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Monday, 4 August 2014

Urgent! 702 Junta Troops Surrender to Opolchenie near Shakhtyorsk

00 semyonovka. priest w opolchenie. 26.05.14

с Нами бог! God IS with us! The Church blesses the opolchenie fighters just as it blessed the Red Army in the VOV and Minin and Pozharsky’s host that threw out the Polish papists! The Church does NOT bless the sell-outs who support the USA and its evil designs on Novorossiya, Malorossiya, Podkarpatskaya Rus, and the Lvovshchina (you know who they are… the two biggest are in the District, one pulls down (or did pull down) a pay-packet from a CIA front organisation). The opolchenie fight for Home, Family, Nation, and Faith… the Americans fight for Money, Power, Oligarchy, and Nihilism. I seem to see a difference… 


Half an hour ago, we heard from the commander of the Donetsk Opolchenie that field units in Shakhtyorsk reported that 702 junta soldiers laid down their arms and surrendered.

4 August 2014




This post went up at 21.17 local time (11.17 PDT. 14.17 EDT. 19.17 BST. 22.17 MSK. 04.17 5 August AEST). This is a developing story. The junta’s in the deep shit, indeed.


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