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Saturday, 2 August 2014

2 August 2014. Perhaps, A Reason Why Seraphim Rose Won’t be a Saint Any Time Soon

00 Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Joy of all Who Sorrow. San Francisco CA. USA. 02.08.14


A Cabinet member wrote this to me:

I asked [X] about what they thought about Seraphim Rose and the talk about him becoming a saint. [X] said that far that too many people are “saint crazy”, meaning that they keep wanting to make new saints all the time… [X] also talked about [Death to the World] and how they changed bishops’ names like Bishop Antony of San Francisco. [X] said that the book made Vladyki Antony look bad… but [X] knew that he was a very good man.

I removed the name of the person involved, as it’d give hints about my interlocutor. You see, the reason Seraphim Rose’s cause isn’t moving forward quickly is that many of his “partisans” are a rather questionable lot, especially, the Platina gang. One source told me that Rose wouldn’t become a saint until Platina rejoined ROCOR. We have copious and well-documented sources for Rose’s life up until he left for Platina… after that, all that we have are interested questionable sources offered by Platina (those connected with Podmo are particularly suspect). I’m not being nasty; I’m taking a Bollandist approach, as one must. Sanctity is important, ergo, we don’t decide it on the grounds of hagiography. For instance, we had a plethora of attested (and objective non-Orthodox) sources for St John Maximovich… but we don’t in the case of Rose after Platina. A friend of mine cautioned (and they WERE wise, I’d say):

I’d be very careful in criticising Fr Seraphim. I know that the MP, Serbs, and ROCOR will open a case for glorification. Many miracles are attributed to his intercessions. Icons of him have wept. The Church verified the authenticity of the streaming (via examination, exorcism, prayers, etc). He’s reputedly appeared in visions to bishops.

Nonetheless, friends of mine at the Centre tell me that no formal case exists at present… although there’s a clamour for one to be open, it hasn’t happened yet. One of the reasons for it, as I mentioned above, is that some of his partisans are… well, insistent on a glorification without the usual and normal process. That simply will not be… it’s not in the cards. As a friend at the Centre said:

It’s only been about thirty years since his death. St Serafim Sarovsky died in the 1830s and the Church didn’t glorify him until the turn of the twentieth century (mostly at the urging of Tsar St Nikolai). If such a glorification takes place, it’d be at least twenty to thirty years ahead in future. The Church does take the long view of things.

I think that this is a fair and just view. The Church takes its time with such matters, as it should. I’ll be so bold as to say that if the Church glorifies Rose, it won’t be in my lifetime (I’m 60, after all). Let things develop naturally… that’s best, I’d say. Let the Church have the final word in this… isn’t that what Orthodox Christianity is all about, kids?



2 August 2014. THIS is What One Must Expect from Anglo Americans… They ARE Petulant Children With Nuclear Weapons… God Do Preserve Us

The World According To Americans


Recently, I commented on an outside forum under my name… actually, it was a test to see if any Anglo Americans would bite and issue their usual ad hominem attacks without any substantive content. Here was the original comment by a rightwing Anglo (bad usage as in the original):

This is really rather embarrassing to read: The accusation of a mistranslation, of an allegedly glossed-over link that supposedly damns Aslund.

To paraphrase Armstrong: Here it is, in Russian, “Прежде всего следует признать, что крушение Советского Союза было крупнейшей геополитической катастрофой века.”

Forget the official Kremlin translation into English you fixate on. Check your Russian grammar books. “Kрупнейшей” translates precisely as “the greatest”; the most important; the largest. Number One. Grammatically it is formally and exactly the superlative.

It is rare that a self-vaunted expert makes such a complete fool of himself in public. It is rarer still that such an embarrassing gaffe would be given a much wider audience through re-publication on JRL.

Congratulations, Mr A, you have just demonstrated to a broad readership that you are a dilettante whose ignorant views can be safely ignored.

My reply to this was:

Actually, the above poster is a typical Anglo… the meaning is NOT “the greatest”… NOT “most important”… NOT “largest”… it merely denotes “large”, “important”, “great”, without the implication of greatest magnitude… it looks like Porter Christiansen’s tagline applies to himself most of all (“Did he come crying to you?”)! Shades of Pogo (“We have met the enemy and he is us”)!

This is nothing but a typical Anglo misreading of Russian events… Christiansen shows an utter lack of knowledge of our character (I speak as a Russian-American, that is, with some “insider” knowledge). V V Putin merely stated that the fall of the USSR was a major event in Russian history… which it was… Christiansen shows himself a dilettante by disputing that. Probably, they’re disappointed that the departure from Russian history that the Nasty Nineties represented wasn’t permanent. In any case, Vladimir Vladimirovich is just in the mould of Graf P A Stolypin, only he’s had the time to implement some of his ideas. In any case, the proposed Eurasian Union isn’t the USSR, and the KPRF doesn’t want a carbon-copy “restoration” of the USSR either… both V V Putin and G A Zyuganov learned lessons from the USSR’s crash (which had nothing to do with the Cold War or Slobberin’ Ronnie Reagan, but rather with the very real incompetencies of M S Gorbachyov and his clueless responses to domestic events).

BTW… Christiansen’s last sentence applies more to himself than to his target (ignorant views indeed!)… in fact, most of the barbs thrown in the above comment fit the commenter better than they do the author of the post! I’d say that Mr Christiansen shows a doctrinaire Marxist view of history… rather Tolstoyan, no? I’d prefer to follow a Dostoyevskyian model… individuals do count… and V V Putin is a much greater individual than Christiansen is (and greater than yours truly, as well, I might add). To sum up, Christiansen is a Ferapont, not a Zossima… he’s a F A Denisenko or V P Rusantsov, NOT a Mikhail Shuvar or Gavriil Kostelnik.

Oh. One last thing… Do be careful with the term “dilettante”… Are you implying that one needs credentialization to make substantive comments? Perspirin’ minds do wanna know…

Here’s the reply of ”Porter Christiansen”… one doesn’t know if it’s a username or for real (I did post under my full name):

Unfortunately, no-one takes you seriously (he also gave a link to Rod Dreher, a well-known ignoranus rightwing pundit).

He thinks that Rod Dreher is a serious source. I kid you not. No one’s unaware that Dreher makes ad hominem attacks (remember his kicks at the Catholic Church?)… the above poster emulates that. I didn’t bring anything personal into it at all… but do note that Mr Christiansen posted no reply… only an attack. This is what rightwing Anglo Americans are like. It’s why I’ve come to hate their ideology and their ways. Rod Dreher only knows what people like Jonas Paffhausen (a disgraced and removed litigation-happy former bishop who allowed a suspended priest under his jurisdiction to sue a priest in good standing) and Victor Potapov (who was/is an employee of the CIA front “Radio Liberty”) told him (he has no facility in Russian and his lack of knowledge of the sources is clear in his writing). The same is true of Mr Christiansen. My warning to all of you is clear… these people don’t have any scruples…. NONE. “Winning is the only thing”… that’s their motto, that’s what they live by, and you forget it at your peril. They have a “narrative” and they’ll savage anyone who contradicts it. They’ll do so without limit or humanity. Do bear that in mind if you choose to comment in any public forum. We live in evil times… have a care.

By the way, I googled “Porter Christiansen” to check out their blog… they don’t have an internet presence… apparently, they’re just a vicious troll who enjoys lurking in the commboxes and offering snarky bites at all those who offend them. On the other hand, I’ve been on the net since November 2007. Most of the time, I’m rather too busy to run experiments like this. Sad to say, it confirmed my misgivings. This site has nearly eight million hits… Christiansen has none. There seems to be a slight difference… pass the jug, the world’s been crank again, hasn’t it?


2 August 2014. American Pundits Way OFF BASE Concerning V V Putin… Putin is NOT in Trouble… Putin is NOT Going Anywhere Anytime Soon or Anytime Later

00 The junta writes a letter to Putin 01. 29.04.14

THIS is what “Me First” America supports…


00 Putin and religious leaders. Russia. 21.03.14

THIS is what “Win at any Cost” America hates… any questions?


American pundits live in world divorced from reality. Read this. Can you believe that this jabronie wants us to take him seriously? V V Putin isn’t in trouble… not from internal opponents, not from the “Ukrainian” junta and the “Ukrainian” “state”, and not from bootless Western sanctions… most of all, he’s certainly not threatened by the USA’s boastful empty braggadocio (it lacks the means and forces to make any sort of intervention in the Ukrainian Civil War, let alone a serious one). VVP is a careful cautious leader, well aware of the historical implications of his actions… quite unlike Obama, Kerry, Cruz, and Boehner. For instance, he called reservists to the colours for “refresher training”… that hasn’t been done in YEARS. Russia has a “mobilisation army”, so, this means that VVP is bringing his forces up  to speed. That was six weeks ago. Putin is a former KGB intel man… they only took the best of the best. American pundits (and their political sugar daddies), on the other hand, are the worst of the worst… they have no qualifications whatsoever. You can bet on “RED”… a centre-left socialist-leaning former counterintel officer… you can bet on “BLACK”… nihilistic greedy American neoliberals without a clue and without any means to really bring down real people. I bet on RED… and I’m NOT alone. By the way, VVP sent D O Rogozin to publicly bring his birthday greetings to G A Zyuganov. That means that Vova isn’t only anti-American, he’s anti-American to the highest power (Dmitri Olegovich is the fiercest and foremost hater of American Greedster Nihilism in the Kremlin). Ergo, Anglo Americans, in their spoilt brat petulance, throw tantrums, scream, and stamp their little feet. It’s all sound and fury signifying nothing.

Orthodox people… the Anglo Americans hate not only Vladimir Vladimirovich, they hate Holy Rus, Russian Civilisation, and the Russian World, as we refuse to kiss their ass at high noon in the public square. That’s why we need to force pro-American suckasses like Potapov, Dreher, Paffhausen, and Whiteford (and all those like them) to make a public retraction of their support for rightwing American forces that hate our Orthodox Motherland, our Orthodox Faith, and our Orthodox ethnos. You can follow god-pleasing people like V V Putin, D O Rogozin, G A Zyuganov, and P N Simonenko, or, you can follow nihilists like Joe Biden, Sarah Palin, Chilly Hilly, Rush Limbaugh, John Kerry, Ted Cruz, Franklin Graham, Victoria Nuland, Pat Robertson, Nancy Pelosi, and the First Profit of the Mormons. That’s our choice… choose well…

Do you want to follow a Mensch and his band of stand-up guy warriors… or… do you want to support a bunch of grasping clueless Bozos who want to steal from you after they fleece the folks in foreign parts? It IS your choice…


ITAR-TASS Presents… 190 Years Ago, Alaska Officially became Part of the Russian Empire

00 alaska 01. mt foraker. denali natl park. 18.04.14

Mt Foraker in Denali National Park (Denali Borough AK)


00 alaska 02. hope ak. kenai. 18.04.14

Election Day in Hope (Kenai Peninsula Borough) AK


00 alaska 03. northern lights. anchorage ak. 18.04.14

Northern Lights over Anchorage AK


00 alaska 04. polar bear. 02.08.14

A polar bear in a nature reserve in Alaska


00 alaska 05. anchorage AK. 02.08.14

Full moon over Anchorage AK


00 alaska 06. Bering Sea. 02.08.14

A skier and their dog on the ice of the Bering Sea


00 alaska 07. Canada Goose. 02.08.14

A Canada Goose in Anchorage AK


00 alaska 08. Mendenhall Glacier. 02.08.14

Tourists at the Mendenhall Glacier in the Coast RangeJuneau Borough AK


00 alaska 09. elk in anchorage ak. 02.08.14

An elk crosses the road (Westpark Drive, Anchorage AK)


00 alaska 10. lake eklutna. 02.08.14

Canoes for rent on the beach of Lake Eklutna in Chugach State Park (Municipality of Anchorage AK)


00 alaska 11. galciers. 02.08.14

Glaciers in Alaska


00 alaska 12. Mount Susitna. 02.08.14

A view of Cook Inlet and Mount Susitna (also called The Sleeping Lady) (Matanuska-Susitna Borough AK)


00 alaska 13. Prudhoe Bay. 02.08.14

An oil extraction site in Prudhoe Bay (North Slope Borough) AK


00 alaska 14. Auck Bay. 02.08.14

Seals and Bald Eagle in Auke Bay AK


00 alaska 15. mt redoubt. 02.08.14

A view of Mount Redoubt in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve (Kenai Peninsula Borough AK) Chigmit MountainsAleutian Range


190 years ago, on 17 April 1824, Foreign Minister Karl von Nesselrode of the Russian Empire and American ambassador Henry Middleton signed the first agreement on defining boundaries in Alaska. According to the document, the border lay along the parallel of 54′ 40” Northern Latitude. Russians weren’t supposed to settle south of that line, Americans to the north of it. In 1867, when the Russian Empire had financial difficulties after the Crimean War (1853-56), it sold Alaska to the USA for 7.2 million USD.

17 April 2014



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