…



On Sunday, ITAR-TASS reported, citing TsIA Novorossiya, that Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR) opolchenie took control of Lugansk airport. Eyewitnesses reported “much gunfire near the Lugansk aerodrome”. Junta forces launched two uncoördinated attacks, in the north, near Metallist (Lugansk suburb) and in the south. Official sources said, “Due to the lack of coördination, the southern group only now at about 00.30 MSK neared Roshkoshnoye (15 kilometres from the airport). The opolchenie used artillery to counter the attack”.

There were firefights around Uralo-Kavkaz, Porechye, and Goncharovka, “The enemy is trying to cut off Krasnodon from the border”. Combat near the Izvarino position, located not far from Krasnodon, continued for more than a day. Junta forces tried to break through Uralo-Kavkaz to the eastern districts of Krasnodon. “Local residents reported that artillery fire heavily damaged the settlement”. Action continues near Saur-Mogila, Marinovka, and Torez (Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR)). “According to reports, about 300 enemy troops surrendered near Saur-Mogila. Unconfirmed information said that the opolchenie shelled junta positions with artillery near Vesyolaya Gora (LNR)”.


There are three things hindering the junta forces. Firstly, the commanders are Galician Uniate incompetents chosen for political reliability, not military ability. Secondly, all units have “morale instructors” (commissars) drawn from Euromaidantsy terrorists. Verified reports tell of junta commissars shooting reluctant troops. Thirdly, the Galician elements refuse to use Russian or Surzhik, which means that their orders are incomprehensible to the majority of soldiers. Is there any wonder that the junta forces are doing poorly? I wonder if there’s going to be a counter-coup against the illegitimate putschist junta… it’s a possibility…



Citing a source close to the Kremlin, Kommersant said that Moscow’s considering “pinpoint strikes” on the Ukraine to retaliate against Ukrainian bombardment near Donetsk (Rostov Oblast). The source said that Russia “knew exactly where the gunfire was coming from”. He noted that it wouldn’t be a massive action, but only pinpoint strikes on positions that fired on Russia. RF Federation Council Vice-Chairman Yevgeni Bushmin, a representative from Rostov Oblast, suggested a similar idea. In his opinion, precision weapons are able to stop shooting from the Ukrainian side.

Early on Sunday morning, Donetsk (Rostov Oblast) came under fire when junta forces and the opolchenie fought for over the Izvarino border checkpoint. A shell fired from Ukraine landed in the yard of 47 Baltiyskaya Street. The explosion killed local resident Andrei Shulyatyev (born 1967). Another shell hit a nearby house and injured a mother and a daughter. Emergency services took the 82-year-old woman to hospital. Her condition is serious; she has fractures and a concussion.


00 novorossiya 03. 15.07.14


Interfax reported that A Е Purgin, First Deputy Chairman of the DNR Government, told reporters, “We evacuated around 500 people just yesterday in the evening from residential areas under artillery fire, so, on average, we evacuate regularly seven to eight buses from the city districts and its suburbs. The evacuation goes on in an orderly fashion, and information reporting large-scale evacuations of the entire Donetsk population is false”. According to Purgin, junta forces continually shell Donetsk suburbs and its outskirts, 15 people died in shelling last night.


Junta so-called “National Guard” (sic) Euromaidantsy terrorists alleged that they didn’t have anything to do with the shelling of Donetsk in Rostov Oblast on Sunday. They claimed, “The Ukrainian ‘National Guard’ (sic) ‘command’ {they have no real command element… they’re nothing but Euromaidantsy terrorist scum in uniform masquerading as soldiers: editor} categorically denies reports that it took part in the shelling of the Russian town of Donetsk on 13 July. Again, the ‘National Guard’ (sic) isn’t deployed in the cited district or in a territory matching the shell’s trajectory. We don’t have weapon systems that could’ve inflicted such damage “. This was a response to Moscow saying that the Russian government “knew exactly where the gunfire was coming from”.


The “National Guard” (sic) are Euromaidantsy Uniate trash with no sense of right or wrong. They’re nothing but UPA murderer wannabes, so, nothing that they say is truthful… the same goes for the junta in general. They’re nothing but willing butchers for the West… treat their statements accordingly.


14 July 2014


Interfax reported that LNR opolchenie HQ told reporters that they took the pilot of a junta Su-25 attack shot down near Krasny Liman yesterday into custody, saying, “We detained the pilot and are questioning him. We’ll find out what and how, what purposes and objectives there were. We’re not mistreating the pilot; we’re holding him in conditions that meet international requirements; everything is humane, without cruelty. He’s being fed, no one’s beating him”.

A day earlier, the opolchenie said that they’d captured the four crew members of a downed junta An-26 military transport aircraft. The LNR opolchenie didn’t rule out exchanging the aircrew for opolchenie supporters held as political prisoners by the junta. LNR People’s Front leader Aleksei Chmilenko said, “Of course, we’d like to have a swap for them, to release some of our comrades, maybe, Lugansk Guard leader Aleksandr Kharitonov or Lugansk regional councilor Arseny Klinchayev. Any exchange of the detained pilots depends on Kiev’s position. Very often, it turns out that there’s no one we can swap them for. Currently, we’re holding the Su-25 pilot. The opolchenie command will decide his fate. We don’t rule out swapping him, but he may also have to do some labour. We aren’t going to treat him harshly. No one is going to execute him”.


According to Interfax, the DNR opolchenie reported that junta forces resumed airstrikes on the town of Snezhnoe, leaving 11 dead and 8 injured. Konstantin Knyrik, spokesman for the South-Eastern Front, told reporters, “They’re carrying out new airstrikes on Snezhnoe. Preliminary reports say two Su-25 attack aircraft are striking the town”. Earlier in the day, a junta aircraft fired five rockets into Snezhnoe. Opolchenie HQ said, “They hit the tax administration building and one of the entrances to a nearby house”. The Donetsk administration posted on its website, “Eleven people died, according to information available by 17.00. Eight others suffered injuries, including a child. The child is now in the Donetsk regional hospital”.

Interfax reported that DNR opolchenie posted on Twitter that junta warplanes dropped bombs on Shakhtarsk (57 kilometres from Donetsk), “Enemy aircraft struck Shakhtarsk and its suburbs. We’re verifying reports of casualties and destruction”. DNR opolchenie also stated that junta forces and opolchenie had artillery duels around the town since Monday evening, “On Monday night, our forces attacked with a T-64 tank against an enemy position near Dmitrovka. We destroyed two enemy armoured vehicles. Early on Tuesday morning, enemy forces subjected Dmitrovka to a massive artillery bombardment. They fired Grads, causing fires and much damage in the village”.


On Tuesday, O A Tsaryov told ITAR-TASS that the Union of People’s Republics (SNR) Supreme Soviet had a plenary meeting, “The second plenary meeting of the SNR Supreme Soviet took place. The meeting adopted changes to the SNR Constitution. Now, we can rightly, de jure, call our state Novorossiya. This name is a part of our Constitution. Now, our legislative body is the Novorossiya Supreme Soviet. We passed a number of important laws without which a legislative body can’t work… the Law ‘On Parliament’ and on deputy status. Each deputy would be responsible for his own district, work there, help people, in particular, with humanitarian aid. We’re going to start real work with the citizens of Novorossiya. I hope that the Novorossiya Supreme Soviet will become a venue in which the People’s Republics would work out a consensus and develop common decisions. Step by step, we’ll move towards building an independent state”.

15 July 2014

Voice of Russia World Service









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