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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

30 July 2014. Video. Carpatho-Russians Reject Junta Warmongering in Novorossiya… Burn Military Orders for Mobilisation

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In this vid, a group of Carpatho-Russian villagers burn mobilisation writs and reject Kiev’s war in the Donbass.

30 July 2014

Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in the Ukraine


30 July 2014. Why Did Yustinian Get Exiled (Again) to Kalmykiya?

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Got this whisper from one  of the usuals:

Financially, the 97th Street cathedral is a mess, expensive repairs done just a few years ago need to be done again, cash flow isn’t well monitored. I heard that Justinian “approached” one too many guys, some of whom seem willing to talk about it.

That’s what’s “out there”… I won’t say yea or nay, but I will say that I’ve heard much the same from others, too. In other words, that’s the buzz; it sure does explain why the Centre moved (and moved rather quickly). Merkury Ivanov got a promotion when he left New York… he got a white hat, and he got to be at the Centre. Yustinian fucked up so badly that he only got a consolation prize (it smells like a “last chance” assignment to me)… if he doesn’t watch out, he’ll get sent to the Far North or to Central Asia. Kalmykiya is a Buddhist region… so, the bishop there is the leader of a minority. Oh… Yustinian and Fatso were great pals… if shitbirds of a feather flock together (and don’t forget that Podmo was Fatso’s guru)… I think that you know where I’m going.

However, the takeaway for us is that the Centre didn’t fart around in cutting off a potential problem… and they posted their decision on the official website on the very day that they made it. The OCA and the ROCOR could learn from that, couldn’t they?


This is an Oldie n’ Goodie… “Ukrainianism”… an Old School Metropolia Definition

00 Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Talerhof. They all had faces... 2012



I don’t have either a URL or a title for the book that this came from. It’s from one of the Cabinet, and I thank them heartily for this. If you suck up to Uniates, you spit on the legacy the original immigrants fought for… full stop. The Uniates are the enemies of the Church, whether they realise it or not. The Unia is the Roman Curia’s Trojan Horse against Orthodoxy. We forget that at our peril. It’s time to “go back to the future”…



“Ukrainianism” is a senseless political invention imposed on the Little Russians of Galicia by the Austro-Polish-German politicians in cooperation with Archbishop Sheptitsky, the Metropolitan of the Uniate Church in Galicia. The German government of Galicia, seeing that the Galician Russians, in their national and cultural aspects, form one whole with the Russian people in Russia, took fright and began to have recourse to crafty “divide et impera” (divide and rule) and to violence, so that they might separate Galician Russians from Russian people in Russia, so that it might be easier to denationalise them. They forbade Galician Russians to call themselves Russians. Following Roman papist politicians, they imposed not only “Ruthenianism” upon them, but also “Ukrainianism”.

During the Austrian national census, they counted the Russian population in official statistics as “Ruthenians” and “Ukrainians”, they arrested and threw into prison anyone protested this official chicanery. Furthermore, they forbade the Russian population to learn the formal Russian literary language. The authorities fostered “Ukrainianism” for two purposes:

  1. To detach Little Russians outside of Russia from Russians in Russia
  2. To create through them a “Republic of Ukraina” from Russian Little Russia, composed of southern and southwestern Russian provinces, thus, weakening the Great Russian Empire both politically and Nationally

To make this “divide et impera” feasible amongst Galician Little Russians, Metropolitan Sheptitsky turned his ecclesiastical seminaries into political camps where he would Jesuitise all future clerics, to instruct them in the science of political propaganda, to spread “Ukrainianism” amongst Galician Little Russians. With particular cruelty, the Austrian rulers persecuted those Russians in Galicia who dedicated themselves totally to their nation and people, those who had exceptional respect, attention, and love from the ordinary people. The Austrians lodged many charges of treason against leading Galician Russians. For instance:

  1. The trial of Priest Ivan Naumovich and his colleagues in Lvov in 1882
  2. The trial of Kabalyuk and 94 peasants in Máramarossziget (Marmaroschsiget) in Carpatho-Russia in 1913
  3. The trial of the Gerovsky brothers (and here) in Czernowitz (Chernovtsy) in Bukovina in 1913
  4. The trial of Priests Sandovich and Gudima, along with the teachers Bendasyuk and Koldra in 1913

These are only episodes in the unequal battle for freedom carried on by the Russian people of Carpatho-Russia against their oppressors.

The Austrians subjected the Carpatho-Russian people to cruel persecutions, not only for their political aspirations, but also for their religious convictions. The Austrian authorities sentenced Carpatho-Russian peasants to many years of imprisonment (i.e. in Máramarossziget (Marmaroschsiget)), just because they didn’t want to be in Union with the Pope of Rome. In Galicia, the Austrian officials closed an Orthodox chapel, placing a placard on it forbidding anyone to enter. They claimed that it was because of contagious disease, which, of course, was untrue.

If the condition of the Russian people in enslaved Galician Russia was unbearable in peacetime, how dreadful were they at the beginning of the last war {World War I: editor}? As soon as Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia, they arrested more than 30,000 Russian people in Galicia, Bukovina, and Hungary, Austrian police and soldiers massacred them and subjected them to indescribable torture, throwing them into prison camps in Talerhof, Terezín (Theresienstadt), Kufstein, Spielberg, Arad, Vienna, Linz, etc. in Talerhof alone, in the course of a few weeks, more than 1,500 Russians died from beatings, disease, and hunger. The Austrians placed the survivors on trial. Although all of them were innocent according to both man’s law and God’s Law, the Austrian courts found them guilty, just because they were of the Russian nationality. The Austrians shot many of them (the first being the Rev Maksim Sandovich), putting them to death. During the first nine months of the Great War, the Germans and Magyars shot and hanged 20,000 people in Galicia, Bukovina, and Carpatho-Russia.



If you’re in the OCA and you support the junta pigs (or you claim to be neutral), you spit on the podvig of your great-grandparents. They died precisely because they confessed Orthodoxy and they confessed their Russian nationality. You shouldn’t listen to konvertsy fools like Hatfield, you shouldn’t listen to semi-Uniates like Dahulich and Jillions, nor should you listen to sellouts like Lyonyo Kishkovsky and Thomas Hopko. The old ways ARE the good ways… that’s what Orthodoxy is all about. Mistrust all clergy who wear “Greek” vestments in the Uniate style… they not only spit on our God-blessed traditions, they spit on the confession of Holy Orthodoxy that their forebears fought and died for. Don’t forget… the Jesuits at Fordham educated Dahulich (coincidentally, he’s the biggest advocate of spitting on our traditions and adopting Uniate ways)… fancy that. So was Hopko, for that matter. Jillions worked for the Uniates… do you see a pattern here? You may follow the fearless confession of Ss Maksim Sandovich and Aleksei Kabalyuk, Blessed Gavriil Kostelnik, and Fr Mikhail Shuvar… or you may follow the spineless surrender to the Unia of Hopko, Lyonyo, Jillions, and Dahulich… it’s up to you.



Editor (31.07.14 addition):

I got the following:

The author is the late Very Rev Peter Kohanik.

Thank you!


Why is the Ukraine in Geopolitical Squalor and Why is It a Deleted “404” State?

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I’m Ukrainian, 32-years-old, I have a family, and I have three master degrees, the humanitarian diploma with high honours. I work as a Manager at a significant and successful industrial enterprise. I’ve lived in the Donbass for all my life. My city is a city of miners and combat glory! I dedicate my leisure to my family; my hobby is world cinema and reading the classics of world literature. The Russian poetry is marvellous… Pushkin, Tsvetaeva, Akhmatova, Akhmadulina, Vysotsky, Nekrasov, Yesenin…

I’m interested in the history of my native land, and… even more… in its perspective. For many years, I associated and identified the past and the future of my country with the Ukraine. However, not anymore! I have no desire to connect my life with this most degrading wretched puppet state formation. What arguments do I have?

  1. This country will never protect my family… the Ukraine has no battle-worthy army. It’d never guarantee me peaceful skies.
  2. This country foolishly lost the Crimea and shamefully betrayed the citizens of the Ukraine in Crimea.
  3. Extent of corruption is profligate and already irreversible.
  4. The Ukraine has low cultural possessions and “heritage”… mediocre writers (there are no worthy literary classic and contemporary works), artists, and composers tend to zero; squalid cinematography, everything is so meagre, that you can’t look on it without tears…
  5. Achievements of the Ukraine in the international arena of World Sport are getting close to zero.
  6. The Ukrainian National Anthem is wretched, especially the words, “The Ukraine isn’t dead yet”… but this country is already in blood and stinks in some regions. How was it possible to approve the words of this anthem? A madman must’ve created that. It’d been better to have no words at all, instead of these words.
  7. There is no unified Ukrainian nation; it isn’t a monolithic, strong, warm, and viable state. Frankly, the Western and Eastern Ukraine hate each other. The Ukrainian centre doesn’t take care of the regions and peripheries. The Donbass is sick of the Ukraine and will get out of it soon. Podkarpatskaya Rus is dreaming about leaving the Ukraine. Crimean dreams have already come true. Lvov and Lugansk are farther apart than a pig is from a hedgehog. Galicia and Donbass, Volyn and Novorossiya, are antonyms. Every day, claims of a “United” Ukraine are increasingly depressing.
  8. All the Ukrainian Presidents were bastards, to put it mildly. It would’ve been better if their mothers hadn’t borne them at all. Perhaps, many countries suffer from inadequate rulers. In the Ukraine, all our presidents were first-rate high quality abominations. You can compare the result of their management with the effect of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is especially true of the newly crowned President of the Maidan. The leader of the Ukraine shows His promised peace, in the spirit of his American friends, by bombing cities in the Eastern Ukraine.
  9. Now, the Constitution, the fundamental law, is just an empty phrase and a mockery for ordinary people. This is a subject of vesting the authority of power in insatiable assholes. Nobody thought, why were they so eager to grasp power? All the “latter-day” darlings of the Maidan were in power before. I’m sorry to say, they sucked, licked, and bent over in front of the authorities for money. Now, they’re patriots? Funny …
  10. The Ukraine is the vassal and the protectorate of other states, those that fancy themselves the leaders of world politics.
  11. The Ukraine is a trade appendage of China.
  12. The Ukraine is a raw materials appendage (with a claim to farm) of the EU.
  13. The Ukraine is a political appendage of the USA.
  14. The Ukraine is a territorial appendage of Russia.
  15. So-called Ukrainian patriots respect and honour armed bodies that co-operated with the fascists in the Great Patriotic War… the UPA and the SS Division Galizien. The Nuremberg International Military Tribunal condemned the treacherous acts of these gangs, and found them guilty of crimes against humanity.
  16. The Ukraine takes the first place in Europe in drug addiction, unemployment, infant mortality, corruption, oncological diseases, tuberculosis …
  17. The Ukraine takes the last place in Europe in living standards, quality of care, efficiency of the economy …
  18. All authorities in the Ukraine, notably the courts, police, and Prokuratura are utterly venal. They’re all on the take… from the rank-and-file to the high-ranking officer. The only question isn’t the principle of «I don’t take bribes, I do it for the Power», but only the actual price of issue and the size of the offerings.
  19. The higher education system is very corrupt.
  20. The Ukrainian currency isn’t the national currency UAH, but the currency of the country to which the Ukraine is a political appendage (US dollar).
  21. The State of Ukraine has no use for its citizens, except only one… it regularly collects exorbitant taxes and levies from us, and these taxes/levies further disappear somewhere without any report. The Ukraine collects taxes from us to purchase bullets and bombs for our execution. The Donbass works, and remits taxes, despite the hostilities. The taxes go to Kiev. Kiev bombs the Donbass. Well, that’s the “united” Ukraine!?
  22. There’s been genocide in the Ukraine… during 23 years of “independence”, the population decreased from 52 to 42 million.
  23. Ukrainian medicine can only treat diarrhoea, acid indigestion, flat-foot, and some other diseases. Indians can cure much more.
  24. Pathologically, Ukrainians can’t elect decent rulers… all the time, they elect moral monsters and villains, scoundrels, rogues, and thieves.
  25. The only thing to be proud of in the Ukraine is the people’s ability to get together and organise themselves into a rebellious mass. However, the result of this activity always proves the 24th paragraph.
  26. There’s a civil war in the Ukraine, and the blood flows like a river. The sons of Ukrainian mothers are dying. The soldiers and “rebel” militias of the Donbass are dead. Mothers mourn their young, beautiful, only-begotten sons all over the Ukraine! At the same time, the government leaders, who are “for the people”, didn’t send any of their children to this war nor did they have to bury any of their families. These jackals set Ukrainians against Ukrainians. For them, the residents of Donbass are terrorists, rednecks, drunks, dirty miners, criminals, why should they handle them with kid gloves? It’s easier to kill all of them.
  27. The Ukraine lost millions during the Second World War; it was a victor in the Great Patriotic War. However, the Ukraine stopped celebrating this unique heroic day its history… Victory Day on 9 May 1945. For the modern Ukraine, Victory Day is just an empty phrase. Since then, the name of the country “Ukraine” should be written with small letters… ukraine.
  28. There are only mediocrities, traitors, and little-known people on our UAH, on our national currency. Ask your neighbour or friend… who was Grushevsky? What was the glory of Mazepa? What did he read of Lesya Ukrainka?
  29. The destiny of Ukrainian workers isn’t a job not at CERN, but as plantation slaves in Western Europe or as workers in toxic plants in the Ukraine.
  30. With fatal regularity, rogues and puppets win all the elections in the Ukraine! Ukrainians are simply deaf-mute and blind, and before the elections, they fall in National Democratic aggressive shock with convulsions. They’re just constantly dull.
  31. There are no general public holidays in the Ukraine. The only thing that people know is the explosion at Chernobyl (Atomic Power Station).
  32. Any national holiday, one part of the country celebrates, the other one refuses to. The Western Ukraine exults on Independence Day, whilst Eastern Ukrainians detest this “holiday”. Eastern Ukrainians exult on Victory Day and celebrate even the old Soviet 23 February, 1 and 2 November holidays. Both parts are indifferent to Constitution Day. Finally, at least, we find one thing that unites all Ukrainians.
  33. Ukraine isn’t a full-fledged state. It has no clear characteristics and attributes… there is neither united territory, nor united nation and authority in the Ukraine. It has terrible divisions and strives to break apart. There isn’t a formed Ukrainian nation. It’s better not to talk about the government… illegitimate, stupid, and political hucksters.
  34. Here is a World rating of countries. What place does the Ukraine take in the statistics?


00 The REAL Choice Facing the Ukraine. 30.04.14.jpg


Social ratings:

  • Index of Ukrainian press freedom: 131 out of 187
  • Number of suicides: 8 out of 106
  • Life Expectancy of life: 120 out of 191
  • Prison population: 25 out of 215

Political ratings:

  • Democracy index: 67 out of 167
  • Global Peace Index: 69 out of 153
  • Index of failed states: 110 out of 177

Economic Statistics:

  • GDP per capita: 113 out of 181
  • Index of economic freedom: 164 out of 179
  • Index of competitiveness: 89 out of 139
  • Index of ease of doing business: 145 out of 183
  1. The Ukraine has no national heroes on a national scale, not even Khmelnitsky. Nobody is an edifying example to the younger generation. Of course, there are some small-town heroes, but one part of the country accepts them almost as messiahs, whilst the other part vilifies them as definitely traitors, apostates, murderers (Bandera, Shukhevich, Melnikov, Mazeppa).
  2. We must be insane to overthrow a pro-Russian puppet with criminal skills and put on the throne in Kiev another pro-American puppet-oligarch. Ukrainians screamed that we needed a totally-new Ukrainian government. Then, how was it possible to bring to the power a president who’d been in high positions in all the anti-people governments that we had? Even in Yanukovich’s time, he was Minister of Economy. Our current president successfully took part in business all his life. He amassed billions under Yanukovich. Ukrainians, why are we so short-sighted and politically illiterate? We can’t see beyond own noses. It happens with surprising regularity.
  3. All Ukrainian infrastructure, all industrial facilities, housing, and utilities are on the verge of a man-made disaster. The houses simply fall apart and explode. This occurs against the backdrop of infinite empty chatter from politicians, national demagogy, and nationalist delusion.
  4. The USSR created 90 percent of Ukrainian housing, 80 percent of industrial capacity, and 80 percent of infrastructure. In effect, the Ukraine didn’t create anything new. More than half of the above legacy is in disrepair; the Soviets built them more than half-a-century ago.
  5. Fraud is government policy in the Ukraine. All spheres of life manifest this. Fraudsters head the ministries, universities, banks, courts, committees, foundations, city councils, regional councils, they write the history books …
  6. For the 18 years of its existence, the UAH has depreciated seven times! What kind of confidence in the monetary unit and the country’s banking system is that all about?
  7. Donbass residents pay taxes to Kiev. Should we expect that Kiev would treat us with dignity, and not turn its back to us? Why do they give our Russian-speaking young mothers in maternity hospitals brochures on breastfeeding and parenting in the Ukrainian language? Why do they mock us? Mothers must solve pressing questions, not translate texts. If we want a “United Ukraine”, let Lvov issue such brochures in Russian without any alternative… they have to learn how to love the motherland.
  8. Why did they rename “Gagarin Street” to “Heroes of Maidan Street?” What is this Maidan and who was Gagarin? Which one is important? The Maidan is so minor that one has to look at it under a microscope, whilst Gagarin showed us a new face of humanity. In time, we’ll forget the Maidan; it was nothing but a drunken frenzy, as riot of senility, and a triumph of narrow-mindedness.
  9. As a state body, the “Ukraine” offers no advantages to its citizens. Rather, the Ukraine creates conditions for extinction, degradation, and emigration. People still live in spite of the government. I haven’t gotten any advice, support, or help from my country for all my 32 years. I paid for everything; I didn’t receive anything from the state, due to the constitution. I achieved everything by myself. The houses, roads, and buildings, the entire state fund… we received from the Soviet government. If it’s good, then, give me back all the taxes I paid.
  10. The Ukraine in its current form is a defective clan-oligarchic state, damaged goods. This is a grey, poor, corrupt, criminalised, incompetent, useless country without a past and without future prospects, torn by nationalists, thieves, and swindlers.
  11. I don’t want to write anything else about this wretched country. I dream of peace for my Motherland. I’d like the Ukraine to cease to exist, finally and irrevocably.


I’m embarrassed to be Ukrainian!

27 July 2014

Sergei Kolesnik

Analitik UA


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