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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Uprising in Podkarpatskaya? Let’s Hope So…

00 Carpatho-Russia. 02.08.14

Original caption: “Get a load of what Getsko’s got on his tee-shirt! Beauty!” (Как вам принт у Гецко на футболке?! Красава!)


Rebellion in Podkarpatskaya… all roads blocked. Trains stopped… patriots took over strategic objects to protect them… the Rusin people rose with arms in their hands. Movement between villages is only through checkpoints, and one can pass only if there are people who personally know the person… the epicentre of resistance is Mukačevo. Podkarpatskaya people of all backgrounds refuse to serve in the junta bandit army and demand autonomy, as they voted for in 1991. The news is already out on the radio… call a friend and get first-hand information… long live the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus!

Albina Vyerovska

2 August 2014



For Your Information:

In Podkarpatskaya, the Uniates are split. The “Byzantine Catholics” are patriots and support the uprising. The UGKTs are filthy fascist scum who support the junta and who’re its biggest murderers. Sadly, the Byzantine Catholic hierarchy and clergy in the USA support the fascist pigs, not their own people! Therefore, you may find that “Byzantine Catholics” support the patriot cause and Holy Rus, but that “Ukrainian Catholics” are violent and unhinged nationalists who scream “Knife the Moskali!” I seem to see a difference. The “Byzantine Catholic” clergy are without defence or apology. “Byzantine Catholics” should think of coming home to Orthodoxy… doesn’t this present situation tell you that Rome hates you, your national background, and what you are? Think on it. They DO support the “Ukrainian” rape of Podkarpatskaya…


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