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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

European United Left / Nordic Green Left Condemn Undemocratic Attempt of Kiev Junta to Ban the KPU

00 United European Left. 23.07.14


The European United Left / Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) expressed its deep concern at the adoption by the Ukrainian Rada of a new law, which, if President (sic) P A Poroshenko signs it into law, would ban the KPU and all of its symbols. It urged Poroshenko not to sign the law, to protect the parliamentary status of the KPU, and to ensure its immunity. The GUE/NGL expressed its solidarity with the KPU; it condemns the blackmail, assault, intimidation, and destruction of property that its opponents hurled at it in recent months. In addition, the actions taken against KPU and the Ukraine’s refusal to fulfil its obligations as a party to major international human rights treaties reflects a dangerous trend in the policies of the new Ukrainian government to suppress opposition voices. All parties and organisations critical of the ruling government should be able to act freely, without restrictions and intimidation. The European parliamentary groups of the GUE/NGL will send an appropriate request to the President of the European Parliament and to the Council of Europe demanding their intervention concerning this issue.

Emily Macintosh

Gay Kavanagh

Press Service of the European United Left / Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL)

23 July 2014


KPU official website



Why is the USA silent? It tells you much about how Washington has degenerated into a rogue establishment, which feels that it has the “right” to attack whomever it pleases, whenever it pleases them, with whatever level of force they deem necessary (or possible). This is EVIL… indeed, it’s ANTI-CHRISTIAN (do note that “Christian” clerics are its leading apologists… sadly, Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson aren’t alone). Do note that both Hillary Clinton and Jim DeMint agree on this. None dare call it criminal…

Interestingly, the national delegation with the largest proportion of GUE deputies is from Ireland (4 out of 11; 5 out of 14, if one includes Ulster)… Cyprus is second (2 out of 6) Greece is third (6 out of 21).



23 July 2014. The Junta is Close to Collapse… Look at the Tealeaves, Kids

00 Aleksei Iorsh. The Ukrainian Tarpit. 2014. 11.07.14


Things are going very badly, indeed, for the junta. Tote up the reasons:

  • The opolchenie kicked the junta out of Donetsk and Donetsk Airport; it’s also secured a viable length of the border with the Russian Federation
  • Mothers in Lvov Oblast blocked a road in protest, demanding that the junta bring their boys home
  • A V Turchinov boasted that the junta’s going to outlaw the KPU tomorrow
  • The junta is requisitioning civilian motor vehicles as the army has insufficient stocks
  • The Rada declared mobilisation FOR THE THIRD TIME
  • Word has it that the junta is preparing to outlaw the Party of Regions
  • The junta just cancelled all major warship construction
  • The junta is cobbling together improvised “armoured vehicles” using civilian trucks and mild steel plates

Overall, the above is bad enough. Let’s factor in some more facts:

  • In the past presidential election, Uniate thugs attacked O A Tsaryov and P N Simonenko and forced their withdrawal from the race
  • The junta didn’t CAPTURE Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, the opolchenie WITHDREW… there’s a world of difference in military terms
  • The junta hasn’t (and won’t) give us a consistent and straight story in re the Malaysia Airlines crash
  • The junta has never honoured ANY of the truces that it’s called
  • The junta formed a notional “military” unit, the so-called “National Guard” (sic) composed of untrained and undisciplined Euromaidantsy terrorists… they make the Iranian Revolutionary Guard of the Iran-Iraq War look like the US Marines

Here’s the cherry on the sundae… the US government just announced that they’re sending advisors to the Ukraine “in the next few weeks”. If Russia is going to intervene, this may spark it off. The USA is playing an irresponsible game of chicken… the neocons and humanitarian interventionists are cackling away like demented toddlers. Who’s the ultimate villain in this piece? I’d say that it was the so-called UGKTs. They’ve harboured neo-Nazis for years, received oodles of Langley cash, and nursed their hatred oh-so-lovingly. The Uniates have taken leave of reality, and they’re dragging the rest of the world into crisis. It’s time for Russia to intervene, to put an end to the Uniate menace to civilisation. Note well that the Western media is silent on the religious aspect of this affair. That’s because the Catholic Church has a great deal of clout in the USA, and the papists are sheltering the Uniate vipers. Orthodox people should reflect on the fact that the ROCOR once shared the same vile position as the UGKTs… they received Langley money and did Langley’s bidding in the Rodina (as in forming ROCOR parishes INSIDE the former USSR post-1991).

The Ukraine is falling to pieces… as the result of three things:

  1. Oligarch thievery
  2. Langley destabilisation
  3. Uniate revisionism and cultural terrorism

ROCOR once was part of Langley’s destabilisation… Agafangel Pashkovsky, anyone? However, now is the time for ROCOR to come clean (especially, Potapov, but he isn’t alone)… it must ask for forgiveness for its treachery against the Motherland and the Mother Church. The Ukraine is falling apart… its end will be messy and bloody. I wish that I could say otherwise, but that’s what I see. The junta is in the same position as the Nazis in January 1945… they’re in a virtual Führerbunker, but they can embroil the world in war. Note well that the Uniates are ready to do such. Yes, they’ve been evil since their apostasy in 1596, but this is more so than usual. Let me repeat:


None dare call that evil… but I do so… and I’m not alone in so doing.


Uniate Fascist Pigs Announce Dissolution of KPU… ASSHOLES! It’s Time to Make Potapov and Paffhausen PUT UP OR SHUT UP!! If You Attack the Party, You Attack the REAL Church!

00.0a Pyotr Simonenko. KPU. 30.09.12

You can stand with the KPU, who stood by us… or you can stand with godless filth like the Roman Curia, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, John McCain, and Joe Biden… that’s the choice… there’s no other.


On Wednesday, Ukrainian Rada speaker A V Turchinov announced that junta would outlaw the KPU on Thursday. They have 23 seats in the Rada. On Tuesday, the Rada made changes to its rules that would allow the speaker to suppress the KPU. Ukrainian “President” P A Poroshenko signed a bill on Tuesday evening “legalising” the move. Turchinov boasted, “Yesterday, we signed a bill that brings changes to the rules … Tomorrow morning [Thursday], we’ll publish it in Golos Ukrainy [official Rada journal], meaning it will come into force, and I’ll fulfil a historic mission and announce the end of the KPU”.

In early May, KPU leader P N Simonenko stated that if he were head of state, “I’d immediately call back all the troops” from Novorossiya, calling the junta’s repressions there “a war against the people”. In response to this legal and just criticism, so-called “acting President” Turchinov ordered the Justice Ministry to hold Star Chamber proceedings against the KPU, accusing them of separatism, and demanding that they ban the KPU. The lickspittle ministry brought specious charges against the communists, accusing them of anti-constitutional activities, supporting independence movements in Novorossiya, and challenging Ukraine’s territorial integrity (!!).

In late May, The RF Gosduma and Federation Council issued a statement condemning the junta’s attempts to ban the KPU. They noted, “This pressure on the KPU was a result of its harsh criticism [of the new government] and the reason for the ban is to suppress dissent in the Ukraine”. The KPU was an ally of the Ukraine’s former ruling Party of Regions. Most of the supporters of both parties lived in Novorossiya. Both parties were de facto banned after the junta took power in a violent putsch in February.

23 July 2014

Rossiya Segodnya



00 Rostislav Vasilko. KPU. Communist. 26.02.14

R S Vasilko, tortured by godless Uniate fascists in Kiev… he’s now in Moscow recovering from his injuries (the Uniate pigs almost killed him). If you support the US government and its junta stooges, that’s what you support.



The communists STOOD TALL for the REAL CHURCH in the Nasty Nineties. We should stand tall for them today. The godless Uniate filth have gone too far. Their neocon greedster American puppeteers have gone too far. This means that snivelling rightwing bastards like Victor Potapov and JP have to put up or shut up! Those who attack the commies attack the Church! Full stop! Turchinov is an “Evangelical” apostate who turned his back on the Church… is it any surprise that he thrusts a knife into the backs of patriots at the behest of his American paymasters? If you listen to Rush Limbaugh… if you agree with Sarah Palin… if you watch Fox News… you’re my enemy, for you support those who attack the patriots of the Ukraine.

It’s time for Hilarion Kapral to force Potapov to break publicly with Radio Liberty and condemn his service there publicly. Potapov has to do what the late great Joe Adamov did… “I lied to you. I’m sorry for doing that”. I’ll confide something to you… he won’t… he’ll continue to support those who hate Christ’s Church… and so will Paffso. I think that Potapov will find his comfortable position in the Maryland burbs more important than standing with those who supported Christ’s Church… he’ll stand with the godless “Evangelicals” and with the papists… that’s where the money is (and he’s always “followed the money”).

You can stand with Potapov, Paffhausen, and their scurvy claque, or you can stand with HH, who congratulated G A Zyuganov on his birthday. That’s the choice on offer. I STAND WITH HIS HOLINESS… PROUDLY! If you stand with Potapov et al, you spit on those who stood by us in our hour of need. One last thing… in the 90s, when the Church in the Ukraine truly needed our aid, Potapov loudly and publicly stood with the CIA (don’t forget how he slammed and savaged Patriarch Aleksei Ridiger publicly in Georgetown on Langley’s orders), not with the Church… need I say any more?


Putin Calls Current Situation in the Ukraine and Novorossiya “Unacceptable and Counterproductive”

00 donetsk 01. 19.07.14


On Tuesday, President V V Putin said during a RF Security Council meeting that none of the scenarios in the developing crisis in the Ukraine is good, “If we return to similar scenarios, as a whole, as I’ve already said, then, this is absolutely unacceptable and counterproductive. This is destroying the modern world order. Undoubtedly, if they apply such methods to Russia, they won’t work. Our people, our Russian citizens won’t let that happen and they’d never accept [this]”.


The Verkhovnaya Rada approved a presidential decree on limited mobilisation at a session of 232 lawmakers, meeting the required minimum of 226 votes. The junta ordered this limited mobilization due to events in the former eastern Ukraine, “which led to deaths among civilians, military, and specialists of the Ukrainian armed forces and security agencies in the eastern regions of the country (sic)”. Earlier, Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council (SNBOU) Secretary A V Paruby stated that limited mobilization was needed for the rotation of special forces in the conflict zone in the country’s east as well as to strengthen troop numbers. According to the law, limited mobilisation shall take place in all 24 oblasts and in the special city of Kiev. Mobilisation will require 45 days from the day of the law’s enactment. Besides conscripting men, the junta plans to requisition vehicles in accordance with “concrete mobilisation plans concerning the reserves”.


This is the THIRD mobilisation called by the junta. “What would happen if they called a war and no one came”… well, it’s happened here. There’s massive draft dodging, even in Galicia. The junta’s losses are FAR higher than they admit… and the moms know it. In short, the junta’s army is falling to pieces… there’s massive draft dodging, heavy casualties due to incompetent Galician Uniate “leadership”, much of the equipment is not only outdated, it’s conked out, and the troops aren’t getting enough food due to massive theft by shits like Poroshenko, Kolomoisky, and Yatsenyuk. It’s only a matter of time before the junta forces collapse or there’s a counter-coup in Kiev.



On Monday, Ken Livingstone, a former London mayor and a prominent British politician, told RT TV, “The simple fact is Ukraine is a dysfunctional country, it isn’t being brought together by its new president [P A Poroshenko], who needs to offer reassurance both to the people in the eastern Ukraine (sic) and to Russian people that the Ukraine won’t become a NATO member and won’t bring nuclear weapons onto its soil threatening Russia. Kiev also needs to reassure residents of the eastern Ukraine (sic) that they aren’t in any way dominated or treated as second-class citizens. They need some sort of devolved government like the one we have here in Britain for our Welsh and Scottish minorities. As of now, it looks like Kiev isn’t ready to make any concessions that could end this civil war. Let’s make it clear, Russia didn’t destabilise the Ukraine. The Ukraine has had a succession of pretty awful governments, it’s a divided nation, it was put together hurriedly after the collapse of the USSR. Moscow just wants a secure stable state on the border with Russia that isn’t a threat to it“.


On Tuesday, N P Patrushev, Secretary of the RF Russian Security Council said during a meeting of the Council in Moscow, “Western henchmen seized power [in the Ukraine], who, in my opinion, lost to some extent their sovereignty and independence in decision-making. They simply follow orders. The Western-backed leaders disregard objective information and interpret the facts the way that fits their political goals. We should draw the right conclusions from the unfolding events in the Ukraine, for the Ukrainian coup d’état wouldn’t have taken place if the interests of certain Western states coincided with the actions of the Ukrainian government at that time”. President V V Putin chaired the meeting of the Security Council. He said, “So-called colour revolutions are employed to change disfavoured regimes, or, plainly speaking, they’re coups d’état engineered and funded from outside. Often, in different parts of the world, they use the internal problems of disfavoured regimes to destabilise such countries. Most often they bet on radical nationalists, if not simply neo-fascist fundamentalist elements, as they did in the post-Soviet states, as is happening in the Ukraine now”.


On Tuesday, Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) opolchenie sources posted on the official DNR Twitter page, “DNR forces secured Donetsk Airport. We thwarted the enemy’s attempts to seize it. The enemy’s armoured units suffered serious losses. We also stopped the enemy’s offensive near Donetsk; our forces managed to advance on several fronts”.

22 July 2014

Rossiya Segodnya






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