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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Potapov Weasels Out… Sends Equal Money to Russia and to Uniate Junta… “In the Name of Political Correctness”… PIG!

00 donetsk massacre site. reuters. 01.06.14

THIS is what Potapov supports when he even-handedly supports both Russia and the junta… THIS is what you support when you let him do that… ponder that. The image is from the scene of the massacre of wounded opolchenie outside Donetsk Airport by Uniate “National Guard” pigs… that’s what “in the interests of political correctness” means… by the way, Potapov’s bosses and his Hard Right pals approved of the massacre, so he kept his silence… “in the interests of political correctness”.


Parishioners of St John the Baptist Cathedral in Washington DC raised several thousand dollars in funds to aid Ukrainian refugees in Russia and the Ukraine. Cathedral rector Archpriest Victor Potapov {a known employee of Radio Liberty, a CIA front: editor} explained that the founders of one of the central Ukraine’s children’s benevolent funds reached out to him for help. Fr Victor explained that, in the interests of political correctness {a Marxist term form this Hard Right extremist!: editor}, the funds were split evenly, with one half going to the Ukraine and the other half to Russia, inasmuch as refugees are located in both, and all of them need assistance (sic). Cathedral parishioners responded similarly in 2008 to events in South Ossetia, when they sent collected funds both to that republic and to a convent in Georgia, which had offered sanctuary to those forced from their homes.

31 July 2014

Diocese of Eastern America (ROCOR) official website



Note, “in the interests of political correctness”… it would’ve been one thing for him to have sent equal monies to the god-pleasing authorities in Russia and to the theomachistic junta pigs in the Ukraine, that’s nasty, but one expects that of Potapov… but no… he had to twist the knife… “In the interests of political correctness”. If people in junta-held areas need assistance, let them get it from the USA and the EU, as the USA and the EU legitimated the blood-soaked Uniate fascist junta. However, the refugees in Russia are of far larger number (at last count, 700,000 according to the UN) and in far greater need. Potapov is a shameless hireling of the American intel apparat (Radio Liberty has the task of subverting and broadcasting lies to the Motherland, and this pig is a willing servitor in that effort). There are almost no refugees in junta-held areas. There are thousands in Novorossiya and Russia. Potapov is spouting Langley lies. I’ve got to walk away from this one. Victor Potapov is a supremely evil mercenary man… but this is beneath even his rather low standard of behaviour. May God curse everyone who equates the junta and the patriots… the blood of our compatriots cries out to heaven… Potapov spits on it! May God spare him the punishment that he so richly deserves…

In the interests of political correctness… that’s too much of a muchness…



Magyars and Rusins in Podkarpatskaya Rise Against Military Draft

00 carpatho-russia. protests. 05.08.14


In the East, the opolchenie stopped the Kiev junta forces in Shakhtyorsk; meanwhile, in the Far West, in Podkarpatskaya Rus, mass civil disobedience against mobilisation broke out. This is actual rebellion on the part of local Rusins and Magyars; they refuse entry to military commissioners seeking to enforce conscription for the army fighting in Novorossiya. Protestors blocked roads, including international motorways. At present, the protestors haven’t turned to violence, but if the junta refuses to honour their demands, the situation could change dramatically.

2 August 2014

IA Novorossiya


DNR Spetsnaz Wipe Out Sub-Unit of Dnepr Terrorist Battalion

00 donetsk 02. 05.06.14


The Donetsk opolchenie HQ reported that a DNR covert operations group in Zaporozhe effectively wiped out a sub-unit of the Dnepr Battalion, a terrorist unit that reports directly to D A Yarosh. The spetsnaz eliminated all the officers of the unit.

5 August 2014



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