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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

29 July 2014. News from the Ukraine So Garbled That No Righteous Report is Possible

00 Oleg Savostyuk. Boris Uspensky. Shame on Provacateurs. 1960

Shame on Provocateurs!

Oleg Savostyuk

Boris Uspensky



The Anglo Americans haven’t changed their spots… beware ANY press release out of Washington. I’d trust the Queen of Hearts before I’d trust anything from the District…


This is a new one on me, but I need to tell you the truth. At present, now, the news is so confused that no sane person could discern what’s happening. First, Yatsenyuk resigned… then, he didn’t resign… then, he did… which one is which? Second, there’s a truce near the MH17 site… then, there isn’t… then, no one knows. Third, the USA issues bombastic lies about how it knows how Russia is shelling the Ukraine, but offers no evidence. It’s much like the Gulf of Tonkin incident… which supposedly was a big deal, but really involved a US destroyer on an illegal intel mission getting hit with… ONE 14.5mm MACHINE GUN BULLET, causing no casualties. It’s much like the “evidence” for Iraqi WMDs. Anglo Americans are boasters and inveterate liars… “winning is the only thing”.

Therefore, there’s nothing substantial to report. There’s nothing solid. The junta controls nothing… in fact, rightwing terrorists in uniform shell cities in the Donbass without orders… so, one doesn’t know who’s ordering what. In other words, stay tuned kids… it IS going to get worse before it gets better… it’s not what I’d like to see… but that’s what there. Be back, kids…



29 July 2014. THIS is Why the Uniate Junta Will Fail in the End…

00 the pro-american liberal pigs 1. 29.07.14


One of the things that the UGKTs fascists won’t tell you is that the postwar insurgency in the Western Ukraine and Podkarpatskaya Rus failed because the people refused to support it. The people were against them as the UPA pigs murdered anyone who disagreed with them as “examples”. Well, most people don’t tend to cotton to such gnarly shit, and, let me tell you, the ordinary Joes in those parts were no exception. The Sovs weren’t stupid… most of the internal troops used were local boys, who spoke the local dialect and mixed well with the good ol’ boys in the area. Furthermore, most people knew that they were better off on the kolkhoz as compared to their nasty and downtrodden life under the Polish landlords and the Uniate priests.

What people don’t know is that priests had a higher status in Uniate areas than they did in Orthodox lands. In Orthodox areas, priests were only glorified peasants, on the same level as a steward of an estate, not equal with the officers/officials and nobles at all. A landowner could knout a priest publicly… something forbidden if the person was a noble or middle class. That’s why priests in Tsarist Russia urged many of their sons to be become officers and officials (Graf M M Speransky was one such)… that got the boys on the Table of Ranks, giving the family a rise in social status. In Uniate areas, priests were the leading elements in Rusin/Galician society, they were the only educated segment amongst the Uniate population. Therefore, Uniate priests were amongst the oppressors… they lived better than the peasants did and they had better education, giving their families social opportunities lacking to most po-nashemu people. For instance, the murderer S A Bandera came from such a privileged Uniate priestly family. Ergo, there was much more anti-clericalism in Uniate areas as compared to Orthodox areas. Therefore, the peasants were ready to expose Uniate clergy and those who supported them. The Sovs exploited this feeling to put down the UPA banditti.

Today, the UGKTs fascists carry out the same enormities as those carried by the UPA in the postwar USSR. They kill Orthodox priests, they torture and kill communists, they kill all those who won’t kowtow to them. Trust me, if the Russians were to come to Galicia today, many, if not most, of the locals would help them to exterminate the Uniate terrorists. They’re the same as they were in the postwar years, and they’re just as tired of the fascist nonsense as they were back then. They want to live normal peaceful lives… they’re not unhinged nutters like the Uniate nationalist romantics.

I use “Liberal” in its Russian sense… that is, laissez-faire “Free Market” crapitalism as preached by Paul Ryan, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin. It’s incumbent on all right-believing Orthodox Christians to oppose such godless rot. One last thing… “dido” is po-nashemu for “grandpa”… the Uniate terrorists did kill grandpas back then, and they kill grandpas today. That’s why people hate them and it’s why they’re going to lose in the end.


Irresponsible US Congressmen Want to Escalate Ukrainian Civil War by Aiding Uniate Pig Junta

00 Russia WILL Beat America. 06.10.12


00 slavyansk. 29.04.14


A publicity flack for US Representative Jim Gerlach (R-PA), co-chairman of the Congressional Ukrainian Caucus, said that 10 US Representatives, both Democrats and Republicans, introduced into the House of Representatives legislation to recognise the Ukraine as a US military ally. Gerlach said, “The bipartisan legislation we introduced today is another important step towards reaffirming the United States’ commitment to helping our Ukrainian allies develop as a fully democratic nation”. Earlier, Ukrainian junta strongman P A Poroshenko said that the junta might ask Washington for the status of a major non-NATO ally. US Representative Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) said, “Our bill also importantly calls to designate Ukraine as a Major Non-NATO Ally, to temporarily provide vital resources and the security NATO offers to member states”. She also (falsely) accused President V V Putin of refusing “to quell the instability and violence”.

28 July 2014

Rossiya Segodnya



The so-called “Congressional Ukrainian Caucus” isn’t only “bipartisan (it includes rightwing filth like so-called “Orthodox” Gus Bilirakis and Darrell Issa, along with so-called “liberals” Nancy Pelosi and Sander Levin), it shows that the two mainstream American political parties are just two sides of the same rotten neoliberal coin. Granted, the Democrats aren’t as nasty and greedy as the Republicans are, but both are warmongers and both want to ram potty American notions down the throats of the entire world. No one can have their own culture and ethos… the demented American toddlers say so!

What should Russian Orthodox people do? Firstly, we should denounce traitors like Paffhausen, Dahulich, Potapov, and Lyonyo, who give aid and comfort to the enemies of the Motherland. Secondly, we should raise our voices to defend Holy Rus… come what may, whatever the cost may be. If they come for our compatriots in Russia today, they’ll come for us tomorrow. Don’t forget the Uniate murders on the Maidan, the Dom Profsoyuzov fire in Odessa, the killing of patients in their beds in the Krasny Liman hospital, and the massacre of the wounded outside Donetsk Airport. That doesn’t bother these worthies one bit. They want to aid the murderers, not the victims of the murderers! “Democracy” means a willingness to allow American businessmen to rape one’s country… it has no other meaning.

The blood of our compatriots in Novorossiya is on the hands of these soulless political mercenaries (and on the hands of their “amen corner” amongst us). They cackle with glee as our people die, murdered by Uniate quislings in the pay of the West. We DO have a choice. They can’t throw us in prison for speaking up (not yet, at least)… then, we should do so. The USA is in the wrong… completely, utterly, and without excuse. Russia is standing for the right… we must support President V V Putin, we must support healthy elements like the KPRF, we must defend truth-tellers like G A Zyuganov and D O Rogozin, we must tell the truth and counter lies about our Russian Orthodox Motherland, we must never be ashamed of who we are and what we stand for.

One last thing… Marcy Kaptur is of Polish descent, she’s a vehement Russophobe; therefore, one can see that her statement that Putin is to blame for the violence in Novorossiya is nothing but Polish hatred of anything Russian. The Ukrainian fascists are to blame for the current violence, but she didn’t mind that… mind you, Poland lusts to steal lands in Western Russia; that doesn’t bother her one bit. After all, they’re Catholic Westerners, so, in her mind, they’re superior to us unwashed untermensch Orthodox Russians. This is too much of a muchness. When it comes to Russia, the so-called American “conservatives” and “liberals” agree… they hate us, and they hate what we stand for. They hate us for rejecting the West, its noxious non-culture, and its glitzy blandishments. Think on that…

By the way… somebody on the English side of this website is a pro-American liberal pig who uses Galician hillbilly pidgin names for people and places, not proper Russian usage (for instance, it’s “Gorlovka” according to the rules of proper transliteration and proper Russian usage). Perhaps, D K Kiselyov should look into this… if they’re doing that, they’re betraying a basic lack of loyalty and patriotism. Galician hillbilly pidgin usage isn’t just improper, it’s only a low peasant dialect; we shouldn’t use it in formal situations such as news reporting. That’s that…


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