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Monday, 4 August 2014

Gubaryov: “There’s been a Major Turning-Point in the War”

00 KPRF. Red Fist Smashes Nazi Swastika. 02.03.14


There’s been a major turning-point in the war. We’re surely on the way to victory. The Ukrainian army is melting away into nothingness. They’re surrendering; they flee across the border to Russia, they don’t want to fight. Their mobilisation choked and failed, they don’t have any fighting spirit, so, I can say for sure that we’re not only going to go to Kiev, we’re going to go to Lvov, too. We’re going to rout this trash… for the next three to four hundred years, Ukrainians will forget about Bandera and Shukhevich, and about their so-called “Ukrainian integral nationalism”. I’d like to point up that we’re not at war with Ukrainians… we’re at war with lowlife fascist crooks (укрофашистами). These two outlooks are very different. To those Ukrainians pressganged by force into the Ukrainian army or those who are in it by chance, we say, give up! We’ll treat you with benevolence. Those who choose to desert the junta and join us will get even better treatment. However, the lowlife fascist crooks (укрофашисты)… they’re nothing but mercenaries for the oligarchs; with dilated pupils, they shouted “Glory to the Heroes” {that is, to the Nazi collaborators of the VOV: editor} on the Maidan. They’re fascist scum. Of course, we’d have no mercy on them! Now, we have this filth on the run! We won’t allow Western companies to rape our Donbass homeland in their search for shale gas. We won’t let them turn the Donbass into a shitty desert! We want to have a green, prosperous, and rich homeland. We WILL fight for this!

4 August 2014

P Yu Gubaryov

People’s Governor of the Donbass

TsIA Novorossiya


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