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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

6 August 2014. Read n’ Heed on Walmart

00 Jesus was a radical.16

Our Lord Christ was “one of us”… He wasn’t a money-bags oligarch… He wasn’t a smarmy preacher… He wasn’t a greasy and corrupt official… yet, the “Evangelicals” tell us that He taught we should lie down and kowtow to the powers-that-be. That’s not so… remember, Our Lord hung on the cross for “crossing” the First Century equivalents of Sam Walton, Pat Robertson, and Chilly Hilly… fancy that.



The following is a good précis of what’s happened in Walmartised America. It’s all part of the Neoliberal Hell unleashed by Slobberin’ Ronnie, allowed by Bubba Bill, reinforced by Bush the Simple, and acquiesced in by Obama (Chilly Hilly is even worse… she’s a long-time partner-in-crime (literally) of the Walton family). However, take heart, it’s starting to unravel… it’s run its course for 33 years and it’s running out of steam. Yet, the Affluent Effluent won’t go quietly…



The definitive Southern company, and the company that did the most to subject the American job to the substandard standards of the South, was Wal-Mart, which began as a single store in Rogers AR in 1962. That year, the federal government extended the minimum wage, set at $1.15 an hour, to retail workers, much to the dismay of Sam Walton, who paid the employees at his fast-growing chain half that amount. Since the law initially applied to businesses with 50 or more employees, Walton argued that each of his stores was a separate entity, a claim that the Department of Labor rejected, fining Walton for his evasion of federal law.

When a Wal-Mart opens in a new territory, it either drives out higher-wage competition or compels that competition to lower its pay. David Neumark, an economist at the University of California, Irvine, showed that eight years after Wal-Mart comes to a county, it drives down wages for all (not just retail) workers until they’re 2.5 percent to 4.8 percent below wages in comparable counties with no Wal-Mart outlets. By controlling a huge share of the US retail market, including an estimated 20 percent of the grocery trade, Wal-Mart has also been able to mandate reduced prices all along its worldwide supply chain. In response, manufacturers slashed the wages of their employees and gone abroad in search of cheaper labour… but Wal-Mart’s antipathy to unions and affinity for low wages merely reflects the South’s historic opposition to worker autonomy and employee rights. By coming north, though, Wal-Mart lowered retail-sector wages throughout the USA. One academic survey found that while just 2.3 percent of manufacturing workers in 1989 were temps, by 2004 the number had risen to 8.7 percent.


Harold Meyerson, The 40-Year Slump



This is EVIL… evil incarnate, evil unashamed, evil without mercy or check upon its appetite. This is what the Republican Party blesses and advocates… it’s why I oppose those in the Church who defend Republican greedster enormities (like opposing single-payer healthcare and union protections for all workers). Bernie Sanders is in step with the social teachings of the Church… Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh, Chilly Hilly, John Boehner, and John Kerry are not. Do note that the list is bipartisan. It’s time to take our country back. We should emulate our forebears who stood tall in the sit-down strikes and mine closures… Let’s keep Mother Jones’ motto in our hearts:

 Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.

Now, that’s something to live for and fight for!


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