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Friday, 8 August 2014

Kiev Turns Off Hot Water amidst Fears of Winter Gas Shortage


Winter 2015: Those Moskali aren’t Freezing!

A Shabunov



Kiev turned off hot water throughout the city in an attempt to save gas for the winter months. The Ukrainian government is unsure how long this will affect people, or whether the measure would be enough to ensure winter heating. Utility company Kievenergo cut gas supplies to all thermal power plants supplying hot water to households, adding that it was due to an order from the Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining, saying, “All thermal power plants had their gas supply cut as of 4 August”. General Director Aleksandr Fomenko said that they needed the move to save gas for the cold winter ahead. ITAR-TASS reported that Kiev has about 1.2 billion cubic metres of gas for heating. Head of utilities in Kiev, Dmitri Novitsky, noted that it isn’t enough to keep up gas supplies gas during winter months, “If we don’t start saving gas now, then, we’ll have big problems this winter”.

On Monday, Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klichko said that they’d turn off all hot water provided by municipal boilers to Soviet-built apartment buildings until at least October, saying, “We’re obliged to renounce hot water to save gas supplies for the winter. We hope for the understanding of Kievans”. The utilities usually turn off the hot water in all older apartment buildings for pipe cleaning during the summer months. However, many think that this shutdown will last well into the fall and there are no guarantees that it’d be enough to ensure a stable gas supply during the winter months. Other cities across the Ukraine plan to follow Kiev’s moves. Those most affected by the shutdown would be millions of working-class class families living in Soviet-built apartments that depend solely on centralised energy supplies. Local media reported that 60 percent of Kiev is already without hot water and cautioned that the shutdown might translate into deep discontent for Kiev citizens. Following the announcement of the shutdown, consumers reportedly rushed out to buy electric-powered boilers for their energy needs.

The Kiev city administration is reportedly considering three future possibilities:

  • a complete shutdown
  • supplying hot water at lower temperature
  • switching to a scheduled hot water supply

However, the administration is already seeing signs that efforts at saving might not be enough to ensure proper heating in the winter months. Meanwhile, utility rates surged in the Ukraine in the last three months, in light of the gas shortage. The cost of gas rose 40 percent. Other measures considered include starting school early in August to shorten the study period during the winter months. Another option is making Saturday a school day and using the extra days to prolong the winter break. Thus far, the Ukraine has enough gas to last only until December. Concerns about a gas shortage became pressing when Russia stopped supplying gas to the Ukraine after the latter refused to pay its gas debt. Then, Russia put the Ukraine on a prepayment plan. The move followed Moscow’s decision to raise the price of gas.

8 August 2014



Russian Komsomolka Goes to DPRK… It’s NOT Hell on Earth… The American Media Lies…

00 Russian girl in the DPRK 01. 08.08.14


00 Russian girl in the DPRK 02. 08.08.14


00 Russian girl in the DPRK 03. 08.08.14


00 Russian girl in the DPRK 04. 08.08.14


00 Russian girl in the DPRK 05. 08.08.14


00 Russian girl in the DPRK 06. 08.08.14


Maryana Naumova, a world-record power-lifter at 15, a present-day Komsomolka (and former Pioneer) went to the DPRK. She said, “I’m a Komsomolka. The Pioneers still exist in Russia, and I was one, but the other day the Komsomol inducted me as a member. Because of this, many of my friends joked that I’d would have liked to live in the DPRK”. No, it isn’t “hell on earth”… it isn’t “heaven on earth” either. Remember, the US media machine has an agenda set by its Corporate bosses, and if one doesn’t follow the script, one doesn’t eat… it’s quite that simple. It’s why I have no regard for Sophia Kishkovsky, Serge Schmemann, Victor Potapov, Terrence Mattingly, and Rod Dreher… they’re all willing running dogs for their crapitalist bosses and they all yip away for their scraps. I may not make any money at this, but I don’t have to be a dog servitor of the Corporate News Machine either.

The DPRK isn’t in the lap of luxury… it isn’t in the throes of starvation… it’s a rather normal place where people mostly stay out of the government’s way, and the government mostly doesn’t have to use the whip. The whip isn’t necessary… the Americans are still in the ROK… Koreans still remember the calamities caused by reckless American use of “firepower”. Those bombs and shells landed somewhere… usually, on some poor Korean sod who was just trying to stay alive. America’s hands aren’t clean… and Koreans (in both the ROK and DPRK) know it. After all, the USA supported Park Chung-hee… he was just a different flavour of dictator… he was a Kim with a different ideology, that’s all. The DPRK is relatively poor, but it’s free of American paternalistic bossing and smarmy lecturing… trust me, many people would rather have the Kims than that. Americans ARE that hated throughout the world… and for good cause (they DO bomb first and ask questions later).

Note that contemporary communists respect the Church. We have a canonical Church in Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine, and the Baltics due to the bravery of the Komsomoltsy, who defended the churches against American-paid mobs. I also remember how the ROCOR knifed the Mother Church in the back at Langley’s behest (one of the loudest was Potapov, who scurrilously attacked Patriarch Aleksei at Georgetown in the 90s)… yet the Mother Church forgave them that shameless perfidy and nasty treachery. Not all of the pro-American clerics left the ROCOR in ’07… I think that we all know who they are. As for me, I’d rather stand with Maryana… wouldn’t you?


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