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Saturday, 9 August 2014

¡NO PASARAN! Spanish Volunteers Came to the Aid of the People of the Donbass

00 NO PASARAN! Spanish volunteers in DNR. 09.09.14..


Four Spanish volunteers arrived in Donetsk, to assist the civilian population of Novorossiya. Two of the Spaniards, who introduced themselves as Rafael and Angel, in a video posted on YouTube, said, “We represent Spanish young people. We’re here to declare what’s on the TV in Spain and in the USA just isn’t true. These people aren’t terrorists and they aren’t criminals, they’re just protecting their families and homes”. They urged the international community to save the people of Donbass. The Spaniards emphasised, “The opolchenie don’t want to see civilians die; they don’t want to go to Kiev. So far, we’re only four guys, but I think that this number will grow. We’re aware of the danger and the risks to our lives, but there’s a lot that needs to be done. We arrived in Kiev with 500 Euros (24,250 Roubles. 670 USD. 735 CAD. 725 AUD. 400 UK Pounds) in our pockets and a backpack”. Then, they went to Donetsk, where they signed up for a foreign volunteer unit, the Eastern Battalion (Батальон Восток). In addition to the Spaniards, there are volunteers from Italy, France, Canada, Russia, and Poland.

8 August 2014

Donbass Tsentr


REAL Stand-Up Poles vs EU Whore Polacks… One of These Things is NOT Like the Other!

00 Russia and Poland. 09.08.14


I get much pro-Russian news from Polish contacts. Just because Zbigniew Brzeziński is an unreconstructed White Pole (and here) nutter and the Polish government is in cahoots with the EU does NOT mean that REAL Polish people:

  1. want hostility with Russia
  2. forgot the Ukrainian fascist Volyn massacre (Rzeź wołyńska) in World War II
  3. wish ill towards Orthodoxy

They know what the Rusins in the Lemkovshchina went through in World War I, World War II, and the Akcja Wisła. They know about it, they don’t want it repeated, and they DO support us, now. Not all of them do so, but many do support us, probably, most of the ordinary workaday sloggers do. Russia and Poland aren’t enemies… but the West wants that, as does the Roman Curia (that doesn’t mean that ordinary RCs know or are behind that… do keep a sane perspective). Hell, Polish food is often only Russian food with different names (that’s also vice versa, too)… whether you call ‘em pierogi, varenniki, or pelmeni… it’s all good eats, and of the same basic sort. Pass the pivo (or piwo)… I think that ordinary Russians and Poles get on well enough, both in the homeland and in the diaspora. Let’s keep it that way…


9 August 2014. You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… California Man gets Death Threats for Hosting Refugee Family: “They’re Going to Kill My Family”

00 personhood. cartoon. republican. 09.08.14


A California businessman received death threats ever since he took in a family of refugees because the city of Murrieta refused to help them. Mark Lane told KGTV that he was moved to help a family fleeing violence in Guatemala after his 5-year-old son asked him why residents in Murrieta were blocking buses of refugees from entering their town. Lane explained, “He asked me why the people were mad at the buses and I was like, it’s 2014 … why do I have to explain to my 5-year-old why people are mad at the buses when really they’re mad at the people inside of the buses ’cause they’re brown”. Through Border Angels, Lane found a mother, teenage sons, and a 23-year-old daughter who fled violence in Guatemala when gangs threatened to kill one of the sons for not joining. During the long journey through Mexico riding on top of trains, the daughter suffered multiple rapes, and thieves stole everything the family owned. Lane recalled, “When they came to our house, they were scared. We had two extra rooms, but they didn’t want to be separated, so they all piled into one room”.

After the word got out that he was hosting the family, someone created a Facebook page to organise a boycott of his business, Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company in Logan Heights. One commenter wrote, “Mark Lane needs a serious beating in front of his customers. But then he serves crap food. His establishment is rat infested and smells like raw sewage!” The site administrator had to take down the page after he received a cease and desist order, but that didn’t stop the threats. Lane noted, “Now, we’re getting death threats. They’re going to kill me. They’re going to kill my family. They think it’s OK for them to now threaten my life. They put my kids and my wife’s picture on their hate sites, not even the Mafia does that”. Lane said that the threats might have backfired; his business is booming thanks to all the attention. He insisted, “I’m not going to stop helping families. When this family leaves, the next family that comes through immigration… our house is open”.

7 August 2014

The Raw Story



You can believe in Jesus™ or you can believe in the Lord Christ. The Lord Christ would praise Mark Lane… Jesus™ would praise his detractors. Any questions?


Minoborony Sez It’ll Call Up Reservists For Refresher Training

00 Russian Army conscript with fiancee in Stavropol. 20.10.13


Official Minoborony sources told ITAR-TASS that they’d call up reservists for refresher training in all military districts in August through October. Officers, warrant officers, and non-commissioned members would integrate with regular land forces units. Officers commanding companies, batteries, and platoons would be the first called up, followed by warrant officers and troops who’d served in mechanised infantry, artillery, communications, engineering, and logistics units. These men would have to learn how to operate new types of weapons and military equipment. A Western Military District source said, “Men 35-40-years-old who completed their military service 10 to 20 years ago don’t have professional military knowledge and skills that meets present requirements. In order to adequately carry out their military duties, they need to learn how to operate newer military equipment”. During their training, the “partisans” (as they’re called in military slang) would receive 450 to 600 roubles (12.60-16.80 USD. 13.60-18.10 CAD. 13.50-18 AUD. 9.30-12.40 Euros. 7.50-10 UK Pounds) per day… depending on military rank and specialty… along with the usual pay and allowances. In the Western Military District, the average length of refresher training should last 20 days, but it could extend up to a maximum of two months.

8 August 2014

Nezavisimaya Gazeta



In normal times, the Minoborony NEVER does this… something is up. Russia has a “mobilisation army”. This means that the Russian authorities are letting the situation in the Ukraine “ripen”, and, unlike the loud and childish Anglo Americans, they’re preparing for events with careful and cautious professional responses (VVP WAS a career KGB counterintel officer… he still has the good habits of such). The idiots in the Western punditry all miss this… they gaze at their navels and spout unhinged bullshit that has no grounding in reality. Bet on “Red”… as in “Red Army”… the krasnoarmeitsy whipped the Nazis… they’d handle the blustering Uniate fascist bullies with ease… once they’ve worked out the kinks. Russia learned some hard lessons in South Ossetia… unlike Anglo Americans, they do learn from their mistakes, and they don’t want a repetition. As I said, something’s up, and all the usual gang of idiots in the Western press are silent… where is Sophia Kishkovsky and Rod Dreher? This shows their “expertise” at its real value, doesn’t it? Pass me the jug… there’s never going to be a shortage of assholes, is there?


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