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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Junta Pigs Destroy Church with Indiscriminate Shelling in Gorlovka

00 Annunciation Church. Gorlovka. Donetsk People's Republic. 07.08.14

Annunciation parish in Gorlovka (Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), Union of People’s Republics of Novorossiya) in happier times




This consecration of this church was on 12 June… less than two months ago. The junta pigs don’t care what they destroy. The Galician Uniates are ravening beasts, only fit for death or exile. I shall speak bluntly… the bulk of the Galician Uniates remain silent as their hierarchy and clergy bless the destruction of Orthodox churches and the killing of Orthodox priests. This is too much of a muchness. I have nothing but contempt for all UGKTs and Ukrainian Orthodox institutions and clergy… they have blood on their hands and they’re unrepentant. As for “Byzantine Catholics”, I’d say, “It’s time to come home to Orthodoxy… otherwise, you get lumped in with the UGKTs fascists. Think on it…”

Here is a report on the consecration of this church…



A direct hit by a junta artillery shell caused a fire that destroyed the wooden Annunciation Church in Gorlovka. The Diocese of Gorlovka and Slavyansk of the UPTs/MP put this report on their website. No church employees died, but there were a few more fires in the Stroitel neighbourhood.

7 August 2014




WATCH THE VIDEO. This is what the junta pigs want to do to all Orthodox in the Ukraine… this is what the UGKTs blesses. This is why I despise Victor Potapov and his “political correctness”… this is why I despise Vassa Larina for her sucking up to the phoney Jesuit “Archimandrite” Bob Taft… this is why I despise Sophia Kishkovsky for being part of the media apparat that cheers on the junta… this is why I despise John Jillions for being a defender of the Uniate pigs… this is why I despise Paffhausen for brown-nosing the K Street crowd… this is why I despise Freddy M-G for her flippant semi-Anglican indifferentism… this is why I despise Rod Dreher for his ignorant support of the worst people in diaspora Orthodoxy. We have traitors in our midst.

Our compatriots bleed… their churches burn… but these “worthies” consort with our enemies willingly, with malice aforethought, and without shame… why, they stuck in their thumbs and pulled out some plums… boy, what wonderful “tolerant” “religious” people they are! I’ve gotta walk away from this shit… I know that the world can be crank and there are evil mercenary people in the world, but this is too much… it makes one doubt the truth of religion… it makes unbelief look decent and humane. I’m not going to leave, but I can see why people do leave… the people named are Satan’s own in their absorption in their little First Family world (the rest of us don’t even count in their estimation… they’re THE CHURCH, dontcha know). As I said, I gotta walk away from this shit…



American Journalists REFUSED to Meet Ukrainian Soldiers who Asked for Asylum in Russia

00 crisis 02. ukrainian soldiers. 02.03.14


Mariya Zakharova, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) press official, said that journalists from leading American media outlets working in Russia refused to interview Ukrainian soldiers who crossed the border into Russia asking for asylum earlier in the week. Early Monday morning, a group of 438 Ukrainian troops and border guards from junta forces fighting opolchenie in Novorossiya asked the FSB Border Guard for permission to enter Russia seeking asylum, and the authorities opened a humanitarian corridor for them. As the news broke on Monday about the Ukrainian soldiers crossing into Russia seeking asylum, the MID decided to arrange for foreign journalists accredited in Russia to meet with the soldiers.

Zakharova said, “Keeping in mind how important it’d be for journalists, particularly foreign ones, to talk to Ukrainian military servicemen, to learn first-hand about real combat actions, the motivation of Ukrainian soldiers, and the real reasons behind their decision [to seek asylum], we decided to invite a group of foreign correspondents to Rostov Oblast. On Monday, the Minoborony made an aircraft available to fly to Rostov Oblast, where the Ukrainian soldiers were temporary sheltered, and the plane was ready to take a group of between 30 and 40 journalists. We immediately started calling everyone. We gathered up 40 [correspondents] within an hour”.

However, Zakharova said that only the Bloomberg news agency sent someone in the group; the rest of the American journalists decided to decline the MID’s invitation. She said, “Except for Bloomberg, there were no journalists representing the American media!!! Here’s an opportunity to meet with Ukrainian military servicemen who crossed into Russian territory, and the representatives of leading US media turned it down, including CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Christian Science Monitor. What will these journalists base their materials upon if they decline talking to first-hand sources? The funniest episode was with a Reuters journalist, who registered, left for the airport, but changed his mind half-way there and didn’t go on the flight. They criticise Russia for not having enough interaction with Western media and it’s allegedly the reason for Russia’s media blackout, but the fact is that we speak and they either refuse to listen or they’re prohibited from listening”.

The Ukrainian troops who laid down arms and crossed into Russia are in a tent camp near the Gukovo border checkpoint in Rostov Oblast. The soldiers expressed surprise at their good treatment in Russia, as, according to them, the news put out by the Kiev junta media was in sharp contrast to the reality that they saw. One told LifeNews, “We could have a bath and received new clothes. We’re very grateful.  Before we crossed the border, they’d told us that Russia was an ‘aggressor country’ engaged in combat operations against us, but now we found out that it wasn’t true”.

6 August 2014



Ukrainian Soldiers who Escaped Death by Crossing the Russian Border Told Their Stories

00 Bloody Pyotr. P A Poroshenko. 01.07.14


438 soldiers and officers of the Ukrainian armed forces crossed into Russia to escape the intense fighting. We asked them why they did this, and what’s next for them. After almost four months of operation in Novorossiya, the soldiers said, “No one wants to fight”. Anton Shingera, a regular army officer, told us, “Ukrainian people are destroying themselves for no clear reason. On both sides, we’re the same people. When we were on operations in the Ukraine (sic), they surrounded us, we couldn’t escape”. However, a fellow regular army grunt, also called Anton, said that it wasn’t a simple defection, “The thing is, we didn’t have enough equipment to hold the enemy, that’s why we made this decision”.

Major Vitaly Dubinyak, a battalion commander, told ITAR-TASS on Tuesday that the lack of ammunition, food, and fuel, and no clear orders from the high command forced the troops to flee across the border. When asked whether they intend to return to the Ukraine, and what their fate will be there, the soldiers are hesitant. Shingera said, “Our country may accuse us. It could consider us traitors. We crossed another country’s border. I don’t know… now, what can I say about going back? I don’t know, but I certainly don’t want to. No matter how much money they’d pay me”. 41 soldiers who deserted earlier in July each received ten-year prison sentences. There are now 54 soldiers remaining on the Russian-Ukrainian border, and the road back home, as was the case with their fellow fighters, doesn’t look smooth. A weekly report by the OSCE mission disclosed that the transit of troops temporally stopped on Tuesday after a group of soldiers came under attack in the Ukraine, with four soldiers wounded in the attack.

7 August 2014




Poroshenko and Kolomoisky aren’t sending more troops, munitions, supplies, and ordnance to the front… they don’t have any more to send. However, they are sending more “commissars” to frontline units with orders to “shoot to kill” all those who won’t fight or who won’t brutalise the civilian population. These “commissars” are fanatical UGKTs Euromaidantsy terrorists… who have the full blessing of S Yu Shevchuk.

V V Putin is one of the canniest and wisest statesmen in the world today, if not the wisest. You see, the junta WANTED Russia to invade. Then, they could call on their American sugar daddies for aid and rally their own base in Galicia and parts of Malorossiya. However, VVP didn’t oblige them. This left the junta high n’ dry. Now, the junta forces are low on ammo, running out of fuel and food, and their pay is in arrears. In short, the situation looks like February 1917 redux…

It’s so muddy that no one can see 24 hours ahead, let alone a week… God do preserve us…


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